Deep state rattled under Trump eye

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In the entire history of White House occupants, the Clintons for one, and their sham deep state ‘foundations’ were nothing more nor less than scabby prairie drifters, albeit dressed up in shiny togs and toxic smiles. And yet in a brief moment they became the darlings of corruption hidden beneath layers and layers of mutton and pork. Financially-described deep state, that is.

More’s the pity that hundreds if not thousands of more hangers-on drifters were attracted to the svelt yet no more dangerous perpetrators of what slowly but surely became a Trojan Horse on steroids. The moment the two ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ gangsters fled the White House with tons of furnishings in tow, the deep state game was on.

Consider … As of 2012 The UN boasted 193 members, and the U.S. provided economic assistance to 184 of them, or 96% of the countries on the planet.

Pres. Trump as Daniel in the lions den.. Artist James Nesbit

Now that we’ve witnessed the sassy corruption of an out-and-out lying US vice president in Ukraine, the question surely has to focus on how much of the foreign aid to the other 183 countries finds its way back to the deep state DC swamp year after year? Are We the (63 million) People witnessing just the tip of the iceberg? Until the Trump whirlwind approached we were even giving aid to China using money that we borrowed from them with interest. Talk about a scam!

The link available for your perusal below is an old Forbes article from 2012, since it seems to be virtually impossible to find a full current list of countries receiving US aid by doing a search on the ‘net.

Perhaps We the (63 million) People ought to name it the HillaryRob’Em#44 version that perhaps got lost in the bleach bit wipeout of thousands of ‘Rob’Em#44 exchanges!

Fast forward to today of course, and the question of questions becomes ‘who controls foreign policy .. the State Dept or president Trump?’ In other words who determines the amount of foreign aid, who receives it, and more importantly how much is laundered and winds its wobbly way back to corrupted congressmen; Mmmmm?

Wouldn’t We the (63 million) People love to shine the bright light on the identities of the corrupt scabs in our midst?

Jerold Levoritz, American Thinker: ‘Why do so many people view President Trump as a threat?’ …

Is it not surprising that the characters in the anti-Trump camp show excessively high levels of emotionality and poor social judgment as they move along in their attempts to remove a president of the United States?  The more shrieking, fist-shaking, finger-pointing, virtue-signaling, and emotional distress a group of people actively exhibits or poorly suppresses, the more an observer should say to himself, “What’s going on here?  What am I missing?”

Nancy Pelosi refers to Scripture, the Deity, and the Constitution.  Adam Schiff disregards with impunity accepted convention about what constitutes fairness in reaching a judgment about another person.  Joe Biden loses his temper in public.  Jim Comey violates rules regarding the leaking of confidential or even secret communications by engaging directly in the illegal behavior, doing so like an amateur intelligence operative.  John Brennan expresses exceptionally bitter anger with threats about future consequences to President Trump and the country.[-]

[+] … President Trump violates a chief rule for anyone engaged in secretive behavior: the only person you can trust is someone you can control.  President Trump is not such a person.  He does not need money.  He does not need more power than he already has as president.  He cannot be threatened because his response is to kick harder than the kick he is receiving.  He holds annoying values by which he judges others.  Such frankness cannot be permitted in a world of political operatives.  And critically, the most frightening complaint about President Trump is that he is impulsive and says what is on his mind.[-]

[+] … President Trump is viewed as a shark, it behooves those who wish to understand to delve into the doings of each player in this impeachment game who is feverishly cooperating with everyone else.   Anyone who expresses open hatred for Trump exhibits emotionality beyond reasonableness.  Anyone who feels that his personal future is at risk because of President Trump has a lot of secrets.  And in particular, anyone who pays huge sums of money to undermine him as president probably wants to increase his own personal wealth, perhaps at the expense of the average citizen.[-]

[+] … Those under threat have banded together like a silly school of sardines trying to make themselves seem like a massive organism to scare a marauding shark, even while they are being gobbled up.

Because of this analysis, it may be fair to conclude that President Trump is a reliable diagnostic tool for determining who has undisclosed special interests.  It would serve the health of our society to take careful note of these people, raising our level of suspicion of these parties in order to preserve our general well-being.[end]

For all we skeptics, the eternal question remains – How else would the vast majority of deep state Congress critters, their families and friends, become multi-millionaires while in office if not for corruption such as this? Why else would any sane person who is not already a billionaire, spend millions to campaign for a Congressional job that pays at most $200-$300 grand a year?

Not to come across like a conspiracy theorist, but yours truly thinks it more apropos to believe that President Trump has provoked the Administrative State left in place by Rob’EmBlind#44 Shadow Government to break cover. He has outwitted every adversary, and every gambit the wise heads in all three branches of government and the Enemedia could think to throw at him.

Think Daniel in the lion’s den, as per the pic. ‘They’ couldn’t devour Daniel because he was God’s prophet under His protection. We the (63 million) People are witnessing a modern day version of the exact same thing. A whole lotta symbolism to be had in that portrait.

We’ve arrived at the tipping point. They’ve shot their wad. President Trump will write their epitaph.

And on that positive note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President ‘Daniel-in-the-Lions-Den’ Donald J. Trump – MAGA! KAG!


Forbes: USA Financial Aid to 96 countries

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One thought on “Deep state rattled under Trump eye

  1. ” ‘They’ couldn’t devour Daniel because he was God’s prophet under His protection.” Protection indeed. The old Roman phrase “VOX POPVLI VOX DEI” The voice of the people is the voice of God? They were referring to the Polling booth. Our votes for the President and votes for “un-RINO” GOP Senators is the only voice of GOD available for Trump at this point. Our repentance for our lack of Civil activity and responsiblity, is becoming our undoing.

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