Biden’s set prime time creepy angry

Go ahead, make my..

A drugged-up wrecking ball for OBO#44/Gyorgy Schwartz-Soros and countless other anti-American destroyers salivating at the mouth of evil discourse emanating from the Satanic Dark Side … Mmmmmm

One definitely has to wonder why the choice of the word “soul” was used in the title of the “mumble-rant” (aka speech), dementia-riven Joe-Mo after all having no soul to speak of. After all, he lies, he steals, he mocks, he belittles, he turns against the poor, the sick and the elderly as well as the men and women who fought for this country and those that work everyday who are the strong backbone of this nation. He revels in shock and awe – and yes – in “misinformation” !

You know the old saw about “those who forget their history are doomed to repeat it” is what we’re witnessing right now. Tucker said it last night, it isn’t we the MAGA types that are the fascists, but the demoMarxocrats who are falling into the grip of an evil cult that they’ve absolutely no knowledge of. Idiocracy at it’s finest. It was Bush Sr one time who used a big word that nobody knew the meaning of “that we must ‘inculcate’ the next generation through the school system”.

Biden’s set prime time creepy angry. When tyrants shrill in vain redoubt don’t ask for whom the bell tolls…

Mmmm … seems like that is happening Bigly. To be free we must understand.

Scatter-brained as Biden is, he has a tendency to rant on things he knows absolutely nothing about – nor cares about, including his own wife, children or grandchildren. Being the misogynist that he is, the works of Satan are being concocted through this empty vessel and this battle within which he finds himself will be biblical. Stay prayed up, stocked up and ever watchful.

The symbolism and correlation of so many things is beyond coincidence, living as we are through an extremely pivotal period. It really is like Satan and his whores have been let loose with their time to test us all and thereby coming forth as a spiritual battle par-excellence. Yours truly has absolutely no doubt in my mind. Prayer and fasting, alone or together.. Jesus himself said for some demons it’s the only way. Double down on your spiritual life. Just an opinion.

Just think about it. The whole world has just seen an American President who had to be walked out to the podium by his caregiver, deposited there to read a prepared speech from a teleprompter, who picked up a hand microphone at the end for no reason and was told to put it down, then to be walked off stage again by his caregiver. Angry fiery words could not mitigate the overwhelming appearance of frailty and weakness the whole thing projected.

And our fearless President Donald John Trump STILL won. KARMA!

Sundance, Conservative Treehouse: ‘Off the Charts Biden Creepy Optics from National Address’ …

I usually prefer to stay away from the ancillary stuff, but the remarks by Joe Biden today were not normal, not even close.

Every national address by a president has a massive advance team checking every detail of a venue before broadcast. The optics they put together for Biden’s “battle for the soul of a nation” speech tonight, was just plain creepy and weird. I mean think about it, what does this imagery present when discussing the theme of battling for the soul of a nation?

These are not modified images or changes in presentation; they are exactly what was broadcast to the nation. It looks straight up evil. Like something out of a hellscape theatrical production intended to showcase Baal as the “soul of the nation.”

On one hand, this is the realistic tone of the Biden administration. But on the other hand, you would not expect to see this harsh dictatorship enhanced with the backdrop to give it such angered imagery. I have never seen anything even close to this in a presidential address. Beyond creepy.

Tonight, a perpetually nasty and likely medicated man, demanding respect from a nation he abhors, will rally his 30% and decry the majority in a primetime address. The shouting is scheduled to originate at 8:00pm ET from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Major media stenographers are saying he has been practicing this speech for several days.  There are also rumors he may introduce the latest regime gaslighting term “growth recession,” to discuss the economy.

The majority of the American victims likely will not be watching the protestations of their abuser. However, if you find yourself tuning in to learn just how much he hates you, or if you want to laugh at the insufferable old dolt…

The roadmap to the future aspirations of Democrats in power was made clear in their deployment of the COVID-19 control mechanisms. That power now forms the baseline of the midterm election effort of government ruling the lives of people, forever. All resistance to the effort is ‘domestic terrorism,’ and the state police (FBI) have been instructed to target all opposition with extreme prejudice.

Once again, the passive aggressive Alinsky mindset is on display. In Joe Biden’s America, democracy must be destroyed in order to preserve it. Individualism must be crushed, in order to create the crisis of the all-powerful collectivist state.

A constitutional republic built on the foundation of individual liberty stands directly in the way of the new foundation. The weapons of internal surveillance, DHS, DOJ-NSD, FBI and ODNI are now primed for full deployment against any ‘domestic terrorists’ who would oppose the regime.

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Biden’s set prime time creepy angry. Consequences have consequences …

The Sundance close-out: As the worldview is expressed, opposing Anthony Fauci was considered to be an attack on the very foundation of science itself; and now, opposing Joe Biden is opposing the foundation of a democracy.  A democracy built upon fraud.

You will conform to the new control mechanisms. / You will conform to the lockdowns. / You will conform to the social distancing. / You will conform to the mask wearing. / You will conform to the mandated vaccination. / You will conform to the new energy economy. / You will conform to the new electric vehicles. / You will conform to the new energy equity programs. / You will conform to the new speech guidelines.

You will conform…. Everything about the “new democracy,” the Build Back Better democracy, is based on conformity. Biden’s set prime time creepy angry.

And on that great note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Still our warrior-President Donald John Trump doing his darnedest to fulfill his pledge to save the Constitutional Republic of the United States by MAGA! – KAG! … FREEDOM!