Deeds, not words, the best defense..

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Deeds, not words, are always the best defense. Al Gore and his gang of global warmist / glacier meltists have been pounding us for decades inveighing we clueless plebs into panic-stricken catharsis about the rising sea levels, when lo and behold, we failed to notice the Washington D.C. Potomac swamp becoming infinite. Or perhaps not quite infinite. Merely inconvenient.

On the other hand, some would counter that when you can’t count all the corruption, and the bureaucracy is bloated beyond measure, then you must go with the infinite swamp. If you are merely inconvenienced, welcome to happy land. Deeds, not words.

Maybe ‘bottomless’ is a better word for the swamp; if you clear out the big gators without drying up the swamp you just make more room for the little gators to grow. As long as the government has the Federal Reserve printing fake money to throw at the swamp, and they continue to steal the rest from the productive, or sell favors to foreign “investors”, then there’s not much hope. The right kind of deeds on the other hand, offer much hope.

Just as a fish doesn’t know it’s wet because it lives in the water, establishment types can’t know the depths of their own corruption because they live in the corrosive political swamp.

We’re only six months in and while President Trump probably didn’t fully comprehend the scope of what he was up against, I’m convinced now more than ever that the only individual who could have defeated the billion-dollar Clinton machine was Trump; the only individual who could have taken on the entirety of the propagandist media and beaten them is Trump; and the only individual who could expose and intimidate the slimy occupants of the Washington swamp is Trump. As he has illustrated throughout his illustrious multi-talented career, deeds, not words, are always the best defense.

My hope remains that not a single entrenched politician, staffer, federal bureaucratic employee, contractor, consultant, lobbyist, pundit, or journalist is safe when Trump is around. He is EXACTLY the caliber of outsider they have feared their entire miserable lives and they won’t let go of their grip around the American peoples’ necks without a 12-round fight.

Who would have thought – Donald J. Trump the Liberator. But again – Deeds, not words.

I pray this excellent summary coming up from Bruce Thornton in FrontPageMagazine gets into the hands of Trump or his offspring who then pressure him to act. Trump received more votes for promising to drain the swamp than for all other promises, including MAGA. No progress is possible while our enemies are in our basements and under our beds.

Donald Trump campaigned on the promise to “drain the swamp” ––the D.C. establishment made up of most Congressmen from both parties, employees of executive agencies and bureaus, the political appointees who head up those agencies, and the hordes of lobbyists, fundraisers, Congressional staffers, “consultants,” “journalists,” and pundits. These are the “Beltway insiders” or the “political establishment” whose natural habitat is the swamp. These are the alligators Trump needs to get rid of.

Of course, many of these D.C. denizens of the establishment are permanent dwellers in the swamp, beyond the reach of the president or even Congress. Besides, monitoring Congressmen should be the business of their constituents, who should hold them accountable. But too often voters like the pork their alligators bring back to their states or districts. As for pundits, consultants, lobbyists, fundraisers, and journos, they are employees of private businesses, with the right of political free speech and association. Keeping them in line is the responsibility of citizens trading in the market-place of ideas, and imposing ballot-box accountability to punish the office-holders corrupted by these parasites.

Then there are 2.1 million federal employees. They manage the federal government’s agencies, execute the laws that they, not Congressmen, actually write, and judge whether the rest of us comply––collapsing together and usurping the separation of powers central to our Constitutional order. And they do so without any accountability to the voters who pay their handsome salaries and Cadillac benefits (85% higher in value than private employees’). They are, no surprise, stalwart supporters of big-government Democrats, to whom this last election they gave 95% of their political donations. And don’t forget the 3.7 million federal contract-workers who also do the federal Leviathan’s bidding.

The den of thieves and corruption, swamp dwellers indeed .. The tri-headed monster of deceit..

Trump has done yeoman’s work with pitiful support. Draining the swamp is a years-long process in which dozens of Republican Congresscritters will have to be run out of office. Barring war or economic collapse, it’s hard to imagine major changes when the GOP is in large part openly against its party’s president. McCain is the perfect personification of “the fish rots from the head”.

And another thing as I send you to the completion of Bruce Thornton’s excellent piece … instead of Mueller and his underlings spending millions on a scofflaw Russian rabbit hunt that has absolutely no “there, there”, I would be ecstatic to see the president give Mueller new marching orders, something along the lines of:


  • INVESTIGATE the Seth Rich murder;
  • INVESTIGATE Fast and Furious;
  • INVESTIGATE Benghazi;
  • INVESTIGATE the IRS Targeting Scandal;
  • INVESTIGATE the Clinton E-Mails Scandal;
  • INVESTIGATE the Clinton Pay for Play Foundation;
  • INVESTIGATE the Clinton-RUSSIAN Uranium Deal;
  • INVESTIGATE the entire GPS Fusion matter.
  • INVESTIGATE Wasserman-Schultz and the Awan clan for their possible criminal
    actions during the last campaign and primary season:
  • INVESTIGATE the Obama Surveillance of the Trump Campaign;
  • INVESTIGATE Obama-Inspired Leaks, Unmasking of Trump Officials to destroy his presidency;
  • INVESTIGATE the Hillary Campaign’s Collusion with Ukrainian Officials;
  • INVESTIGATE Comey’s intention leaking memos to the press to prompt a special counsel:
  • INVESTIGATE Loretta Lynch who stopped Comey from launching full blown investigation into the Clinton E -Mails.


Deeds, not words, are always the best defense.

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