Elon(g) comes Musk to the rescue…

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Mike from the comments thread: “This government knowingly infected 72% of US citizens with a fluid that manufacturer’s said was not a vaccine. It has produced almost 500k deaths annually for the past two years. So to review.

“This government shut down the economy, destroyed small business, murdered elderly in nursing homes, shut down free speech, mandated injections to maintain employment, allowed 5 million illegals to invade our southern border, disabled military service members and attacked anyone who spoke up, then stole our election and installed a dementia patient and a whore as VP. The government is at war with citizens and needs to be dissolved.”


The consistently overall-important thing is everyone involved in this fiasco is punished and punished appropriately. That does not include slaps on the wrist or strongly-worded letters. It means long jail sentences and capital punishment. We don’t know how many were killed by their actions, but yours truly for one suspects it’s many more than we think.

Elon(g) comes Musk to the rescue…

As is the case in every single perjury cause and effect in the prosecution of lying entities (aka in this case, Gubmint Employees) Fauci dropped a deposition under penalties of perjury. As per usual, yours truly hasn’t read more than minimal excerpts, but this was a 7-hour deposition by experienced lawyers. He may have squirmed and deflected and “not remembered ” but they still got him (after 4 tries) to finally admit his daughter works/worked for Twitter, together with which they more than likely pinned him down on a lot more than that. To the extent that the released materials reveal that Fauci lied in his deposition, that, my friends, is simple perjury.

And before we dismiss it as nothing, consider that he is under oath before a judge “who ain’t havin’ it” (who ordered that he be deposed while turning down all attempts by Fauci to get out of it). That means the judge has some power here, plus it is a civil suit, and once a judgment is obtained, the plaintiffs can seek discovery as to Fauci’s considerable assets.

Let’s repeat: On obtaining a judgment, the plaintiffs are legally able to delve into every corner of Fauci’s finances together with the people he colluded with. INCLUDING THE ROYALTIES on the pharma products. All while not forgetting the crown jewels of conflict of interest and selling out both the country, human life, and existentialism.

Let the information roll down like a mighty stream.

Sundance, Conservative Treehouse: ‘Elon Musk; Covid Censorship files forthcoming; Twitter files#4; PDJT was targetted’

The fourth installment of the Twitter Files release dropped yesterday evening as presented by Michael Shellenberger [SEE HERE]. [which]  overall, the Shellenberger angle covers the conversation within Twitter to block the communication and information from President Donald Trump.

Essentially, the executive filtration team in control of Twitter content was looking for ways to stop Donald Trump from using the platform and they modified all existing rules and moderation guidelines to target and censor President Trump.[Read Twitter File Release #4 HERE]

One of the ways they justified their action was to infer motive for any content that President Trump provided through his Twitter account. “Ultimately on January 8, 2021, Twitter says its ban is based on “specifically how [Trump’s tweets] are being received & interpreted.””  The Twitter executives decided to reach their end goal of shutting down Trump’s voice, the way his message could be interpreted was their best justification.

Twitter File #4 walks through the internal conversation at Twitter in early January 2021, but again heavily redacts the specifics of who was participating in many of the conversations.  Also missing is any contact by government officials or representatives of the Biden team as the transition period was ongoing.  Given the nature of the previous contacts from the Biden campaign, the absence of communication from the transition period in Twitter File #4 release is stark.

Three other interesting Twitter developments below.

♦ Additional scrutiny is finally beginning to surface toward the DHS/FBI network that is running in the background of Twitter.  It is critical to remind ourselves that DHS Twitter is still the current Twitter as it is being witnessed and these files released.

Twitter user “NameRedacted,” a familiar account that has gone through many modifications since it was originally created and then banned from the platform, went through the public profiles of the Twitter officers currently on staff and started identifying all of the FBI officials that remain employed.  The list is rather extensive [SEE HERE].

♦ Twitter Head of Information and Safety, Yoel Roth, essentially the fulcrum of what content would be permitted on the platform or not, is now getting additional scrutiny not for his moderation decisions but for his personal sexual outlooks and the previous refusal of Twitter to remove explicitly sexual content around children.

After reviewing his dissertation at the University of Pennsylvania on gay sex, pornography and the social media app Grindr [SEE HERE] people are looking at the sexualized content of the Twitter platform differently.  Did Yoel Roth allow child porn and other content as an outcome of his own deviancy?  Many objective researchers are coming to the conclusion the answer was yes.  Even Elon Musk seems to think the lack of urgency toward removing sexual content that targets minors was related to Yoel Roth. [end]

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Elon(g) comes Musk to the rescue… Trump effect that will never recede… these three included

While Elon(g)-comes-Musk to the rescue may have given them access to this information it appears as though it’s up to them to perform the search queries and then wade through the results in an effort to ferret out what pertinent information lies within. Based on what we’ve been told so far the ONLY caveat he’s placed on their reporting is that it MUST be released on Twitter first. If you ask me this is nothing more than a smart business move on the part of EM as it has yours truly going to twitter for the first time in my life – heck, you never know, one might even join to keep up with the story in real time.

Second thoughts aver however, to follow Sundance’s advice and adopt a wait and see attitude, but for now EM has the benefit of the doubt. While he and his team may have done their “Due Diligence” prior to the acquisition of Twitter there’s absolutely NO WAY those financial disclosures would have exposed these internal deliberations and/or discussions of censorship. Just as there’s no way those same financial disclosures would have unveiled the intimate connections between twitter employees and the “Deep State”. You can put on your suspicious cat face all you want, but until you see the evidence for yourself, all you have is conjecture.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!