Democrats enemy of we the people..

En Garde in the bunker…

Democrats enemy of we the people … Mark my words folks, when Trump wins along with “R” majority there will be high level arrests. As there darned well ought to be.

As for the now and immediate, if you are AG Bill Barr you sure as shootin’ better not telegraph anything while keeping your body-language in check. Haven’t you seen what the left is willing to do? Better yet, what haven’t they done/tried is more appropriate.

On the one hand as of right now, if you are Barr you will only be dismissed if we lose. If he dares to bring charges there’s absolutely no boundaries as to what might be done to him and his family. God forbid.

Fact is the lunatic left is like a cornered animal now and in a way so are we. This election season is like none that have come before. Freedom and goodness are equally balanced against tyranny and misery, while domestic war isn’t out of the question either. Hopefully if that happens it becomes brutal and swift as opposed to a long drawn out back and forth dirty conflict. But I digress.

Democrats enemy of we the people…

The idiocy of an 80-year-old Nancy Pelosi and her entire entourage was visibly on display this past 72 hours or so with her specious actions of “do as I say not as I do” with her secret ministrations within the confines of a hair dressing salon that she and her cohorts FORCED to shut down. If that doesn’t reek of a Hitlerian-NAZI-style pogrom then yours truly doesn’t know what is, but We the (63 million) People had better beware and be prepared. The entirety of the rogue Democrats is in on this pogrom!

Unfortunately this is what happens when government systematically excuses away bad behavior while having no clear expectations of the citizenry to show personal initiative and responsibility for their lot in life and the improvement of their situation. Misery and all the negative behavior (violence, drug abuse, etc.) that accompanies it are the predictable result as Pelosi, Schumer, Waters, Feinstein, Biden, Schiff, the Clintons and the rest of the Democrats have so clearly shown time and time again … Remember it was OBO#44 who pronounced it as “the new normal?”

John Perazzo, FrontPageMag: ‘Almost All of America’s Failed Cities are Democrat Cities’…

American political discourse today: the notion that the Democratic Party is the party that fights on behalf of the common man. We are told that Democrats in public office advocate for a wide range of policies that would improve the lives of the poorest and most powerless among us.

With regard to crime, for instance, the Democratic Party Platform declares that we need to: end the “mass incarceration” that allegedly targets nonwhite minorities; “invest more in jobs and education” than in jails; eliminate mandatory minimum sentences; “close private prisons and detention centers”; “eliminat[e] the use of cash bail” because “no one should be imprisoned merely for failing to pay fines or fees”; and “abolish the death penalty, which has proven to be a cruel and unusual form of punishment.”[2]

Regarding economic matters, the official Democratic Party Platform explicitly pledges to promote “shared prosperity” by: “rais[ing] wages for working people,” “ending poverty” in “underserved communities,” and implementing “a comprehensive agenda to invest in America’s cities.”[3]

But in city after city where Democrats already have been in charge politically for an extended period of time, we find exceedingly high—indeed, often colossal—levels of crime and poverty that degrade the quality of life for the people who reside there. And the longer Democrats have dominated the politics of those cities, the worse the conditions tend to be. In short, Democrats have transformed a host of once-great metropolises into urban prisons where the “little guy”particularly the black and Hispanic “little guy” on whose behalf Democrats typically claim to speakhas been grievously harmed by one destructive Democratic policy after another.

The Most Dangerous Cities in America

Full completion link below plus three others…

Democrats enemy of we the people…

The plain fact of the matter is that Democrats have been creating black/brown hellhole cities for decades and their efforts are finally coming home to roost.

The poorest and most uneducated people in the world have been brought to our Sanctuary Cities – on the premise they will have a great future and enjoy our riches and largesse. However – once they get INTO one of these miserable, crime-ridden places they can’t realistically get out. Far too late, the illegal immigrant (mixing with the existing inner city poor) realizes the lies.

The poor are used for all the favorite Democrats businesses – drug dealing, gun sales, prostitution, etc., – but most importantly massive voter fraud. The poor also bring in trillions of Federal Money to “save the cities” – but of course, none of this money reaches the people it’s targeted for – rather it finishes up in the hands of the corrupt teachers’ and other unions, not forgetting politicians with their greedy hands forever waiting to be filled.

It is this Democrats’ mess that President Donald J. Trump was elected to root out and send to the ash heap of history, and finish the job by putting America back on the road to recovery and prosperity not just for the few, but the many.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – warrior-president Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!



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