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One of the great things about the United States Constitution is the First Amendment and the fact that “Congress shall make no law … abridging the freedom of speech”; thereby allowing each and every citizen the right to spout off at will on any topic on the planet. Even racism. And with anyone who wishes to engage them. Or not.

The Constitution says absolutely nothing about the content of such freedom of speech, presuming the fact that human interaction on any topic pro and con will be sufficient enough to take care of that in a collegially-engaging manner without heading towards a “pistols at dawn” duelling confrontation; whatever the agreed disagreement might turn out to be.

The worn-out phrase “Social Justice”, so often preened in conversations about racism, is a left over figment of Black Liberation Theology’s troubled doctrine (as with Obama’s Chicago long-time reverend, Jeremiah Wright, remember him?) and as a point of reference, doesn’t exist anywhere in the founding documents.

What we do have in America however, are ‘individual’ justice and rights. We don’t have ‘group’ justice where, for example, members of the Black Lives Matter contingent of whiners can exert ‘rights’ which are deserving of justice because they’re a member of that group. In the end, it’s the actions of individuals that make a difference and their actions must be lawful under the Supreme Law of the Land, the Constitution.

While I respect the rights of both LeBron James and Kevin Durant to spout off on whatever topic they like, they must show their own respect to the Constitution when their comments about particular situations directed at particular individuals, come bouncing back to them in a resounding response to the same. After all, it is the same Constitution we’re talking about here.

Over the NBA All Star weekend, ‘trouble’ of a sort brewed between the NBA’s top two players and Fox News’ Laura Ingraham which basically became embroiled within the context of what the definition of ‘racist’ is.

Take a look and listen…

Let’s be upfront honest and state that many Americans are very hip to the fact that too many blacks, and white progressives, use the term “racist” if someone says something they disagree with. Instead of arguing the issues they play the mocking game of putting others down, calling them names, and using foul language. There’s a big difference between institutional racism and individual racism. Institutional racism in America is almost non-existent but individual racism will never be eradicated.

On the other hand it doesn’t help either LeBron James, Kevin Durant nor any other celebrity of fame to be walking around publicly and spouting expletives too many times. There’s nothing cool in that, and doing so especially in events like a Victory Parade or even an interview, does nothing to enhance the agenda of nation-hood ‘togetherness’ (see link Expletive-filled 16-minute Victory Speech down below).

As I mentioned yesterday in my SONday blog: Entertainment, professional sports, education and the media industry are filled with rhetoric from hateful people having no boundaries of decency or morality, seeking to destroy the character of anyone they disagree with, filled with such rage and hatred that even children lash out with violence and murder.

Everybody in America has the opportunity to excel, but they need good parents, good moral values, a good work ethic, and hopefully, some kind of spiritual base. Unfortunately, those values seem to be disappearing in the self-absorbed ‘look how cool I am Selfie Generation’.

Thank God for President Donald J. Trump and MAGA!


*Update* –¬†Leftist Obscenity-filled Rant against Laura Ingraham¬†(and why doesn’t this surprise us?)

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