Debating Hillary On All The Facts…

Go Ahead, Make ...

Go Ahead, Make …

Nigel Farage, who has rattled so many mainstream politicians in the UK and European Parliament, is on board advising Donald Trump on debating Hillary strategy and tactics for the next couple of circuses, which if so, and Trump pays attention, would be an absolute hoot. Farage is an awesome flamethrower who is difficult to counter, as posh school boy Nick Clegg [liberal left] found out when he was incinerated live on BBC TV a couple of years back. And just a few months ago on the eve of ‘Brexit’, the other posh conman, David Cameron [bogus conservative] ran away refusing a face to face debate with Farage.

Enter one of our favorite commenters with his own brand of Firewall, one Bill Whittle who, many would venture, would make a daring flamethrower of a politician himself, were he not so successful in commenting from the sidelines. In this latest six-part episode, Bill tackles the economy and five other issues, in a style that would put paid to debating Hillary in a heartbeat…

I love the notion of “incinerated”, picturing Clinton, the ailing patient, hit by a Nigel Farage-style flame ball of an argument emanating from Trump, she gasping for air and hiccuping till the end of the debate. Her head will start rotating, then explode if Trump hits her with enough truth about her scandals, especially if the crowd begins to get into enjoying it.

No amount of money, no number of celebrities, no number of lies, no number of television networks, newspapers, no number of Obama administration departments are going to make Hillary Clinton appear honest, likeable or competent.

The conundrum for Hillary (and Bill, for that matter) is that she could win handily if only she could convince the voters that she isn’t herself. Fortunately for America, Hillary’s malignant personality emanates an evil that radiates through her every disguise like glowing, lethal gamma rays. No amount of make-up, paint, plaster, or lead-lined pantsuits can enshroud her maleficence.

Hillary is so radioactive that even endorsing her is life threatening, at least politically, and maybe biologically. It hasn’t helped Sanders’ popularity any and Obama risks losing his mojo if he keeps trying to breathe life into the old witch.

Hillary is irredeemably repugnant. Too many people have seen the portrait of Hillary gray emanating from her stumbles, her shakings, her numerous medical problems, and of course, her coughing fits.

She is dishonest, crooked, unlikeable, hypocritical, corrupt and nothing anybody says or does can change that.

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