Citizen Journalists Win The Day…

Go Ahead, Make ...

Go Ahead, Make …

A bit of a change in emphasis with today’s post, in giving kudos to citizen journalists the likes of the two bystanders who brought us last week’s Hillary’s pneumonia/wrestling debacle courtesy of the modern technology of up-loadable self-produced videos captured on iphones. Without that stunning video evidence, Big Media would’ve yet again won the day by hiding the corruption that stands for so-called investigative reportage, especially when it comes to the Clinton Crime Cabal.

Between this little episode, and her use of the descriptive “Deplorable” for pretty much a little more than half the country, Hillary Clinton not only shot herself in the foot, but basically killed her chance to ever hold the office that she has geared her whole life for. Not that she is really qualified for the job in the first place since she’s failed in everything she touches. She figures, along with the equally-corrupt Obama, that she is owed the job!

We the American people can overlook a lot of things as long as people running for office are up front and honest about their comings and goings. On the other hand, however, if you get caught lying then it’s usually the end of you, and with citizen journalists forever walking amongst us, the possibility is always there for bad behavior to be exposed. Were the Fifth Estate Big Media press really competent in doing their duty, Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton would never ever have gotten this far in their fatuous careers, and that’s a fact.

Thank God for those citizen journalists teaching the Big Guys how to do investigative reportage. 2016 and nearly everyone has their own production studio in their hot little hands courtesy of the smart phone; take a pic or video and post it directly to the internet in the time it takes to go click(!). And anybody can watch it with just click and play.

I take no joy in Hillary’s physical and medical condition, that’s her concern, but it’s definitely something not pleasant, and there is absolutely no way this woman should ever get near the Office of the Presidency, period. Too much criminal behavior over a lifetime tells me she would do even greater harm to the nation than the fraud she would replace.

Check Bill Whittle with his latest Firewall…

As I wrote in my blog this past Sunday: The Clintons have come to symbolize everything that has gone wrong in Washington over the last several decades. They are an extreme example of the ethos that has come to dominate American politics. It is a culture where everything is for sale, nothing is ever on the level and no scam is too small. Washington has become something like a rotten police precinct, where morality is inverted. Instead of the criminals fearing detection by the honest, it is the honest who fear the criminals.

Check this conversation, for instance, between Bill Whittle, Steve Green, and Scott Ott, on Right Angle…

Also from my blog this past Sunday:

Francis Porretto over at Liberty’s Torch sums it up this way:

The descent of our political class into total venality doesn’t have much further to go. Nor can it be corrected through the electoral process. As H. L. Mencken has told us, we’d only be replacing one set of rascals with another. But the media, whose power is tightly tied to an involute web of political alliances, will not allow any discussion of that. “The News” must remain a choice between Good and Evil, even if ordinary Americans can’t see the difference between the candidates.

If a Trump presidency merely clears the field for a new generation of reformers, that would be a most pleasant result indeed. And political consequences be damned.

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