Donald J. Trump forging the battle

Go ahead, make my…

Donald J. Trump forging the battle … In light of the overnight info, yours truly assumes that all kinds of behind the scenes preparations are being made even right now along with creative measures of carrying them out. The Donald J. Trump that I know is not about to disappear from the campaign scene simply because of a little virus or more. Visions of the awesome RNC this past summer keep springing to mind. When life gives you lemons after all, the best thing to do is make lemonade.

Visions of ‘Fireside Chats’ (remember those?) immediately spring to mind. The president after all, can take on the entire progressive juggernaut on his own, while enjoying the full support of his committed base. We already know what he stands for and what the stakes are. Unlike the ’16 election, Donald J. Trump is a completely known quantity this time around and this makes his ability to communicate with his constituency an entirely different affair. What’s important is regular and frequent communication with his base and for that the president doesn’t really need to be on the road to do this.

As a side issue, one thing that this whole virus episode has proven is that our medical community is just as rife with corruption and sedition as our Legal system / Government at all levels. There’s no way this was a coincidence, and anyone with half a brain can see that; just think of how many fake false-positive tests have been flooded into our country from China. Think of how many false results have been published across the country by a medical community which has been corrupted by political bias and Chinese money … C’mon, man!

Donald J. Trump forging the battle … OBO#44 and his mob pitiful, vicious, dishonest…

As yours truly has experienced many many times in my own life, sometimes even when what we are doing is good on the surface, God allows something to stop us or slow us down, to “make us lie down in green pastures”. He knows when we need rest even from doing good things.

Like the proverbial ‘energizer bunny’ Donald J.Trump is amazing in his ability to go, go, go, but he is human after all, and maybe this forced slow down will be what allows him to come back in two weeks refreshed as never before for the last weeks of the campaign. He will do so much from the White House, phone calls, virtual meetings, directing people from the Oval Office and the aforementioned “fireside chats”.

This ‘forced break’ is actually a good thing for both he and the first lady, and as we pray for them God will use it for good. God after all, forever desires our nation to draw back to Him and if this gets more of us praying for the President and Melania, then we are all at the same time worshiping our God with prayer and acclamation!

Heavenly Father, we praise Your Holy Name. We lift up President Trump, the First Lady and all who are close to them. Protect them, heavenly Father, from harm. Bring healing to those that are suffering. Father God, heal our land. We ask that You use this situation for Your glory and Your purposes. And we pray this in Jesus’ mighty Name. Amen and AMEN!

And, you know what? This is something that Donald J. Trump can do better than anybody. Look for slick production quality rivaling The Apprentice. Trump doesn’t need rallies to bury the Biden campaign—Biden’s low voter enthusiasm is doing that for us. Biden can fly all over the country, talking to the dozens who come to see him, and all the while Trump sits in quarantine putting out excellently-produced, hard hitting, Fireside Chats aimed at his loyal base.

Television and media is Trump’s briar patch! I’ll bet the air-time is already being scheduled and purchased.

Donald J. Trump forging the battle…

In closing, anyone remember the campaign ad on YouTube Obamagate, coming this fall? No? Shame. Imagine two weeks; following the science; reduced schedule…

My dream?

President Donald J. Trump is going to spend the next two weeks livestreaming to America, declassifying documents as he goes, and explaining to the American public what happened. I think he and his team realized that now the SSCI is implicated, the press will NEVER participate willingly in the reveal, because it implicates them.

So, now he has a reason to be away.

You think that lion documentary was heavily watched? You don’t think they can’t setup a two-week mini-series called Obamagate, just like they advertised in that YouTube video? He can declassify as he goes.

He said the vaccine would be ready, maybe by the middle of October. Everyone thought he meant the covid-19 vaccine. When he calls it the Invisible Enemy, he isn’t talking about the virus.

The vaccine that he knows will be ready by the middle of October is Truth. Truth will eliminate Fear.

Truth is coming. Faith. God.


And on THAT note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald J. Trump – MAGA! KAG!


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