Expose’ the overwhelming evidence

Go ahead, make my…

ex·po·sé … (ĕk′spō-zā′) … n. 1. An exposure or a revelation of something discreditable. 2. A formal exposition of facts; …  As in Expose’ the overwhelming evidence.

There are a couple of telling paragraphs from Thomas Lifson in today’s American Thinker outlining the conundrum former (as of tomorrow) AG Bill Barr will have plaguing him for the rest of his life. Quote: … “But his potential liability is far greater for Hunter than it is for Russiagate. After all, we are talking about massive potential bribes, like the $5 million non-recourse loan from China to a Biden-controlled business entity and the billion-dollar-plus investment fund placed in Hunter’s hands, on which yearly fees would amount to millions of dollars, even if invested in Treasury notes.”

“My deepest fear is that the root of Barr’s position may be that pulling on the thread of Chinese bribes to officials – direct or indirect via family members – may unravel the entire cloth of elective and appointive officialdom in the federal government, delegitimizing the whole enterprise. We know that China’s efforts to recruit, cultivate, and assist the rise of officials extends down to the city council level in suburban towns and has been ongoing for decades. How many others have been ensnared in compromising ties, in both parties?” [end]

Expose’ the overwhelming evidence China the enemy!

Clearly, we can see corruption everywhere in government now. The courts, the congress, election officials, all of them. Slimy lowlife government trash on the take. The Clinton family and the Bush family have been joined at the hip since H.W. Bush was director of the CIA and Bill Clinton was Governor of Arkansas. They both were involved in the cocaine trade at the Mena, Arkansas airport. Selling cocaine to buy guns for the Central America Iran-Contra Affairs.

Yes folks, it goes that far back and there are numerous indications by way of books, magazines, news-rags, videos – you name it – as to the who, what, where, why, and when of it all to last a lifetime of study. Bagpipes Bill Barr has been a fixer for the Bush family for most of his working life. The Bush family – in case you hadn’t noticed – hates Trump, probably just as much as the Clinton family hates Trump while they all adore the now multi-multi-multi-millionaires’ OBO#44 mob family.

Barr is not – nor was he ever aiming to – going to lift a finger to help Trump; he’s part of the criminal enterprise, after all!

They want Expose’ evidence? HERE is THE EVIDENCE!

But I want to focus on Lance Johnson and his piece in Natural News – full link of which is available below for full reading, along with others – ‘How did Biden get 13 Million Votes from non-existent Voters?’…

(Natural News) Election fraud witnesses, legal teams, cyber-warfare operations, data analysts, independent journalists and other American patriots have fought relentlessly to present the truth about coordinated election fraud, to protect the integrity of the electoral process and to defend the United States against foreign and domestic enemies.

The Democrats and their Big Tech, Big Media and foreign allies have claimed victory in the 2020 Presidential election for nearly two months, but now they must face the reality of simple mathematics.

In 2020, there were approximately 212 million registered voters. Of the registered voters, 66.2 percent actually voted. A total of 140.344 million registered voters cast their ballot for President. If President Trump received a historic 74 million votes, and none of his totals have been contested or proven fraudulent, then how did Joe Biden get over 80 million votes?

Together, the two candidate’s combined vote total exceeds the total number of registered voters who cast their ballot by a whopping 13 million votes! This simple mathematical anomaly was brought forward by Bill Binney, of US Intel Fame. He pointed out that more people voted in the 2020 election nation-wide than were eligible to vote. If Trump’s uncontested total of 74 million votes is true, then there are only enough votes left to give Biden 66.344 million votes. Simple math shows that Donald Trump won in a landslide! [-]

[+] … It’s time for Joe Biden and the Democrats to prove how they received an excess of 13 million votes! Were the identities of registered voters stolen and used to create massive amounts of mail-in ballots? [-]

[+] … How many fraudulent votes were stuffed into drop off ballot boxes, with no accountability or real-life verification? (Related: White House trade adviser Navarro’s bombshell report proves (again) Trump WON the election.)

Full link below with others…

Expose’ the overwhelming evidence…

Bagpipes Barr lost me last year when he stated as a matter of absolute fact that Epstein committed suicide in New York’s lockup. All investigations were concluded as some “boo-boos” of the prison staff. Which quickly morphed into “mmm, what does Barr know, when did he know it; and what did he do about it; was he on the flight manifest list?; who else is implicated?”

Barr has been a masquerade from the beginning and like many more like him, fooled just about everyone. Clearly, we can see corruption everywhere in government now. The courts, the congress, election officials, all of them. Slimy lowlife government trash forever on the take. Bar(r) none – pun intended!

When republics die, it is usually by suicide. The constant distraction of Russia only served to cover the greatest threats. DC is a far greater threat to America than Moscow. At this point I don’t see how we change the course of history. But somehow we at least have to try. Almost all the dominoes are in place now for China. We’ve been betrayed by those ruling over us. What the world is about to face in the not so distant future has the potential to dwarf anything prior.

That’s not hyperbole I’m spouting by the way, but simple experience from an observing observer of getting on close to 8 decades of life management, of which the brain – thank GOD – is the sharpest weapon in the armory. Cognitive dissonance be damned!

They want expose’ evidence? HERE is THE EVIDENCE!

As patriotic conservatives, we have scant few friends or allies in government. Every time we are led to believe help is on the way, we get another disappointment. Blow the Bagpipes Barr is just the latest in a long line of so-called allies that wind up giving us the finger. The saying goes that we shouldn’t throw the baby out with the bath water. I say like hell, let’s get rid of it all and start from scratch. What do we really have to lose, our liberty and freedom?

You can’t uncover a crime after all, if there’s no investigation leading to expose’ evidence!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Thank GOD for a warrior-president Donald John Trump ready, willing, and able to go forth and “off” the dragon and MAGA! and KAG! all at the same time – Prescient!


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