Elon Musk reigns as MessNBC trips

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My post-up on FB yesterday went: Some MessNBC dude Ari Melber wetting his pants on what Elon Musk can now produce from ‘Twitfails’ & rigged elections. O the irony!

To yours truly, the projection of Melber seemed astounding, with the Left blind-fully not seeing the hypocrisy. Perhaps thinking only their ideas can be correct – “The science is settled”, eg –  the left on conservative thought seems always to be viewed as incorrect, with repetitions of “hateful” and “dangerous” forever floating around, thereby allowing themselves to feel justified in taking any and all steps to suppress free speech.

What I found interesting yesterday was that while conservatives still on Twitter were gaining large numbers of followers, the Lefties were losing followers by around the same margins. There was some talk of people rejoining Twitter to explain the increases, or that Bot accounts were fleeing to explain the decreases. Whatever the truth is, it’s clear conservatives were being suppressed while Leftists were artificially enhanced, creating the appearance of greater influence. In other words, a FAKE influence.

Elon Musk reigns as MessNBC trips.

So it isn’t just about speech suppression, but making people believe the Left has a large group of supporters when in reality they’ve “armed” themselves with more of a ghost army. What people like Ari Melber haven’t yet realized are the gifts that come with Elon’s purchase; Musk has purchased evidence. Think about the communications between the demoMarxocrat party and Twitter about suppressing Trump’s tweets. Think about all the people that requested certain politicians be banned from Twitter. Think about the direction on algorithms that were designed to work against conservatives. Mmmmm.

The other interesting thing was Jack Dorsey coming out to support Musk’s takeover as the right thing to do, to get the company out of Wall Street’s hands. Reading between the lines however, one suspects orders to suppress conservatives coming from the likes of BlackRock and Vanguard (huge, huge, money protectors) were at least somewhat against Dorsey’s will. It may explain why he abruptly stepped down from the company and is leaving its board.

The one thing to agree with Melber on is Musk’s true intentions. He seems sincere about equal free speech, but given the many betrayals of trust by people with power, watch what they DO, not what they SAY. But it certainly appears to be a very good start.

Debra Heine, American Greatness: ‘MSNBC Host Frets about Musk Taking over Twitter’ …

Ari Melber’s embarrassing display was just a case of liberal projection on steroids.

Elon Musk could use Twitter to “secretly ban” or “turn down the reach” of a major party’s candidate has gone viral, and for good reason. Never has there been a more glaring and pathological example of liberal projection on display—and many conservatives are reacting with stunned disbelief.

The “Rubin Report’s” Dave Rubin tweeted, “This is exactly what the Machine\Left\Democrats have done to their opponents for years, you absolute [clown]@AriMelber. Enjoy the ride into irrelevance . . .”

“He’s merely reciting what Twitter did to conservatives. But he doesn’t realize it or convinced himself it didn’t happen,” wrote radio host Jason Rantz.

Former diplomat Richard Grenell, who served as Donald Trump’s acting director of national intelligence, tweeted: “Breaking: @AriMelber was born yesterday. Happy Belated Birthday, Ari.”

During the Monday evening episode of “The Beat with Ari Melber,” the host perfectly described what Twitter had become before Musk’s takeover—a mechanism for narrative control benefiting one political party.

Melber argued that as the owner of Twitter, Musk does not have to explain himself: “You don’t even have to be transparent. You could secretly ban one party’s candidate, or all of its candidates, all of its nominees!” he warned with wide-eyed horror. “Or you could just secretly turn down the reach of their stuff and turn up the reach of something else and the rest of us might not even find out about it til after the election.” [-]

[+] … Pranay Singh, then a Twitter direct messaging engineer, explained how they programmed the system against conservatives: “You have, like, 5,000 keywords to describe a redneck,” adding “the majority of [them] are for Republicans.”

Since Musk’s purchase of Twitter, conservative users have noticed that their follower counts are suddenly rising . . . almost as if opaque censorship algorithms have been deactivated.

Although Musk has been vocal about his desire to see Twitter return to its roots as “a platform for free speech” because he believes “free speech is a societal imperative for a functioning democracy,” Melber went ahead and questioned his motives anyway.

“Elon Musk says this is all to help people, because he is just a free speech philosophically clear, open-minded helper . . . Is that true? Should you take him at his word?” Melber asked.

Unlike his liberal detractors, Musk doesn’t have a history of censoring opposing voices, so Melber’s concerns seem ridiculously out of place. Melber’s embarrassing display was just a case of liberal projection on steroids. [end]

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Elon Musk reigns as MessNBC trips. Obamacare soaring cost death knell…

The outrageous return of OBO#44 to the White House two weeks ago, billed as a celebration of the 12th anniversary of the passage of that monstrosity – to which, it must be said, many of us are still trying to find out what’s in it, once having been known as “Hillarycare”, now known as “Obamacare” – signaled the end of the LGB regime and the pretense of pretending he’s really president. Or something.

Now OBO the clown prince of fools is getting more active, giving speeches on how to squash free speech and perhaps making plans for his fifth autobiography. Still, these are signs that the New, New Left is no longer new. And some of those New, New Lefties realize now that the arc of history isn’t bending in their direction and it makes them panic. Bigly!

Following his outrageous behavior that day, We the (90 million+) People feel sure OBO#44 is enjoying the fact that he can look back to discover that he thinks his behavior in the High Office seems to him to have been getting better and better, while in reality, he was – still is apparently – stinking the place out with his malfeasance. Elon Musk reigns as MessNBC trips.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – tried and true still-President Donald John Trump doing his absolute darnedest to protect the Constitutional Republic of the United States and MAGA! – KAG!