Coddled Clintons sensing takedown

En Garde in the bunker…

I venture to declare that half the voting population of America don’t have much of an issue witnessing the fall of the coddled Clinton Cabal. After all, it only seems fair, given all that they have inflicted on the Republic. Consider:

Hillary Rodham Clinton had absolutely everything going for her in the 2016 Presidential election…
– A rigged party nomination
– A worshipful media who were polishing her crown
– A former President as her ‘husband'(!)
– A current President who supported her faithfully (and also criminally)
– Her status as the first-ever woman nominated as President
– Big-time entertainers and the whole of Hollyweird campaigning
– Billions of campaign dollars at her disposal
– An entire news network, CNN, propagandizing for her (and throw in all the other Big Fake News media)
– An investigative bureau, the FBI, which looked the other way on her e-mailing behavior while she was US SoS

US Secretary of State with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov giving him a dubious “reset” button, the message being … Can I sell you some uranium? ..The TRUE ‘Russian collusion’ …

At the very least, she should have been prosecuted for using her at-home server for Classified emails; for having her emails deleted and computer scrubbed (destroying evidence); for pay-to-play and influence peddling with foreign nations, including (but not limited to) Uranium One, the Clinton Foundation, and the Clinton Global Initiative; and for paying foreign operatives Christopher Steele, and the Russians, to interfere in US elections with their FAKE Dossier through Fusion GPS.

Yet she still couldn’t win and was resoundingly ‘trumped’ by the Donald, who, despite all the attempts to silence him into submission, is steadfastly going about his campaign mandate to ‘Make America Great Again’ (in case you hadn’t noticed).

To be fair to We the People, let’s at least hope the coddled Clintons lose ALL the monetary ill-gotten gains stolen from the innocent, and that they (keep in mind Bubba’s jitterbug as the early election-eve results began to roll in) be allowed to wallow in their failure. Millions of Americans still feel cheated because nothing can undo the damage they caused. Between them and the abomination of the Obama regime, they damaged the culture; and the political system; and the economic well-being of at least half the nation. Let We the People at least hope they lose ALL the money and that both of them be allowed to wallow in her failure to deliver.

No longer being coddled by the Big Fake News media, they are rather now being viewed more pragmatically as irredeemable. Lock. Stock. And barrel.

Let the purging begin.

David Prentice in today’s American Thinker: “Hillary: Corrupt, Clueless, Coddled”…

Hillary Clinton is not complex, not at all.  For her legion of personal problems — her tone-deaf woodenness, her arrogance, her greed, her worst problem has been her Democratic Party Privilege.

Yep, that’s the fatal flaw.

It’s really her biggest problem.  She’s been coddled because of her party affiliation.  She’s been coddled by a media that refused to report her ugly side.  She’s been coddled by a base that has been fooled repeatedly.  She’s convinced them she’s highly moral, highly intelligent, highly principled, and somehow represents all women, minorities, and the average American.

Nothing could be further from the truth.  She’s nothing but a propped-up caricature, propped by that Democratic privilege.  Because of that privilege, the average left-leaning voter knows little or nothing about what a reprobate she is.

So far.

I do think she’s about to be taken down, and thrown under the bus.  The Democratic Party and the media will have no choice in the next year or so to come to that realization.  But I digress.

The specifics:

A big issue is her part in enabling Bill with his sexual predations.  She not only looked the other way as he hit on anything with a skirt, she led the charge against all the women whom he used and abused.  She led the bimbo eruptions effort, destroying the women as being sluts or nuts while her husband ran rampant.  She led the media to defend the indefensible.   And try as they might to defend the Clintons now, in the new race to virtue signal, the media is finally admitting their mistake.

Her ill temper and horrifying personality behind the mask of being nice has been chronicled by one of her major Secret Service defenders and others.  She was censured long ago for being dishonest and mean spirited by her own chairman during the Watergate hearings long ago.   Her money lust and greed were there to see in her cattle futures gains.  Whitewater was a manifestation of this character flaw, gaining personally because of political connections.  Fast forward and you have the attempted heist of White House belongings.  You have them dangling the bait of their political influence to gain money from the second they left the White House.

With the silence of the media, the Clintons amassed a fortune through speeches, books, and donations.  The threat of their power and the cloak of their privilege kept them riding high.  The final coup de gras was their Clinton Foundation.  That they took donations for Haiti that never got to the recipients was criminal.  That they got cover from the Bush family and the media was atrocious.  I think this was the signal that corrupted the GOP so deeply.  They saw they could get a piece as well.

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Suspicions abound from those ‘in the know’ that it is reasonable to believe that Obama (and who knows how many others in his cabal?) made off with at least a 10 or 11 figure payday before he left the Oval Office. More than likely it’s stashed out of sight in several off-shore bank accounts and guarantees the good life for the rest of eternity for whoever gains access to it from generation to generation. How many homes does Obama own? And from where and how did he acquire them? Are the coddled Clintons somehow in cahoots with OBO and Gyorgy Schwartz-Soros? Are they part of the problem or the solution? Start and end with the missing 6 billion from the State Department.

Think he/she/they didn’t get a piece of that? And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. With between 3 and 4 trillion sloshing through the government coffers every year, a total of 30 billion during his 8 years of shucking and jiving in the White House, sticky fingering a few billion wouldn’t be difficult. That’s equivalent to a minor ’round-off error’ in today’s Washington DC.

We the People ofttimes are just spectators in the game, watching and waiting for wherever the wind blows. Hopefully, President MAGA is his usual ‘always two steps ahead of everybody’, and will contribute mightily to exposing the corruption and restoring the Republic to Constitutional governance.


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