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Bill Barr time has arrived. Cast your mind back to the DemoMarxocrat convention in Charlotte, 2012, when they booed as God was reintroduced into their party’s platform. This gave the rest of us (described by Dem #44 as people who cling to their religion, guns and bibles) a solid definition of who they really were and are. Societies that don’t tolerate religious liberties have already been built, tried and failed (the Soviet Union being one, Argentina, etc etc).

The current vehemence of the attack on Bill Barr shows that the DemoMarxocrats still cling to failed illusions; religious liberty as their primary enemy. Had they been confident in their worldview, they would’ve simply argued that we’re wrongheaded in our beliefs but their superior understanding would win out over time.

One might even call them bitter clingers… As mentioned numerous times in these columns, the leftist DemoMarxocrats have been attempting for years to morph the structure of the USA into more of a European-style government where shadowy bureaucrats create the legislation with courts deciding any outcomes. Definitely no place in there for a constitutional republic.

Cast your mind back for instance to last week when we saw the reaction of the American-Ukraine bureaucrats to Trump taking control of policy. The DemoMarxocrats hunger for a world government conforming to the UN and EU parliaments which is why they are so gung-ho to push forward on the neutering of the president.

Enter the current fray principled men and women (a rare breed in Washington D.C.) such as AG Bill Barr, constitutionalists who believe in the rule of law. One would certainly hope in the current political climate, the man has bodyguards and food tasters 24/7. The Deep State’s god after all, is Mammon and they will do anything to keep their power and position intact.

Jeffery Epstein danced the devil’s tryst with them and was murdered (sorry – ‘committed suicide’) when he was caught. Those who sought to unmask them like Seth Rich were killed unceremoniously in a phony robbery. Bill Barr and his people should be carefully guarded, since they are walking next to the third rail of money and power in Washington.

If a street thug will murder you for $20.00, imagine what a ‘connected’ politician or federal bureaucrat about to be found out would do. Then there’s HillaryRob’Em and her Arkancide pejorative. Ouch!

Janice Shaw Crouse and her piece in today’s American Thinker: ‘AG Bill Barr Stands athwart History’…

Shakespeare made famous the phrase “There is a tide in the affairs of men” (“Julius Caesar,” Act IV, Scene III), that acknowledges that certain situations gain momentum and become ripe for influencing the future, determining fate.  Certainly, we are living in such a time — momentous, unprecedented events are happening that will affect the direction of our nation for the foreseeable future.

After all the Sturm und Drang of the impeachment efforts of the Resistance that have divided the country for the last three years, Attorney General William Barr recently gave two speeches that were rhetorical masterpieces.  The speeches could not have been given at a more critical juncture in the unfolding crisis, nor could the carefully researched and expertly developed arguments have been more needed, more appropriate.  The content of the two speeches form a solid basis of a case against the Resistance.

The passion and the masterful rhetoric of the speeches give them the potential for Barr to stand athwart history and determine the direction of the nation for the future.

[+] … Responses from both sides of the political divide show that Barr hit a raw nerve.  The Left is deeply worried.  Barr has a sterling reputation with unquestioned credibility.  He earned that reputation for honesty and integrity over years of public service, and he made it clear that he wasn’t least concerned about personal attacks from the Left in this “crazy hyper-partisan period of time.”[-]

[+] … Taken together, Barr’s compelling addresses — the Notre Dame and the Federalist Society speeches — establish that statesmen remain who have the courage to stand for the truth and are willing to fight the powers of darkness.[-]

[+] … Further, Barr gives us hope that the public will recognize that the high-level bad actors in the Deep State will be rooted out and be subjected to the reach of the long arm of the law.  Most importantly, he restores our hope that the U.S. can, once again, be that “City on a Hill” that provides light and inspiration to all.

Having raised our hopes with these speeches, Attorney General Barr, please follow through with decisive action.  Oh, please, Sir, don’t stop short and let us down.[end]

Full piece in link below…

“Having raised our hopes with these speeches, Attorney General Bill Barr, please follow through with decisive action. Oh, please, Sir, don’t stop short and let us down.”

The best lines in the article, as they acknowledge what most of us here understand: the time for stirring speeches has ended; now is the time for decisive action. Trump Derangement Syndrome has become official DemoMarxocrat party policy. But it looks like events might be conspiring to leave them looking like fools in any event.

So much depends on Horowitz, Barr and Durham. Possibly the most interesting political times some of us have ever seen.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald J. Trump – MAGA! KAG!


Janice Shaw Crouse, American Thinker: AG Bill Barr Stands athwart History

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