Democrats’ Child Sacrifices : Roe v Wade Murder Inc.

baby_in_mothers_wombDemocrats’ child sacrifices. No truce, no surrender. Innocent, pre-born lives are at stake here. And so are our very souls if we fail to fight. It has long been a remarkable fact of our society, that the segment of it that is most opposed to capital punishment is most in favor of unlimited abortion on demand. Yet the manufactured “outpouring” of sentiment this week over the supposed cruelty that it took a convicted killer a little while to die pales beneath the staggering magnitude of the mass infanticide that we continue to allow each day. These people are Klingons. There is no reasoning with them, let alone trying to understand them. Their values are warped, forever.

No truce may ever be acceptable if the terms include the slaughter of 3 million children each year. Such a truce would be no more trustworthy than the one received by Neville Chamberlain, and no more acceptable than the July 10th 1940 Armistice creating Vichy France. We shouldn’t be interested in a fiscal alliance that requires ignoring the ongoing holocaust. What good is it if we gain the whole world, yet lose our souls?

The full horror of Democrats’ child sacrifices continues…