2020 hindsight strangest of fictions

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One can fully assume that the Jan 6 2020 debacle was / continues to be / the most successful entrapment and ambush ever authorized by hidden traitors of American government fully prepared to bring the whole nation down. Witnessing the foolish antics of the current Jan 6 wish-away “committee” is just reaping the bounty and paying homage to their political achievement. There are so many questions that aren’t being asked, let alone answered truthfully.

Revolver News at least, had a couple of articles covering Ray Epps and a few others that facilitated the rush on the Capitol Building, one describing a dark character helping tear down the fencing / signs warning “no access” to the Capitol Building area, and throwing it over the side of a bridge; the action of which literally created the open walkways to the Capitol that protesters never knew were off limits to them, nor that it was supposed to be cordoned off.

Another character recall, was at the tower, on and off it, with a megaphone also encouraging the crowd to rush the Capitol Building, and yesterday’s Dan Bongino expose’ was detailing how great a liar Cassidy Hutchinson is about her tale of President Trump’s attempt to commandeer the limo – “nothingness”!

2020 hindsight strangest of fictions.

As for FoxNews c.2022 they’ve apparently made Bruce Jenner a contributor, while pushing the transgendering of children as a false flag operation, like the Republican Party in general. It doesn’t help any that Rupert Murdoch’s two sons, Lachlan and James, are both practically Commies in nature and activity – Lachlan having contributed $400,000 to FJB’s PAC, and his wife a climate change alarmist. FoxNews was also instrumental don’t forget in helping the Mitch McConnell wing of the Republican Party aid the demoMarxocrats in stealing the election aka Brett Baier and his sidekick Martha MacCallum calling an early, early foolhardy result. “Smackface”!

One must certainly understand the attempt to bring closure to a fraudulent election, however painful it might well be; we must be honest with ourselves and each other, which likely is something neither Republicans nor demoMarxocrats want, or are capable of at this point. They, not the American people, want the nonsense to continue, being vested as they are in a status quo which will destroy the nation, the republic, and everything else. Raw power after all, in the hands of deserved malcontents is so seductive to the flawed character of everyone in Washington, D.C., that the attraction of restoring this to a functioning republic is beyond their understanding.

Nevertheless, Washington, D.C. must continue its consolidation, and whether we admit it or not, it is much too late for that. 2020 hindsight strangest of fictions. This, this is the hill upon which we must either be victorious or die.

Paul Gottfried, American Greatness: ‘2020 Hindsight’ …

In a critical commentary on wokeness, Michelle Malkin offers these gloomy thoughts: “The potential for mass deprivation of civil liberties simply cannot be understated in the context of end-stage America’s woke psychosis. The inmates run the asylum—and Republican traitors are supplying the keys.”

I thought about Malkin’s “woke psychosis” while listening to Bret Baier on Fox News scolding Trump and his fans for endangering “Our Democracy™.” Supposedly, Trump and company are performing this act by raising inappropriate questions about the last presidential election. Putting these troublemakers in their place may therefore be necessary for the well-being of the American republic.

Baier went into a particularly long tear against Trump on June 21, after showing us clips from the latest session of the January 6 committee’s hearings. He would have us believe that Trump tried to subvert the Constitution by falsely claiming to win a race he had lost. Now we might agree that Trump went too far in trying to keep the results of what he thought was a dishonest election from being officially registered. While that election stank to high heaven, particularly in my state of Pennsylvania, Trump and his confidants perhaps behaved improperly when they tried to pressure public officials into changing the electors. (Let’s not forget the Democrats had demanded the same in 2016!) [-]

[+] … Even more importantly, we should give the Democrats some of their own medicine. They and their media shock troop seem to believe that they, but not their opponents, are entitled to deny election results and even to engage in fits of anger after losing. Although figures on the Left such as Hillary Clinton, Al Gore, Stacey Abrams, and Uncle Joe have all challenged election results, in some cases for years, Republicans are expected not to follow this example. Those on the other side of leftist opinion must accept a double standard, lest they anger the press, which in turn will upset “moderate” Republicans.

Personally, I reject that double standard. And never as much as when I heard Baier trying to get Senator Tim Scott (R-S.C.) to abjure Trump during a spontaneous interview. The Fox News anchor first buttered up his guest by speaking benevolently about his possible presidential run. Once that was done, Baier tried to prod Scott into refusing support for the former president if he runs again. Scott however retorted “Of course, I’d support Trump.” This pol does know a thing or two. He understands that it would be foolish to scorn a party icon, while allowing himself to be pulled toward the woke side.[end]

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2020 hindsight strangest of fictions. The time is at hand now and forever…

Brett Baier to a great degree is nothing but a mongrel fool, even to this day. He claimed a recount of the ballots in Maricopa County Arizona proved a Biden win when it did no such thing – and had he been following the audit he’d have known so. It simply showed that the number of ballots and the number of votes were close and in no way did it tell us anything about the validity of the ballots. That particular examination cast doubt on over 200,000 ballots in Maricopa County alone, a fact the moronic Baier left out.

Fact is this was easily solvable with a labored – but no less re-do – of a Maricopa County-style full forensic audit of a half a dozen swing states. Yes it would’ve taken maybe 90 days examining all the ballots and the machines – but the left, which spent four years telling us Trump was illegitimate while secretly pushing Hillary’s paid-for Russia hoax – were afraid of what such an audit would find – and rightly they should’ve been.

Here’s the reality: the left stole the 2020 election no matter what anybody tells you. As one commentator put it those who deny the steal are either stupid or lying – and if it happens again, and there’s no reason to believe it won’t – then those who love America will need to come to grips with the fact that the country is gone and getting it back will require a level of violence and a body count that could well be unacceptable; leaving the fact of surrendering to the left as the only option is simply and completely unacceptable. Period!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!