Bruce Thornton: rise of Elon Musk

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For some particular reason it’s become unthinkable to actually call out American Fascists and Commies in our midst, who are near total control of subverting every one of our major institutions by hiding in plain sight because they’re “camouflaged” by benign words and labels such as “Progressives” or “Liberals”, which thereby allows them to easily insinuate themselves in America rather than being totally condemned and ostracized.

Republics have been lost in the past because American patriots who are “politically correct” at times, decide not to appear “extreme” or be labeled as “McCarthyites” because the cheating Fascist-Commies are really good at it and they know they can get away with it, and all at the expense of “the other side”.

Ambitions of a tyrannical power are camouflaged by words like woke, diversity, green energy, cancel culture, white privilege, systemic racism, CRT, equity, social justice, disinformation, etal. Political opponents however shy away from labeling such tyranny bluntly as Fascism or Communism which everyone would immediately recognize as evil and tyrannical.

Bruce Thornton: rise of Elon Musk.

The ONLY reason Americans are beginning to reject the “woke” assault on America is because the Alzheimer Joe administration has degenerated our standard of living so much and so fast. That’s also the ONLY reason there’s a backlash against government overreach and general tyranny. Up until now most of us grumbled, ranted and wrote angry letters but DID NOTHING. We put up with every assault and allowed ourselves to be dominated by corrupt weaklings.

For some reason the opponents of the greatest threat in our time are too timid to loudly lash out at those harsh words. Even brazen censorship in what is otherwise supposed to be a Free Country doesn’t conjure up the well known labels of the totalitarian ideologies that we’ve already confronted in bloody battles while continuing to confront them as foreign adversaries. Fact!

Consider that things have already improved at “Twerper” in only ONE day and Elon Musk isn’t even there yet. Shadow banned conservatives are miraculously picking up more followers after their lists had been reduced and plateaued. Obviously there are trolls at “Twerper” who want to keep their jobs when Musk takes over, so on and on they go.

On the uptick as always, Musk has achieved an amazing result and it is very clear that he will do whatever is necessary to save freedom of speech and dissent. Bruce Thornton: rise of Elon Musk.

Bruce Thornton, FrontPageMag: ‘Diversity, Free Speech, and the ‘Woke’ Assault on America’ …

We are living in Orwellian times.

Tech plutocrat Elon Musk announces he is buying Twitter to liberate this “virtual town square” from one-sided political censorship – and he is met with hysterical charges that he is attacking free speech. A woman who reposts TikTok videos of “woke” teachers bragging about their sexualize of children in their classrooms, is attacked by a Washington Post reporter who harasses the woman’s family in order to silence an enemy of “free speech” and purveyor of “hate” – just days after the reporter appeared in a video and bursts into tears over getting the same treatment she later inflicts on the anonymous creator of Libs on TikTok.

We are clearly living in Orwellian times, when the ambitions of tyrannical power are camouflaged by debased language, incoherent thought, and patent double-standards. Like the Newspeak of 1984, our progressive media abuses words like “diversity” and “free speech” to make them mean their opposites: a uniform orthodoxy protected and enforced by censorship. As long ago as Thucydides, this abuse of language and thought was recognized as the enemy of freedom and the precursor of a tyranny that reduces the diversity of opinion and ideas into one monolithic, oppressive dogma.

Since its creation in the ancient Athenian democracy, free speech has been the sine qua non of a political order that includes a wide diversity of citizens, not just the rich and educated elites who monopolized power in oligarchic or autocratic regimes. Since political discussion and deliberation were conducted through public speeches, citizens had to be protected from reprisals for, or limitations on their diverse opinions and their particular ways of expressing them. [-]

[+] … The result has been an increase in crime to levels not seen for decades, with many of the perpetrators being career criminals put back on the streets despite their long records of mayhem. And the victims most often are blacks and Latinos, the “people of color” whose lives the marxiste “woke” claim “matter,” but whose daily subjection to violent assaults and murder they’ve ignored for decades.

The Orwellian assault on free speech is an attack on the Constitutional order of political freedom and unalienable rights that the progressives have been undermining for a century. And it weakens the real diversity that has defined our nation from the beginning, and contributed to our country’s success as the freest people in history. If this attack continues, our country eventually will be “fundamentally transformed” into a technocratic, oligarchic “soft despotism,” and we citizens reduced to clients of an “immense and tutelary power,” as Tocqueville writes, “absolute, minute, regular, provident, and mild,” that will seek “to keep [the people] in perpetual childhood.”

But there are signs of renewal, a coming electoral backlash that may slow down this transformation. Biden’s abysmal policy failures at home and abroad, the growing anger at rampant crime and inflation, the surreally juvenile antics of the “woke,” the suicidal excesses of the “green new deal,” the grotesque violations of common sense and science of transgenderism, and the accelerating awakening of parents to the ideological corruption of public schools are all cheering portents. [end]

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Bruce Thornton: rise of Elon Musk. Hey Jackass! true, don’t blame me!

Money doesn’t make the world go around, philosophy does. A rich man will use his money and power in the service of his philosophical convictions. So long as a man has free will his convictions can change or he can choose to betray his convictions. So goes Elon Musk.

Every single successful effort to counter the assaults, tyranny and flat out fascism of the Alzheimer Joe administration, the Dirtbagocrat party, the RINOs and the left in general derive from the spotty standard of living we’ve been subjected to since the Alzheimer Joe administration came to power.

Nothing else had any effect until now and any rational person can see that’s true. So true it should be axiomatic. Ten bucks for a pack of hot dogs. Eight bucks for a gallon of gas. Millions upon millions of illegal aliens in a never ending rat scurry. After fifteen months of suffering this ever-worsening throwdown, people have finally had enough.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump – MAGA! – KAG!