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Details on Congress sex hush fund .. The deeper you dig among all this Judge Moore controversy the wilder and wilder the details on the whole issue of sexual harassment becomes. Especially as it applies to Congress critters. The Moore theater show has nothing whatsoever to do with morality, decency, sexual abuse or any other virtuous motives. It all has to do with the eternal power struggle that persists within the ever-increasingly corrupt DC establishment.

Judge Moore represents a world view 180 degrees from the accepted norms of the Washington DC swamp. And that is a direct threat to the DC establishment. The details are that simple.

A great example for instance, is this article from Monica Showalter in American Thinker on the topic of Congressional sexual harassment cases being secretly paid off with taxpayer dollars to protect – wait for it – not the victims, but the congressional perpetrators! Details are finally being revealed that during the past 10 years at least $15 million of taxpayer dollars has been doled out to keep sexual harassment victims silent. Thereby leaving the perps to slink off and hide under the cover of Capitol Hill.

From Showalter’s opening paragraphs…

A few days ago, members of Congress vowed to boot Roy Moore out of the Senate for ethical breaches if the Alabama voters dared elect him.

Those are the same members whose Congress, it turns out, shelled out $15 million in sexual harassment claims. That’s a $15-million taxpayer-financed slush fund designed to allow congressmembers to go sex-harassing on their own without penalty. The payouts come from us.  According to NTK:

Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA) informed NBC’s Chuck Todd on Tuesday that $15 million in taxpayer money had been paid out over the years to settle sexual harassment suits filed against members of Congress.

Earlier in the day, Speier testified in front of the House Administration Committee that two members of Congress, a Republican and a Democrat, have engaged in sexual harassment in the past.

Speier confirmed that it is the taxpayers who were on the hook for these miscreants and said she wants changes to be made so that the sex harassers could pay for their own payouts now.  Maybe that will keep her busy instead of just yelling about Trump.

It comes at a mighty curious time – the same time congressional leaders of both parties are intoning piously about expelling Roy Moore if he is elected to the Senate, using a law last invoked against congressional members who supported the Confederacy during the Civil War.

So they’re outraged about Moore’s supposed transgressions but have been comfortable all these years (Speier says it was a decade) with multi-million-dollar sex harassment payouts kept under the table?

It raises questions as to what this is really about. We know that mass hysteria, as described by Victor Davis Hanson and even Masha Gessen, is one part of it. But it’s more than that. Moore ran as an outsider to the GOP establishment, and even President Trump opposed him. That seems to be the real problem for them. The GOP had it in for him for that, and it was enough to trigger this extremist measure to keep him out. As for the Democrats, mass hysteria over the crumbling of Democrat shibboleths such as Harvey Weinstein seems to be fueling the anti-Moore moves.

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Let me digress for a moment and bring you the details of this slush fund, from thread commenter ‘D’rango’, a former lawyer: “There have been TWO-HUNDRED THIRTY-FIVE awards and settlements paid out of that slush fund, according to the congressional Office of Compliance. Think we’ll ever find out who the abusers were? Keep dreaming. The whole place is corrupt.” (DGH aside – three that immediately come to mind are Ted Kennedy, Chris Dodd, and Anthony Weiner!)

“The slush-fund law was put in place in 1995. Senator Grassley sponsored it. One of the driving forces at the time was all the controversies involving the sexual predations of Sen. Robert Packwood, a real sleazebag. The law is called the Congressional Accountability Act and it can be found at 2 U.S.C. 1301, et seq., as amended.”

“I’ve read the entire law (I’m a retired lawyer). It’s truly incredible. The law specifically protects Congress from ANY negative effects of committing sexual harassment. Everything is totally secret. The first step a sexual harassment victim has to go through is 30 DAYS OF COUNSELING.”

“Then they have to go through mediation. They bring the entire force of the government down on these victims, shaming them the entire way, forcing them to keep quiet, forcing them to settle for a pittance of the value they’ve lost as abused human beings. Section 1415 of the slush-fund law is the one that contains details of the funding for the settlements of sexual harassment claims. It says: “… only funds which are appropriated to an account of the Office in the Treasury of the United States for the payment of awards and settlements may be used for the payment of awards and settlements under this chapter. THERE ARE [HEREBY] APPROPRIATED FOR SUCH ACCOUNT SUCH SUMS AS MAY BE NECESSARY TO PAY SUCH AWARDS AND SETTLEMENTS (emphasis added).”[end]

In other words, Congress has written a blank check to themselves to cover whatever is needed to pay sexual harassment victims whatever it takes to shut them up. And the taxpayers get hosed. It’s 100 times worse than the Weinstein contract with his own company that allowed him to commit sexual abuse with impunity. This whole disgusting thing is going to explode, folks. The old axiom says it all – The devil is in the details.

Satanic. Get ready.


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