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A daily reminder why Trump won big was glaringly revealed as the Schiff charade limped to its inglorious and well-deserved end (which outlandishly included a so-called ‘victory party’ in a DC watering-hole!) while the balanced truth of Lady Justice began to make its entrance however slightly, into the withered minds of the incompetent.

In an episode that once again demonstrates that the 4th branch of government (the permanent and deep bureaucracy) will prove to be the death of the Republic unless completely torn apart, none other than the so-called punditry-class arose assiduously from the depths of notoriety to not only agree wholeheartedly with the contemptuous manner in which the three-ring circus court was conducted, but actually fanned the flames in their own outdated, outlandish, ‘the sky is falling’ manner of indoctrination. A daily reminder indeed.

Take for instance, the typical elitist conservative-in-name-only commentariat (eg, Peggy Noonan for one). Not of a mind to unravel the true nature of their target(s), they kind of float on enthrallingly bi-partisan ties, caught up more in what they perceive as ‘classy’ gentlemen or women than pound them philosophically and win the debate. By their very nature they generally despise We the People (the great unwashed) and believe we should be governed and educated by so-called experts like themselves who haven’t a clue on just who we are and what we believe. On many things.

They pontificate and produce articles in efforts to show how intelligent they are, yet are hardly ever successful in implementing a conservative agenda. They would rather have a phony president like Dem #44 who they mindlessly perceive as ‘classy’ even as he fundamentally destroys the nation with a ham-fisted progressive agenda that they supposedly oppose.

Within their convoluted minds, having a ‘boorish’ guy around like president Trump is de rigueur, albeit he being the one who actually gets things accomplished; implements a conservative agenda for the most part; and is doing his darnedest to save the republic, using our enormous economic leverage against our enemies rather than sending our boys and girls downrange to interfere in everyone else’s ‘bidness’. A daily reminder if ever there was one.

Yours truly for one, is still absolutely stunned at the waste and graft of 20-year-plus wars and the idiotic ‘ruling class’ that fomented that waste. The same arrogance and idiocy that has been on display the last two weeks in the non-impeachment impeachment ‘hearings’ of illusion, delusion, presumption and outright BS.

Our governmentally-developed swamp-dwelling deep state executive service officers from the top down are presently our greatest embarrassment. Bar none. Yet another daily reminder of who’s who, what’s what, and when’s when.

Bruce Thornton, FrontPageMag, ‘Peggy Noonan reminds us Why Trump Won’…

Three years after outsider Donald Trump blew up the political world with his implausible victory over the consummate insider, Hillary Clinton, many establishment Republicans still don’t get it. From their elite cocoon, they continue to indulge the hauteur that put off ordinary voters who had grown tired of a fossilized political class that serially ignored their interests, and seemed more concerned with their own insider perks and privilege, rather than in repairing the damage that decades of bipartisan progressive technocracy had inflicted on the Constitutional order.

The grande dame of the disgruntled NeverTrump Republicans has been the Wall Street Journal’s Peggy Noonan, whose columns on Trump usually sound like a mash-up of the prescriptions of Emily Post and a snobbery redolent of Lady Violet Crawley from Downton Abbey.

Noonan’s latest is an attack on the Republicans’ behavior during the House impeachment hearings, coupled with a scolding of the anonymous author of the anti-Trump book A Warning. We should credit her takedown of “anonymous” as “self-valorous and creepy.”

But her comments about the Republicans reveal the underlying grounds for NeverTrump hatred: the resentment against those who don’t accept the progressive assumptions that politics is the business of a self-proclaimed guild possessing knowledge, techniques, and professional manners and decorum that the voting masses don’t have.[-]

[+] … Noonan’s focus on her subjective disapproval of the Republicans’ unmannerly response to what is in effect an illiberal political show trial, replete with secret hearings, leaks to the press, and pre-coaching of witnesses, ignores the substantive consistency of the Democrats’ despicable and desperate attempts to invalidate the results of an election and disenfranchise 63 million American voters.

Full revelation in link below…

So keep it up, NeverTrumpers. All you accomplish is reminding voters why they voted for Donald Trump in the first place. – Mmmmm – I believe that was from Ann Coulter one time.

We have ensconced diplomats because, once upon a time in the West, it was a long, slow and arduous journey from London to Paris and months across the Atlantic to the United States, so they had to be very capable back then; until that is, they were completely outmoded by the telegraph, telephone, and other modes of contact.

Odd footnote by my current reasoning, each year’s crop of overseas trained specialists will make 57 times as many pro Arabists as Israeli specialists because there are so many Islamic countries. Thereby placing the current State Department on an inevitable drift away from the views of the American public. Numbers don’t lie.

Career diplomats of the present day are mere overpaid, over-credentialed chair warmers. In short, Noonan and her ilk are elitist useful idiots. Quislings. Losers. Too stupid or more eager to get invited to the ‘right’ parties to understand.

A daily reminder on why Trump won big!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – We the People’s president Donald J. Trump – MAGA! KAG!


Full link, Bruce Thornton: Peggy Noonan Reminds us Why Trump Won

Also David Catron, American Spectator: Trump v The Mindless Resistance

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