Democrat Mantra, lie, lie, lie again..

Go Ahead, Make …

The looney Left of the big lie is increasingly becoming more and more like Don Quixote, tilting at the windmill that is the Trumpit and his election to POTUS. Like the Don, their efforts become increasingly futile every time they charge the enemy. The Donald is playing the lot of them like a hooked trout, inviting friend and foe alike up to his tower in the sky for a conversation while the media waits in the lobby to see who comes and goes. This presumed voting hack by the Russians is yet another try by the looney Left of the big lie to regain some relevance and somehow diminish Trump’s victory. Like the other attempts, however, it still isn’t working.

The whole idea that the Russians are somehow involved in the big lie is absolutely ridiculous. Just why would Putin want a tough negotiator like the president-elect when he could have had the Clinton creature, who he knows can be easily swayed simply by waving a few million rubles under her nose. This is kind of like a game of “whack-a-mole” on a huge political scale. The Democrats cry foul and demand a recount, which gets whacked down. Then they cry “hacking” and that is getting whacked down as well. Consistently being caught in the big lie.

Mark my words, next up will be electors demanding to be included in intelligence briefings before they choose the next president, although there is absolutely no precedent for that to happen. Then it will have been “three strikes you’re out”. If the DemoMarxists want to win the White House next time, maybe they need to find a candidate who is somewhat more than a screeching liar with no new ideas who floats around encouraging hate and discord; all through the aid of the big lie.

The latest leftist mob-hysteria is infecting Republicans too, like John McCain and Mitch McConnell. It is so absurd and totally unverified based on a “report” from an anonymous source supposedly in the CIA. Sounds like the kind of fake news practiced continually by Hillary Rob’em Clinton and the entire DemoMarxist party and their Big Media lie enablers. If indeed uncovering the lie and treason is the work of the Russians maybe we need more of this brand of interference…

It’s as close as we’ve come to a coup since Watergate, but We The People will get through this I’m confident; Trump has the mettle to do what needs to be done. May men and women of character stand together and support the necessary purge of the big lie. It’s game on.

J. Marsolo from today’s American Thinker…

On December 12, the useless Wisconsin recount  confirmed what we all knew already: Trump won Wisconsin.

On December 9, the Michigan federal court dismissed Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein’s suit for a recount in Michigan.

On December 12, as expected, the federal court in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania dismissed Stein’s suit to order a statewide recount.

Stein had filed suit in federal court after she withdrew her Pennsylvania state court suit because the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court had ordered her to post a one-million-dollar bond.  Stein did not want to spend the money on the bond for what her lawyers knew was a losing case, so she tried in federal court instead.

The best part of Judge Diamond’s opinion was the total rejection of Stein’s “expert witness,” who submitted an affidavit that the voting machines could be hacked because the emails of the DNC and John Podesta had been hacked.  It is obvious that the emails are on the internet, while the Pennsylvania voting machines are not on the internet, so hacking would be impossible.

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