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One of the great disappointments of my life growing up in post-WWII Britain, was the termination of National Service (or ‘Draft’ as used in the United States). Under the National Service Act, introduced in 1947, healthy males aged 18 or over were obliged to serve in the armed forces for 18 months. After the outbreak of the Korean war in 1950, the length of service was raised to two years – more onerous than elsewhere in Europe.

When it was officially ended with the last intake of recruits in 1960 I had just turned 17 years of age, one year shy of the 18 years required for the Draft ‘call up’. Additionally, I had applied for RAF duty, since I had an abiding drive to pilot those speed-jets of WWII. To say that I was heartbroken at the time would be a real understatement. I was actually shattered, although I received some consolation by serving in VSO (voluntary service overseas) during the years 1964-65.

So, why do I bring this up? Well, the current moral state of the planet will never completely stop such horrific tragedies as the latest unhinged massacre. Even in a conservative nation back in 1927, a man killed his family then bombed the local school killing a total of 44 people with 58 others injured.

Two years of grafting and shaping under the aegis of The Draft would knock the silliness out of these anti-Americans…

But you can sure lessen the number of such incidents if you create a family-friendly, morality-friendly, society that embraces a sense of shame, a sense of right and wrong, a sense of respect for life, while decreasing the vitriol of public hatred whether it be against whites, Republicans, Conservatives, Jews, Blacks, Mexicans, and whatever other cross-pollinated civilizations have come and gone and existed since “In the beginning, God…”

In other words, recreate the America of the mid-20th Century. The century of The Greatest Generation (and that was Leftist Tom Brokaw’s description, not mine). Create a society which emphasizes We the People as Americans first, and most importantly, bring back the Draft without exemptions so all Americans have a shared mission and vision going into the future.

I’ll come back to that later, but here’s C.S.Boddie and his opener from today’s American Thinker and “How Can We Stop School Shootings?”…

284px-American_Thinker_logoIt was March 1999, and I had taken a part-time reporter job at the Columbine Community Courier, a weekly paper in Littleton, Colorado.  Before working for the paper on a regular basis, I went off with my family on a long planned mission trip to Honduras.  There we worked on a few projects, then did some sightseeing.

In Copan, we stopped at a Catholic Church during Mass.  The church was packed, and we found out why before long.  The priest spoke, and he was absolutely furious with his flock.  A woman in our party, who was a Spanish-speaker, translated for us: some of the young men of Copan had come into the town square the night before, during a festival, shot it up, and killed a few people.

The priest yelled a question at the congregation: “Why are you people not watching your sons?”

That moment stuck with me as we came back to Colorado, and I wrote the story of our trip for publication.  I proceeded to cover small stories in the community, such as the dedication of a new playground at an elementary school.

A week or so later, I was driving home from a dentist appointment when I passed Columbine High School.  Just south of the school, I saw two young men, dressed in black dusters, walking toward Columbine.  They looked into each other’s faces, then strode up the sidewalk with smiles and knowing looks.  Little did I know I was watching two of the sons in my community who were about to become murderers.  I remember feeling the presence of evil, and I prayed briefly, but I did not know what else to do.  (Since that time, I have learned that many other people in the community had similar experiences.)

On April 20, 1999, the two young men I saw murdered 12 students and one teacher, then killed themselves at Columbine High School.

I covered the tragedy and its aftermath for the immediate community for about one year.  Of course, it was a time of grief and trauma, and we all had to go through that and through the process of healing.  In the midst of it, I believe there was a window of time where we could really learn and pass along what could be done to stop such a thing from happening in another community down the line.

Unfortunately, the mainstream media and the politicians came in and hyped the gun issue, just as they’ve done after every one of the tragedies that has followed Columbine.  We all got focused on changing the laws that control guns.

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The worst terrorist attack in the history of the world (9/11) was minus guns and committed by 19 Muslim murderers yet liberal-progressive DemoMarxists believe firmly in gun control and in continuing to bring in masses of Muslims every year. Also, every study that you can imagine, illustrates that gun control laws generally cause an increase in crime. Those are two or more fast facts not many liberals or big media will likely discuss.

The ten most dangerous cities in America all happen to be Democrat controlled with stringent gun laws, as in: Detroit; St. Louis; Oakland; Memphis; Birmingham; Atlanta; Baltimore; Stockton; Cleveland and Buffalo, with Chicago coming through as the murder capital of the United States, bar none.

In conclusion, I forever wrestle with this topic. Forget the gun rights issue, it is our civil rights that are being threatened. The 2nd amendment is a civil right that the anti’s will gleefully trample whilst telling you about a non enumerated, court imposed right to abortion. But yet I’m required to justify my civil rights every time some idiot or deranged moron does something evil.

As I opined in the opener, recreate the America of the mid-20th Century. Create a society which emphasizes We the People as Americans first, and most importantly, bring back the draft without exemptions so all Americans have a shared mission and vision going into the future.

I still have vivid memories by the way, of all the Vietnam Draft dodgers inhabiting the streets of Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and other hidden parts of Canada during my fifteen years residence there, which were some real testing times in the history of the United States. Most of those snakes slithered back under cover into the mess of the Washington DC Sewer and have been ensconced ever since. True justice is yet to be served on some real ‘un-Americans’.

Clear the streets and shuffle every person (including DACA immigrants and Shari’ah Law adherents) who turns 18 into the 2-year military drill described above as ‘the Draft’, and witness just how quickly the United States regains greatness once again.

The Draft is the worst nightmare of the One-World-Order United Nations Elitists crowd – Plus of course the entire current Washington DC sewer-swamp Congressional Corps. Oh but what a cleaning of the house the re-institution of the Draft would be!

In the meantime, thank God for President Donald J. Trump – The Draft MAGA!


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