Curtain needs to fall on village idiot

Go ahead, make my..

In case you hadn’t noticed, the village idiot has been roaming away from the plantation specifically because he hates half of Americans and all of America’s constitution. And that was before he was addled by dementia. There appears to be however, no practical nor constitutional way to remove him, so we can only hope that he doesn’t pull the whole damned thing down. Stolen elections after all, have consequences.

This, my fellow patriots, is the mess dementia-Joe has got us into, the full irony being that he ran for president as a man who could bring experience, maturity, and sound judgment back into the White House. Instead, he’s been modeling just the kind of loose talk and sloppy execution of diplomacy and strategy that historically engenders misunderstandings, war, epic tragedy, and complete and total destruction!

What on God’s green earth have we come to that in a world on the brink of unimaginable ruin, we’re led by an ugly, aged -out corrupt clown with the gravitas of a six year old writing on the wall with crayons? Anybody that actually wasted votes or even stolen votes for this fool-tool should forever lose their right to vote.

Curtain needs to fall on village idiot who stares vacantly while picking his teeth…

Thanks to village-idiot’s loose mouth and unengaged brain, neither Putin nor anyone else for that matter will ever sit down with him around a negotiating table on the subject of Ukraine, bilateral commissions or anything else. LGB has more than a 50-year track record as a failure in foreign, domestic, and national security policy arenas. Every single day now, he adds new and potential crises to his list of ignoble accomplishments. The world, and especially the U.S., is much better off without him.

Not to wane (or whine) too dramatically, but now that dementia-Joe, once our most “popular” president by “vote,” has now lost the support of the American people, responsible members of the demoMarxocrat Party, for the good of the country, must ask LGB to resign, albeit our long national nightmare is really only beginning. Consider the “other matter” for instance, having to demand that our first being-that-can’t-be-defined president be affirmatively-acted into a new position as well. Holy Cow, folks!

We’ve all been plunked face-down, into a vast vat of Egg-drop soup without chopsticks. Our first “Citizen of the World president” taught us well that “Elections have consequences” – to which the opposite have become phony “elections” with nightmarish consequences. We need to rid ourselves of this dangerously incompetent buffoon. NOW!

Nicholas L. Waddy, American Greatness: ‘Biden is Unfit to Lead in This Perilous Moment’ …

Joe Biden has been modeling just the kind of loose talk and sloppy execution of diplomacy and strategy that, historically, engenders misunderstandings, war, and epic tragedy.

By no means are Americans in agreement about the degree to which we should support Ukraine in its conflict with Russia. Some believe we should stay well out of it, while others favor much more robust assistance to the Ukrainian people. A growing and vocal minority believes that the time has come to intervene directly in the conflict, despite the inherent risk of World War III, up to and including nuclear war.

We can hope, however, that there is one thing Americans and people throughout the West can agree on: Now is the time to consider our actions and words extremely carefully; to make thoughtful, rational choices; and to articulate our goals with absolute precision. After all, a Russian misreading of our intentions could produce direct confrontation between Russian and American forces which, at this stage, is an outcome most sensible people are still eager to avoid.

Unfortunately, Joe Biden occupies the White House. His recent European tour yielded a litany of rhetorical blunders any one of which, by itself, could destabilize U.S.-Russian relations, could produce unintended and undesirable escalation by the Russians, or could simply exasperate our allies, thus damaging the unity of NATO as it faces down Russian aggression.

First, Biden declared that if the Russians used chemical weapons in Ukraine we would respond “in kind.” U.S. officials had to walk back that statement, since, of course, the United States (theoretically) has no chemical weapons, and we would be prohibited by international law from ever using them even if we did. [-]

[+] … Finally, Biden declared in a fiery speech that Russian President Putin “cannot remain in power.” The Russians, and many in the West, took this as a direct call for regime change, which, once again, is in direct contradiction of U.S. policy which does not seek to alter Russia’s government or infringe on its sovereignty, but only to dissuade it from current and future aggression.

Biden, of course, has a well-known history of making gaffes and blunders. Presumably, therefore, many world leaders, including those in Russia, are inclined to shrug off these clumsy remarks as the ravings of a buffoon, whose mental acuity is simply way overtaxed by the demands of the presidency. At least, this is the best-case scenario. [-]

[+] … This, then, is the mess Joe Biden has gotten us into. The irony is that he ran for president as a man who could bring experience, maturity, and sound judgment back into the White House. Instead, he has been modeling just the kind of loose talk and sloppy execution of diplomacy and strategy that, historically, engenders misunderstandings, war, and epic tragedy.

Sadly, it’s too late to change presidents in the midst of this terrible crisis. It may not be too late, however, to ask Joe Biden politely to go back to his basement where he belongs—and where he’s unlikely, or at least less likely, to get us all killed. [end]

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Curtain needs to fall on village idiot. Consequences have consequences…

Conceive if you will of these United States years ago unofficially having begun an economic and political war against Russia that now wobbles at the precipice of a nuclear war ostensibly led by a psychotically demented septuagenarian as Commander-in-Chief. His replacement? A dim-witted, ideologically twisted female with an impulsive, hideous laugh broadcast whenever she appears to feel anxiety. Her replacement? A corrupt, deceitful, ideologically twisted, female octogenarian and professional politician.

On a positive note, if any can be found, NATO is currently united around a strategy that involves redeploying some NATO forces eastward, but not into Ukraine; sending Ukraine weapons of moderate effectiveness, but not other weapons which might provoke Russia; and imposing sanctions on Russia, but not energy-related sanctions that could damage Europe’s economy. NATO is doing everything it can to defeat Russia short of actually defeating it. Curtain needs to fall on village idiot.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump doing everything he can to keep the Constitutional Republic of the United States in battling existence and up and running – MAGA! – KAG!