RIP, put the masks to bed, enjoy life

En Garde in the bunker…

RIP, put the masks to bed, enjoy life. Re-visit mask madness and study what the ‘Science’ really says. Which generally speaking is that Life is full of risk. Herd immunity can’t be reached if we all stay home quivering in fear.

Did anybody for instance, wear a mask back in 2009 (swine flu?) According to Sleepy-Joe-wired-man the other night in the sham ‘debate’ he’s the one who single-handedly defeated the darned dangerous Swine Flu! No one has the right to tell anyone to stay home and not wear a mask, anymore than anyone can tell anyone else that they must wear a mask when going out.

RIP, put the masks to bed, enjoy life.

The conspiracy-theorist in me avows masks make us keep our mouths shut, so we can’t speak out for instance against the Marxist monsters making the insane rules. Additionally, ‘distancing’ keeps us from Trump rallies and thereby making the entire “scamdemic” political – not medical. The next time some bureaucrat, Leftist (but I repeat myself), media type (but I repeat myself again) or public official prattles on about “the science”, We the (63 million) People should respond, “Show us; prove it; or shut the h**ll up.”

RIP, put the masks to bed, enjoy life…

Psychological effects prevail, since witnessing hundreds running around everywhere in these masks give a sense of malaise – a miasmic atmosphere as if we’re all in some nightmarish reality, that somehow, it’s not normal to be doing this. Masks are more than theater. They are a symbol of submission, servitude to some faceless “master” because they are worn in spite of our physical senses as well as our logic and reason that they provide no other function.

“Society” is not staying home. Not everyone can work from home. Functions like banks, hair salons, many service jobs and so on don’t work based on “stay home”. Those are all personal freedom activities, invalidated by wearing masks, not being able to go to certain basic societal functions without masks, and so on.

If you never know who you will infect, then how can you “know” masks prevent it?

Consider what masks are doing to very young (indoctrinate-able) children. Not just in terms of building compliant people, but the sociological effects – how do we know we’re not building sociopaths by screening half the human face with a diaper? The freedom to breathe air normally and fully is a right we must never surrender. Ever.

Jack Kerwick, FrontPageMag: ‘Mask Madness’…

During a recent conversation with a woman, a liberal Democrat with a characteristic animus toward President Trump, our discussion turned to “the Pandemic,” i.e. the Great UnReason of 2020.

Specifically, we spoke about the rise of Mask Empire.

I tried explaining that world renowned scientists—as opposed to career bureaucrats like Anthony Fauci—have demonstrated repeatedly that masks, particularly the kinds of cloth and surgical masks that have become a daily feature of the general public, are ineffective in preventing people from getting infected with COVID-19. Masks can even be dangerous, both vis-à-vis COVID, as well as with respect to the exacerbation of other health issues.

In fact, even some of these bureaucrats have, at one time, conceded the truth of the science behind COVID and masks.

My friend, without missing a beat, dismissed these studies as “outliers,” “biased,” and “right-wing.”

Let the evidence speak for itself. If anyone, with a straight face, can accuse the following researchers, studies, and organizations of the charges that my friend leveled, let them try:

Back in April, during the peak of The Virus, the New England Journal of Medicine—one of the most prestigious of medical journals and one within the pages of which Anthony Fauci and CDC head Robert Redfield themselves published this past spring—said this:

“We know that wearing a mask outside of health care facilities offers little, if any, protection from infection. Focusing on universal masking alone may, paradoxically, lead to more transmission of Covid-19 if it diverts attention from implementing more fundamental infection-control measures….”

Full link below…

RIP, put the masks to bed, enjoy life…

It’s not that masks have been designed to condition the masses. That’s too simple.

In reality, people feel covertly pressured by mask-wearing, inhibited, etc, because they can’t see other people’s faces–and this gives *other* people the reward of being dominant. People who wouldn’t dare push someone around six months ago have *discovered* there is a new situation where they can be Mask Nazis and nasty and suffer no consequences. The situation rewards bad behavior, and we are seeing it. In abundance, no less.

It’s like this: do you think masks work? If yes, then keep on wearing yours; it doesn’t, however, give you the right to require me to wear one.

This is a real social sickness, far more destructive of social trust than anything that yours truly has seen in my lifetime.

RIP, put the masks to bed, enjoy life.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!


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