Donald John Trump convicts it all !

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For starters, attempt a coup and fail, fake a pandemic that ruins the lives of millions, steal an election, jail those who oppose the election steal, mandate lock-downs masks and vaccinations, kill thousands with a phony vax, crash the economy and eliminate the southern border. Mmmm … King George lll of Great Britain in 1776 looks more like Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood when compared to today’s demonic rulers. A coup d’état if you will, replete and still in progress, and never mind that it’s now being televised. Stolen even – but I digress!

Reader-friend Lydia somewhere in the comments thread opines that this is the kind of article that causes the Left to go bonkers and accuse everyone on the Right of being a cultist. President Trump after all, is just a man, a flawed man (like all of us), who wants America to live up to its potential rather than being a rug the rest of the world walks all over. His approach was practical, and his business background allows him to think outside the box, rather than using the same old and tired failed policies of the political elites.

That alone may make him the greatest man alive since he is the only one willing to go head to toe with the corrupt bureaucracy aka Goliath. It certainly makes him the most courageous. Donald John Trump convicts it all !

Donald John Trump convicts it all ! When ballots go missing people lie while some even die…

The demoMarxocrat Left after all, forever seems to think they must destroy Trump to hold on to their power, but yours truly has news for them – they’re going to lose their power with or without Trump since the dystopian dreams and abuse of power have totally sickened Americans. We’re tired of being invaded by foreigners, tired of being ripped off, and tired of being coerced into unnatural social regression, and tired of our children being targeted by degenerate ideologues.

They can only win by cheating and can only prevail over the people by force, which We the (90 million+) People totally reject – with or without President Donald John Trump at the helm ! Or perhaps President Trump is our “Gulliver”, being swarmed by the violent and conniving Lilliputians. What few can deny is that Trump is one of a kind. The Left can attempt to demean and smear the man, but they can’t take away the accomplishments that allowed Americans to thrive during his too-short presidency. If you doubt it, compare where we were as a country in 2020 BC (Before Covid) to where we are today.

Trump may very well become the last real American president, since looking backwards at the Presidential lineage following the departure of the late, great Ronald Wilson Reagan – neither G.H.W. Bush; BillyBob Clinton; George W. Bush; nor OBO#43 are even worthy of mention – not forgetting the dementia-riven village idiot who can barely string four or five words together, never mind full sentences! FJB is the village prop, basically yet another comatose liar-in-thief who is far too toxic for true patriots of purpose.

Dan Galernter, American Greatness: ‘Trump Is the Greatest Man Alive’ …

What leftist, on the verge of losing his power in Washington, and yet possessed of the means of retaining it through violence, would have walked away as Trump did?

A Trump aide testified that the president tried to grab the steering wheel of the presidential limo so he could go to the Capitol on January 6, 2021. After the aide’s testimony, Representative Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) embraced her, as though expressing solidarity with someone who has just been through a tremendous ordeal. You could say that Washington and Hollywood have finally converged, turning into a single giant Oscars ceremony that no one is watching.

Trump supporters (myself included) are not in a particularly receptive mood for further intimidation, so what is the establishment trying to achieve with their January 6 circus? The mystery was solved for me the other day when I was having dinner with a close friend of mine, a middle-left sort of guy: He is what the media generally likes to call an “independent voter,” part of the segment that theoretically can go either way in an election. In reality, my friend had never voted for a Republican in his life—until Trump.

For all the hysteria over Trump’s divisive tweets, the truth is that Trump is the only unifying figure in modern political history: He persuaded millions of people who had never voted for any Republican, indeed for any president, to vote for him. During his first term, he increased his share of the vote with every segment of the population, except college-educated whites. No Republican since Reagan received such broad support from so many groups. And he won their support not by pandering to their sub-category interests or to the things that set them apart, but by appealing to them as Americans. [-]

[+] … If Trump had called out to the nation in his January 6 speech—if he had said, “We must stop this, come to Washington with your guns!”—millions of Americans would have come. The response would have been massive and overwhelming. You can bet your boots that Ashli Babbitt would not have been the only person shot and killed that day.

Trump easily—easily—could have started a civil war. He had only to make the call. Millions would have answered it. America was watching and waiting. But Trump never made that call, and Washington knows damn well he didn’t. [-]

[+] … Now the establishment—the Liz Cheneys, the Nancy Pelosis, the Mitch McConnells and Mitt Romneys—are terrified because they know Trump still has that following. They know the nation, left to choose its own president, would choose Trump again. And they can’t possibly let that happen. [-]

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Donald John Trump convicts it all ! Secrets of tyranny & getting busted … Brennan, Clapper and Mueller swamp dwellers…

Finally, someone who voices sane admiration for President Trump’s restraint after 4 years of being slandered by demoMarxocrats and American media, investigated in 3 witch hunts, Muelller’s and 2 bogus impeachments (one for asking about FJB’s family corruption that has NOT been investigated), then forced to watch the election stolen and the legal system falsely used in the demoMarxocrat cover-up, leading to it having driven anyone else insane with lesser self-control attributes.

The plain fact of the matter is the left wants civil unrest, and especially civil war. They beg for it with everything they do. They foment racism against whites. They’re forever attempting to genocide billions in the name of “climate change”. Particularly-so they’re attempting to destroy any semblance of the family of men and women. They hate and divide. Those of use who love our country, and our fellow citizens are the enemy of the left. The sworn enemy of the left. Donald John Trump convicts it all !

Perhaps the time has finally come for us to collectively bow our heads to God, and stand up to these hateful people. With the “tick-tock” of the SCOTUS decisions we are slowly but surely taking our nation back. This coming November we will see if the GOP can be changed enough to stand up to the left, and the leftists in Republican clothing. Molon Labe’ !

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Still our Warrior-President Donald John Trump diligently lifting American hopes through the Divine Constitutional Republic of the United States – MAGA! KAG!