Dossier scandal reveals conspiracy

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Following on from yesterday’s post on the extent of the Washington Elitist Oligarchy, the latest offering coming up from Daniel Greenfield in FrontPageMag is of the dossier scandal, one of (if not the) greatest expose`s he has produced, and there have been literally hundreds if not thousands of them over the years. This one however is of special importance since it deals with how Obama used Hillary Clinton’s dossier to spy on Donald Trump; a conspiracy that led from the Clinton campaign to eavesdropping on Trump officials. Tom Clancy, God rest his soul, couldn’t have improved any on Greenfield’s layout of the series of events.

Coupled with the heavyweight contributors opining on the comments thread, this really is a must-read for real journalistic insight into the sorry Deep State of the quagmire that has become the DC sewer swamp of American national politics. Led of course (as is becoming ever more and more apparent) by the suffocating influence of multi-billionaire oligarchs the likes of George Soros, Tom Steyer, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and Mark Zuckerberg among many others.

Dossier-compliant Comey falls hook, line, and sinker…

As I mentioned yesterday, they are men of the left and unlike prior rich men in American history, they now have the means at their disposal to control our election process, both halls of Congress, our courts, our schools, the press, and media outlets. Yes, there are conservative billionaires, but they are not nearly as influential as today’s globalists.

From the thread, with the handle ‘Bamaguje’: It’s all very surreal like something out of a thriller novel or movie. Truth can indeed be stranger than fiction. If someone had written a novel based on such a dossier conspiracy, many of us would have dismissed it as far-fetched. Perhaps that’s what the Left and their media shills are counting on, that Americans can be bamboozled into dismissing it as the fertile imagination of Republican conspiracy nuts.[end]

The country really dodged a bullet with the election of Donald Trump. Just think what would have happened had Hillary won, and this Leftist abuse of power continued for another 4-8 years. America would have degenerated into a totalitarian Leftist dystopia in which Republicans would never ever again win an election.

Daniel Greenfield and his opener…

Daniel Greenfield…

How do you legally spy on your political opponents?

At some point in time that question was asked in the White House, at the DNC or in the hotel suites where Hillary and her staff were staying during her speaking tours. It wasn’t exactly asked that way.

But it was asked. And now we know more of the answer.

What Hillary and Obama did wasn’t Watergate. That was amateur hour. Its sophistication is a tribute to the left’s deep knowledge and control of the workings of Washington, D.C. The men and women who planned this and carried it out understood not only government, but had an intimate familiarity with the loopholes in the laws and the networks of contacts that could realize their highly illegal plans.

The eavesdropping on Trump officials carried the ‘fingerprints’ of an administration that bypassed Congress to fund left-wing groups by blackmailing banks into huge settlements paid out to political allies in a billion dollar slush fund and sent pallets of foreign currency to Iran on unmarked planes. A complete lack of ethical norms was combined with the careful use of legal loopholes to protect the actions of the perpetrators even while they were engaging in a criminal conspiracy.

The revolutionary cell is embedded into left-wing organizing. These cells combined into networks across government, the media and the non-profit sector to pursue a collective agenda. The latest revelations about the Trump dossier give us greater insight into how Obama and Hillary’s people conspired to legally eavesdrop on political opponents by breaking up that eavesdropping into a series of legal actions carried out across different cells.

The road that led to Susan Rice and Samantha Power ‘unmasking’ Trump officials began with the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee funding a dossier pushing Trump-Russia conspiracies. The dossier was sourced through Fusion GPS which is notorious for handfeeding material to reporters.

The Clinton campaign was seeing to it that whatever Fusion GPS produced would make its way into media stories without having Hillary’s fingerprints on it. Indeed the only reason we learned that Hillary and the DNC were ultimately behind the dossier was a congressional subpoena that risked exposing other Fusion GPS clients.

But the second reason was far more devious and devastating.

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So, President Trump was right after all; that there was no collusion between the Trump camp and Russia. He was also correct when he revealed that what was in his ‘dossier’ was nothing but lies. And let’s hope in hope that people understand that it was the DNC, the Clintons, Obamas and likely George Soros and all the DemoMarxist acolytes who created this lie. They wanted Trump to look so bad that no one would vote for him.

Turns out to be dossier-related scandal all along, just as President Trump asserted…

Well, it sure backfired big time, and now that we have the truth, let We the People pursue it to the fullest extent of the law. Both Clintons, Loretta Lynch, Comey, Mueller, Rosenstein, McCabe, Rice, Obama and goodness knows how many others, should all be interrogated as aides and abetters in a criminal matter. Let them go to trial. Let them go to prison. They intentionally committed a fraud against the citizens of the United States of America in full pursuit of aiding and abetting the enemy.

Hang on to your hats folks. I believe we are about to see what a real “Deep State” looks like. It’s been there for decades but until Trump’s election it was operating well below the radar. It is long past time that major changes need to be made to the way government jobs are meted out. We the People are either in charge or we have no true form of representative government free from undue political influence.

Sadly there is no one except perhaps, Ted Cruz (and what the h**l happened to Trey Gowdy?) in the RINO camp of Congress who have any “real balls” to go for the jugular and slam down these corrupt criminal DemoMarxists.

Until indictments are made this is still no more than a Punch and Judy show!


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