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Go ahead, make my..

It was Thomas Edison who altruistically proposed: ‘Five percent of the people think; ten percent of the people think they think; and the other eighty-five percent would rather die than think’.

There. Dead men tell no tales.

In one profound sentence I give you the outcome of last night’s dead on arrival DemoMarxoCrat power-outage debate of a non-debate. By the time we get finished with Daniel Greenfield’s brilliant summation in FrontPageMag you’ll all be rolling on the floor laughing hysterically.

Honest dead injun’ (whoops, are we allowed to say that anymore?). My bad. Sorry Pocahontas.

As an intro, and a flavor of what’s to come, here’s a wonderful lift off the comment thread from ‘retired22’ which goes: ‘With total suffrage we have Social Democracy as they have in Europe; in other words, a fancy name for ‘Mob Rule’.

If 85% fear to think, that means that the bottom 1/3 of that 85% have brains made out of wood. This bottom of the voting public, knowing nothing worth something, are capable of believing anything and can swing an election to whoever can better manipulate their stupidity. Since the whole affair sounds like it was reminiscent of a Marx Bros. movie, say ‘At the Circus’, it’s too bad the winner of the mass-turbate didn’t get to imitate Groucho and give us a rendition of ‘Lydia the Tattooed Lady’. Brilliant.

Beer-swilling multi-millionaire Pocahontas move over!

Mind-boggling to think how any of these p*ssies would fare against Putin or the Chinese, Iranians, Koreans, Japanese, the Brits, let alone some three or four two-bit multi-billionaire Arab rulers. Wipeout!

Half of America screwed yet again watching a ship of fools offering simplistic, nonsensical solutions to serious problems with rhetoric appealing to the lowest of the low information voters. Who still by the way, remained low information voters upon leaving the building.

On then, to Daniel Greenfield, FrontPageMag and ‘Debate of the Losers’ …

On a sweltering night in Miami’s Arsht Center for the Performing Arts, a 90-year-old building slightly older than Joe Biden, 9 candidates with no shot at anything and the tenth, the first fake Native American candidate, gathered to humiliate and be humiliated on national television.

On a set designed to look like a cardboard cutout White House, 10 cardboard cutouts of candidates, hoping to sit in the real White House, frantically searched for their 15 seconds of fame, while ignoring moderator questions and going over time.

All the millionaire candidates agreed that the economy wasn’t working for ordinary Americans like the ones they see on TV.

The speeches about the misery suffered by ordinary Americans in a booming economy at the hands of giant evil corporations fell flat to a base in which a third of Democrat primary voters earn over $100,000.

“Who is this economy working for?” Elizabeth Warren asked, doing a hand hatchet chop in a tribute to her imaginary Native American heritage while claiming that it was just working for those at the top.

Like her.

Not only was Warren wealthier than most of the other candidates on stage, but she was called on three times as often.

As part of their commitment to redistribution, the socialist candidates redistributed each other’s time. But, despite their supposed commitment to redistribution, they resisted speaking time socialism.

This was supposed to be a debate and the moderators did try to ask occasionally challenging questions, while the candidates courageously evaded and avoided them and instead delivered prepared speeches attacking Trump and insisting that the economy wasn’t working for most people who weren’t as rich as them.

Instead of going after Warren, the field of starving losers went after the weakest member of the herd who still had a few percentage points to his fake name. Bill de Blasio and Julian Castro jumped on Beto O’Rourke, like starving hyenas pouncing on a midget gazelle, in an orgy of blood and talking points.

Despite O’Rourke’s Kennedyesque buck teeth, he went down like a marshmallow.

Must, must, read to completion link down below…

Quoting Sir Joshua Reynolds (English portrait painter) before him, Thomas Edison also said, ‘There is no expedient to which a man will not go to avoid the real labor of thinking.’

Which leads me into my own make-believe take into the never-never-land of the doomed Dead Dem comedy central, and the ever-imploring Marxist cry from the scrabble of last night’s DemoMarxoCrat deplorables (with yet another extemporaneous bunch to debut this evening) expecting their elevation to wreckers of the greatest nation on the planet. Yells of ‘I’m the biggest socialist! No, I’m the biggest socialist!! Well, I hate Donald Trump the most! No, I hate Donald Trump even more than you do!! Well, I’m really upset about climate change! Oh yeah? Yo hablo espanol !!!’

As Groucho Marx would have said had he been there, ‘Those are my principles, and if you don’t like them – Well, I have others’.

The Great Miami Horror Show. If Americans put any one of these idiots into the White House then they deserve what will come next. And what comes next is the forced conversion from a republic to Communist state. All the morons who believe that Bernie’s ‘democratic socialism’ will be their savior will soon find out the dead to rights hard truth.

Daniel on closing: ‘Elizabeth Warren delivered all her remarks in the hysterical pitch of a paranoid schizophrenic grandma demanding to know why all the songs on the radio are telling her to kill her parrot. That included a call to take away everyone’s health insurance and replace it with filmstrips of Karl Marx lifting weights.’

Daniel, you’re the best writer on the Web.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald J. Trump – MAGA!


Daniel Greenfield: Debate of the Losers

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