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When coming to grips with a vast conspiracy and the depth of criminal activity and corruption within the halls of Congress, what we all need to understand is that you can probably find someone in your own town that would do almost anything for $500. Then understand the Federal government controls $4,000,000,000,000.00 each and every year and you will quickly come to the conclusion (sooner rather than later) that that kind of power is unfathomable and needs divesting before it inevitably sinks into conspiracy.

Consider for instance, that miserly $2 billion dollars that Hillary Clinton ‘misplaced somewhere’ while Secretary of State and it gives you some idea of how easy some of this conspiracy subterfuge is in being well hidden from view. Albeit that Obama was almost in the clear from a conspiracy allegation when somehow somebody got a shot at all that real cash money stashed on pallets being loaded on to an unidentified plane to Iran. To this day nobody really knows the extent to which all those tattered bank notes were either real or had been removed from circulation. Of such is corruption supported.

James Comey the Establishment’s true Pajama Boy…

Talking about which, as a non-political coup the just-ended Russia/Trump Conspiracy was a remarkably inept one. In earlier days there would have been a parade of Congressional “witnesses” lying under “Oath” for immunity in their “Testimony”, that President Trump committed “Crimes” and “atrocities” upon the American Public limited only by the imagination of the Establishment.

What was surprising is former FBI Director Comey was so incompetent in his role as the Establishment’s weasel.

His July 2016 “exoneration” of Hillary Clinton in the so-called ‘Email Scandal’ was the worst performance of an Establishment stooge in living memory, while his role as the Establishment’s ‘hit man’ in the Russia/Trump Conspiracy was even worse.

To give them their due, the Washington Establishment used to be better at “Show Trials” than their recent performances would attest to.

Thomas Lifson in today’s American Thinker…

American democracy has been corrupted, and if not cured, the disease will be fatal.  There is no other conclusion to be drawn when the public is deceived  on the scale that was revealed (but ignored) by James Comey.  The stunning truth is that the American political and media establishment allowed a phony story – that they knew was phony — to dominate our political discourse for months. When James Comey testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee last week, he revealed that he had informed many important Congressional leaders that there was no investigation of President Trump and the Russians underway, even as MSNBC, CNN, The New York Times, and the Washington Post daily carried stories alluding to an imaginary investigation.

None of these informed leaders spoke out! They allowed a make-believe tale intended to harm the legitimacy and therefore political power of President Trump to dominate mindshare in the nation’s collective political conversation.

Sundance of Conservative Treehouse adds up the names and numbers of Congressional leaders who were briefed by Comey, according to his testimony. Consider the vast uniparty conspiracy that permitted a national obsession over a malicious fantasy, originally spun by John Podesta and Team Hillary in the immediate aftermath of her election loss.

As Thomas Lifson concluded:

There was only one person Sundance could find who violated the de facto vow of omerta:

Other than one obtuse statement from what was apparently a frustrated Senator Chuck Grassley, the entire DC system kept a lid on the truth that President Trump was not ever under investigation.

Let me translate:

The American people were played as patsies, their attention diverted to a fantasy that had — and still has — no evidence whatsoever of its existence. That fantasy was propounded for political reasons, and used to subvert the outcome of a democratic election.

And except for Senator Grassley, the entire roster of congressional establishment held its tongues.

Sundance closes with the chart that ought to be kept in mind always, when we think about concepts like the deep state, the political establishment, and the ruling elite:


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