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Donald J. Trump MAGA republican to some degree can be framed as somewhat oxymoronic in content and application. There are those among us who would rightly express their not coming to terms with the word “republican” simply well, “because”!

Because for too many election cycles the republican establishment has well and truly betrayed the votes of their constituents, reaching the point with most where they stopped voting “for” republicans and began voting “against” demoMarxocrats, since the only alternative to denying the demoMarxocrats power was, unfortunately, a republican in name only – RINO that was, until President Trump came along.

In his wake, he’s bringing along candidates that are much better equipped than the republicans of old, having had to call themselves “republican” from the will of the RNC as an organization of, and for, a globalist agenda contrary to the needs of a people that are vested in their country, not an erstwhile organization of misconception. This is after all where we live, and move, and have our being; this is home.

Donald J. Trump MAGA republican. A man for all seasons tackles the enemy …

The national economic policy is a defining aspect of the America First or MAGA movement. That said, economic nationalism alone doesn’t always ensure individual liberty. As for yours truly, the fight is not just economic nationalism, but also includes the Constitutional protections of individual liberty. We’re currently in the midst of a most basic struggle of individual liberty, protected by the Constitution vs the crushing control of a totalitarian regime – “Bidenomics” with all its foibles, fantasies and failures. Freedom or erasure of that freedom. For most of us, individual rights and freedoms are an essential aspect of the MAGA movement. Period!

Those of us who still remember, watched as the Reagan Revolution was gutted and sold out by Reagan-Fakers, to the point where the Conservative, Inc.’s “leader” in the Senate is a mid-level functionary for the Chinese Communist Party along with his wife/handler. We saw how they knifed the Tea Party and subverted it.

Then we witnessed how the entire Nat/Sec Apparatus was mobilized to stop one man. When they couldn’t stop him in 2016, they threw out every last vestige of Constitutional Self-Governance to undermine him, including the burning of our cities and the release of a manufactured virus and the poisonous–but lucrative!–antidote.

Finally, in 2020, they were able to steal the elections with Computer CheatWare and Mail-In Fraud in front of our very eyes. All to stop this one man and his Crazy Idea: That America Should Be Run For the Benefit of Americans.

Sundance, Conservative Treehouse: ‘I Am a MAGA Republican, and Donald Trump is My Weapon’ …

At a national level there is a unique policy priority that almost every politician, on both sides, will avoid discussing.  At a national level a single policy priority determines all other national policy issues.  That policy is the national economic policy.

The national economic policy of a presidential candidate determines all other national policies that flow from the presidential candidate.  The national economic policy impacts the obvious policies like energy and trade, and also determines the lesser obvious policies like regulation and even foreign policy.

It is specifically because a candidate’s national economic outlook impacts all other issues, that most national politicians never talk about it.

It would be impossible to support Main Street USA, a popular talking point, and still support the Paris climate treaty, the transpacific trade partnership (TPP) or the transatlantic trade and investment partnership (TTIP).

To avoid the contradictions most democrat and republican politicians avoid discussing their national economic policy; it is an unspoken rule within the billionaire club and donor game; an economic code of omerta amid most political candidates.

President Trump broke the rule, and even went so far as to campaign on an America-First economic policy agenda. That core outlook forms the Make America Great Again foundation. MAGA is based on a national economic policy outlook that determines every other national policy as carried by President Trump.

While most Americans may not be able to articulate how the national economic policy impacts them, almost every American feels the consequences through gasoline prices, energy prices, employment, wage rates and the expenses within their everyday lives. To try and hide this reality, often media and economic analysts will say the U.S. President has no control over gasoline prices; however, this is unequivocally false. [-]

[+] … Before Donald Trump entered politics there was no home for people voting on the issue of a national economic agenda. Both Democrat and Republican candidates had essentially the same worldview on national economic policy because they are all getting money from the same multinational corporate trough. However, President Trump changed that dynamic by presenting an alternative national economic policy called America-First.

MAGAnomics is the core of the great MAGA republican coalition, a working-class coalition that cuts through all other distinctions and divisions. This reality creates a problem for the DC professional political class and the corporate media.

Because MAGAnomics is the fundamentally binding principle there is no way to fracture the Trump supporter coalition.

I am a “MAGA republican” by default of my wanting a national economic agenda that looks out for the economic interests of American’s first.

Donald Trump is the irreplaceable Great MAGA King because Donald Trump is the only one who holds that same outlook. [end]

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Donald J. Trump MAGA republican. Keeping tabs on the younger generation….

Capitalism is and always has been, a natural result of a free society. Both thrive on freedom of choice. The indivisible unit that is the foundation of a free society is the individual. Further, our nations’ greatest strength, even greater than the military, is the power of a free economy based on the individual.

National Economic Policy is very similar to Fiscal Policy in retaining the government’s influence on the economy. It does so by regulating and taxing private business and citizens and implementing new laws. The most efficient, and successful, solution however is for much less government invasion of the private marketplace, the private economy.

Give us a set of laws, like the Constitution that everyone follows, and we citizens will build a strong resilient private economy without the government’s “help” and thereby, a strong nation. But allow government to interfere in free markets, and we get a lopsided economy that will definitely crash. And that’s exactly where President Donald John Trump’s fiscal policy employment expertise comes into play

Were our fearless President Trump sitting in the Oval Office right now, there’s absolutely not a shadow of a doubt that the Stock Market would be somewhere in the 40,000’s if not 50,000’s. Instead, we’re at the front door of 20,000’s, which has a huge effect on the economic health of the American people.

The communist Left-wing Liberal demoMarxocrats have absolute zero understanding of market movements and unwittingly destroy themselves in the meantime, while those on welfare don’t realize they’re still slaves on the plantation. Only this present plantation is not only Blacks, but is all colors and creeds, a cesspool of wasted lives doomed to misery. This is exactly what those in power and control right now want for You. It goes beyond any and everything but EVIL.

Donald J. Trump MAGA republican.

Thank GOD for President Donald John Trump and his team doing his and their darnedest to keep the Constitutional Republic of the United States up, running, and healthy, while successfully producing the very best results for ALL the American people – MAGA! KAG!