Comey Comedy Show Trump’s win

En Garde in the bunker…

The James Comey Comedy Show portrayed the character in great detail, a preening narcissist who seems to aspire to shaping history along the lines of that other infamous FBI leaker (covered up initially in the early 1970s Watergate saga as “Deep Throat”) later revealed as Mark Felt. Yesterday was not a good day for Comey himself, although the Comey Comedy Show itself was a resounding success, making me wonder if he will ever regret wanting to testify in public again, since his successor will have a lot of cleaning up to do. The good news is that perhaps the FBI morale improves with the Comey Comedy Show gone.

Thus far, the general consensus appears to be that the hearings accomplished exactly what many predicted. Rather than prove anything about Trump, they revealed the Comey Comedy Show and numerous Democrats and Big Lamestream Media types as looking very bad. Not to mention the fact that if Comey was the author of internal memos and then leaked them, he is in fact guilty of interfering with his own investigation! How about THAT for a twist?

So what we really learned yesterday is that despite the overwhelming evidence of Hillary Clinton being guilty of many crimes, the Comey Comedy Show assumed that there was no reason to continue the investigation or prosecute her. Plus, since there was no evidence to link Trump to the Russians, the Comey Comedy Show thought there was no better reason to continue his own investigations since Trump surely had done something wrong.

What we also learned is that when Loretta Lynch directed the Comey Comedy Show to soft-peddle the Clinton investigation as something less significant (thus affecting the election) there was no reason in Comey’s mind to be concerned. Yet when Trump expressed hope that Comey could bring the Flynn investigation to a timely close, Comey interpreted that as ‘interference in an investigation’. In his mind, a clear case of selective interference.

Claire Hawks, writing in today’s American Thinker…

On June 8, 2017 the much ballyhooed testimony of former FBI Director James Comey before the Senate Intelligence Committee occurred and it was everything you could wish for.  In his opening statement Mr. Comey stated twice that the FBI was an independent organization.  One would think that a man who served as the Director of this organization for three years would realize that the FBI is anything but independent.  It functions under the Department of Justice and Mr. Comey reports directly to the Attorney General who directly reports to the President.  I have no doubt that Mr. Comey believes what he said to be true after his infamous press conference about Hillary Clinton during the campaign, held without permission of either the president or the Attorney General.  The fact that Loretta Lynch, the then-Attorney General, had recused herself, didn’t excuse his independent action.

He also stated that he typed his recollections about meetings with the president immediately after the meetings on government time, in a government vehicle and on a government computer.  Not during the meetings, but after.  The reason?  That Mr. Trump was a liar, although no evidence was presented to support his assertion.  So, in all the years Mr. Comey has served in the public sector, the only person whose meetings he chose to memorialize was the person who terminated his employment?  Mr. Obama, you may recall, was a proven liar—remember ‘If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor,’ and other things that are too numerous to list here.

Questioning was predictably along party lines with only one senator questioning why the committee should believe Mr. Comey. Mr. Comey’s response?  He stated that he was attempting to be ‘open fair, transparent and accurate.’  I didn’t find anything in his response to change my mind that this was a disgruntled ex-employee attempting to do as much damage to the person who terminated him as possible.

The fact is that Comey released his meeting notes in hopes of triggering a special prosecutor to have Trump investigated. Since Comey already knew no evidence of wrongdoing existed, then what was this special prosecutor going to investigate?

Also, this was a blatant act of manipulation which shows Comey to be disloyal (both to his office and the FBI’s charter) and dishonest; so why should anyone believe his claims that Trump was being dishonest? And while we’re at it, just what were Obama, Lynch, Holder, and others in the previous administration hiding from us – playing innocent choir boys and girls, or acting as pure as the driven snow? Au contraire, methinks, they gave new meaning to the phrase “lies, lies, and fairy tales.”

Then there was the specious claim by Comey that he leaked his notes in response to a New York Times article, only for We the People to find out that he leaked the notes the day BEFORE the article, which only served to bolster this point – “once a liar, always a liar”.

More from Claire Hawks …

Mr. Comey, in my opinion, made himself look more and more foolish as the testimony proceeded.  He described himself as too cowardly to say anything when Mr. Trump allegedly asked him to drop the investigation into former National Security Advisor Mike Flynn.  He probably thought that made him look humble when, in actuality, it made him look even more foolish than the Cowardly Lion in the Wizard of Oz.  This 6’8” man, who was the director of an incredibly powerful organization was too cowed to say that he thought what was said was inappropriate?

It was interesting that none of the senators, either Republican, Independent, or Democratic referred to Mr. Comey’s recollections as alleged.  From beginning to end this is a ‘he said, he said’ event.  Even someone who is seen shooting another person is referred to as the ‘alleged’ perpetrator.  But the senators, almost to a person, seemed to think that because Mr. Comey wrote as yet unseen memos to himself, he was entitled to being treated like Moses with the tablets containing the Ten Commandments.  When actually, was all this written?  Where is any substantial proof?  I’m still waiting to see proof that the Russians interfered with the election.

Donald Trump – A President very much on the move…

Interestingly enough, there’s quite a bit of sentiment around that President Trump ought to have fired the Comey Comedy Show sooner, even from day one.

On the other hand, I’ve wondered whether the wily Trump wasn’t playing a “gotcha game” with him and various others, including some members of the previous administration.

I suspect that he realized Comey was a traitor from the beginning; perhaps he also had some background info on him. Had he fired him from the get-go heads would have been exploding, so instead he let him stay and gave him enough rope to hang himself.

Currently, it seems to be that the one who has been maligned the most (ie Trump) seems to have come through this better than any of them!

Once again, the Donald has come up Trumps.

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