Democrat Left profit on baby parts..

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As unimaginable as it is to confront such evil from the Left as is revealed from the headline to this piece, it is more difficult to fathom those who defend and support Planned Parenthood in their outrageous behavior as it relates to sales of baby body parts. One vestige of the Obama pseudo-presidency was his banana republic Department of Injustice headed first by Eric “Goebbels” Holder (the U.S. is still “a nation of cowards on race”) followed by Loretta “Eva Braun” Lynch.

While self-proclaimed “leaders” of the mythical Black community (because, don’tcha know all Black people think alike?) advocate for dead police, dead white people and dead conservatives, they’re quietly carrying out a genocide against their own people, and have been doing so for decades. Almost half of baby pregnancies among Black women end in abortion, compared to 16% among Whites. This is cognitive dissonance at its heart, while I’m personally awaiting the day someone is willing to discuss this aspect of the Democrat Party, which should change its name to the Neo-Molechist Party (For those uneducated, child sacrifice to Molech was/is denounced by God in the Bible).

As gruesome as it sounds in reality, aborted baby parts have become the “junkers” of the human race. Like junkyard cars that are worth nothing to the owner (mother), they can be stripped down and their discrete parts priced way beyond what they are worth to the original complete person. (Yep, sounds sick to me too).

Remember the revulsion most people felt when they ran the expose’ showing the clubbing to death of baby seals years ago? Sad to say but add the word “seal” to “baby” and the Democrat Left would likely defund PP and call for criminal charges.

Protesters outside a Los Angeles clinic…

When you don’t believe in God as a point of default, everything is on the table because there simply isn’t any judgement or accountability coming.

In former (and latter) days Bubba, for instance, can rape at will then go to church with Hillary, carrying a 5-pound weight Bible under his arm in full camera view for the press. Hillary enables his lechery for personal enrichment and glory while denying the truth to the very same camera. Laughing at Ron Brown’s funeral? Well, he had to go. As it was, it will be. Same evil intent.

Has there ever been a time when the Democrat Left has not devalued baby children, be they born or unborn? I can’t think of so much as one. The slaughter of the pre-born is institutionalized by the Left. Obama couldn’t be bothered to vote on anything when he was an Illinois state senator but he sure couldn’t wait when it came to Planned Parenthood. Hefty contributions came from them.

From every war ever incited by the Democrat party that claimed countless victims, to the slavery they fought long and hard to keep from being abolished that surely took its toll, to modern times and the millions of innocents ripped from their mother’s wombs – I ask again; has there ever been a time when the Left has valued children?

When for instance, has the Democrat Left ever fought for the rights of a baby to simply be born; or the child of slaves to be born and live free; or to protect a child from being raised by same-sex couples into the horrors of homosexuality against their will; and exactly where was their compassion for wide-eyed suffering innocence during the years of Jim Crow and the countless innocents whose fathers were strung up in trees? Please tell me. Show me.

Protest outside Planned Parenthood in Tempe, AZ…

The American citizen has spoken and we are horrified by Planned Infanticide and the ghouls who patronize and support it. We have been trying to elect lawmakers to put an end to Planned Infanticide, but it is those lawmakers who have failed us. Time after time after time.

Now we’re beginning to hear of such things as the Left’s involvement in the horrors of “Spirit Cooking” and the atrocities of child pornography, abduction and rape. Doesn’t the Democrat Left realize that such horrors suffered don’t deserve God’s grace? They do however, deserve God’s wrath which in the circumstances, might not be too far off from coming upon us.

And please, remind me again, which party was it that tried to have any references to God removed at its convention?

Fay Voshell uncovers even more in “Baby Skins for Sale: $325” in American Thinker …

Ilse Koch, also known as “The Bitch of Buchenwald,” had a penchant for heavily tattooed human skin. She would search out the finest examples of skin art from among the prisoners at the death camp and have them skinned before they were shoveled into the ovens. Workers at the camp then made the skin into various artifacts. Some say lampshades were made from the most beautiful specimens.

Koch’s hobby would later lead to her downfall during the Nuremberg trials. Witness after witness gave testimony to Koch’s monstrous cruelties, some testifying that she seemed to demonstrate particular joy at sending children to their deaths.

Imprisoned for her crimes, she later committed suicide.

People with tender consciences find themselves revolted by the atrocities committed by Koch and others. The use of human skin for gloves and lampshades is so repulsive and grotesque that some even deny the possibility it actually happened.

Today, such gruesome practices seem long ago and far away. There has even been a cottage growth industry dedicated to denying such atrocities; and indeed, the Holocaust itself.

But Brandon Showalter, reporter for the Christian Post, has exposed another horror story in which babies’ skin is being purchased and used by biotech companies for their purposes.

Continues at American Thinker…


And another “must see” from David Daleiden, Center for Medical Progress and his stunning undercover video