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Life as a consequential president. What must it be like? Well, let me get this straight. Hillary Clinton profits by a hundred million dollars and destroys 30,000 emails and numerous pieces of electronic hardware to hide her tracks, but tells Comey that she didn’t know she was doing anything wrong, and Comey gushes all over her and says, “Nothing to see here.”

Meanwhile, consequential President Trump says “I hope you can see your way clear…” and Comey wets his underwear, he’s so convinced that this is evidence of a crime. Time to call out the big guns. Time to destroy a duly elected consequential president.

What Comey, Mueller, and their cohorts are doing will have a consequential and devastating affect on the reputation of the FBI for decades to come. And don’t get me started on Seth Rich. As I have opined in several recent posts, some people murdered him, and these people are looking the other way because it would weaken their case as they try to destroy the current American presidency. And all so they can end our consequential sovereignty over our borders and help preserve the trillion-dollar taxpayer boondoggle known as the Swamp on the Potomac.

What has become painfully obvious in the past week or so is that the Big Media MSM, the DemoMarxists, and the Never Trumpers don’t hate President Trump as much as they hate US, the reprobate deplorables who elected him.

Kurt Schlichter, himself once a virulent anti-Trumper wrote a piece in Townhall the other day titled “Democrats don’t actually believe in democracy” (see link at bottom) where he warned the DemoMarxists that they really are flirting with disaster in their attempts to remove a duly elected president Donald Trump.

He should have also addressed this warning to the GOPe and the entrenched criminals in the Washington District of Corruption when he warned “Donald Trump is not OUR last chance, he’s YOUR last chance.”

I couldn’t agree more. It’s been said that there are three boxes available in a democracy, the soap box, the ballot box and the ammo box. We’ve exhausted the first two. If they remove the president we freely and fairly elected we’ll have no choice but to use the third.

As J. Marsolo expressed it in American Thinker…

Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton met at an airport tarmac days before the FBI interviewed Hillary, not under oath, about her use of a private unsecured email server, and her destruction of over 30,000 emails. After the interview, Comey announced that Hillary was extremely negligent but absolved her of any criminal intent. Hillary told us the deleted emails were about yoga and Chelsea’s wedding plans. Lynch and Bubba said they talked about golf, grandkids, and Bill’s travels.

According to NPR:

“Lynch told reporters that the impromptu conversation on her government aircraft in Phoenix on Monday centered on social issues, from talk of grandchildren and Clinton’s golf game to their recent travels. Nothing came up, the attorney general said, about any ongoing Justice Department investigation.”

Once upon a time, the FBI fought organized crime, now the FBI IS organized crime. ‘Fidelity Bravery Integrity’: they are willing and able to dedicate untold resources and the director’s personal attention to a bizarre dossier they knew was fake from the start.

Obama, Mueller, Brennan, Clapper, Comey with their layers of criminals totally corrupted the entire Federal government, including FBI and DOJ. They are no more, nor less, than Organized Crime, a D.C. version of the Mafia being lead by Republicans, hiding behind DemoMarxists. Just like the dossier handed over to Comey by McCain.


On March 15, 2017Judicial Watch sued the Justice Department to obtain records about the meeting. It requested:

“– All records of communication sent to or from officials in the Office of the Attorney General regarding the meeting held between Attorney General Loretta Lynch and former President Bill Clinton in June 2016.

— All records of communication sent to or from officials in the Office of the Deputy Attorney General regarding the meeting held between Attorney General Loretta Lynch and former President Bill Clinton in June 2016.

— All references to the meeting held between Attorney General Loretta Lynch and former President Bill Clinton contained in day planners, calendars and schedules in the Office of the Attorney General.”

I, like many others, suspect the whole consequential Mueller Affair is nothing more (nor less) than an attempt by the Deep State to come up with leverage on Trump; good luck on that. Donald Trump has been under a microscope for decades (you think people just now started to hate/fear him?)

And as for the DOJ being under any President’s control? They, like the State Department before them, have become a separate power broker in D.C. who pretty much do as they wish.

Way past time to deal with these problems. Which is why we have a very consequential president in office.

Elected by a majority of We the People!


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