Chicago Riots Revisited : Not Pretty

En Garde In The Bunker

En Garde In The Bunker

As a point of introduction let me begin with this. Given that Chicago has a long history with Communism and the Left (Frank Marshall Davis, Bill Ayers, Saul Alinsky, Vernon Jarrett ring any bells?) it is no surprise that it was on full display for all to see this past Friday night as a cause célèbre for all the rioting against Donald Trump’s planned appearance at UIC.

And let me go on to further state that sadly these days, simply using the words “law and order” brands you as a racist, an indication of how far America has fallen since the 60’s, particularly under the anvil of Obama the Clown Prince of Fools and his surrogates. There was a time not too long ago when no politician in America could have gotten elected without using the words “law and order” in a campaign speech. Nowadays, you seldom, if ever, hear those words because the Left has seized control of politics, language and culture, and once again I see that they have glommed on to calling patriots “nativists” which is Leftist code for “racist and bigot.” So then, under that banner, yours truly is a self-described patriot, which automatically, according to the Left, makes me a “nativist, racist, bigot.” Never will I abandon my patriotism and if that means running the risk of being called a “nativist, racist, bigot” by people who I know don’t have the best interests of this nation at heart, then that is a risk I am willing to take.

If looks could kill...

If looks could kill…

As commenter CELT expresses it: “I have said it before and will say it again, there are forces, very powerful forces, at work here in America trying their damnedest to start a race war. Be careful out there. Be prepared to defend those whom you love and that which you value. We are living in interesting times. And by the way, I grew up in Chicago and lived through those riots in the 60’s and through the Democratic Convention riots in ’68. I was a student for a year at UIC before leaving Chicago for good in 1973 for the Navy. I was not at all surprised by what I saw last night and it was indeed thuggery and it is interesting the way in which the Left with the help of the media manages to place the blame for that on Donald Trump instead of the thugs and their masters. I guess free speech is a right granted only to the Left who again showed last night (ie this past Friday) that they are prone to violence in order to deny the rights of others with a different viewpoint.”

Saul Alinsky, prophet of Satan... Father of "the ends justify the means" and mentor to Hillary Rodham Clinton...

Saul Alinsky, prophet of Satan… Father of “the ends justify the means” and mentor to Hillary Rodham Clinton…

In Chicago’s 1968 version under Mayor Richard J. Daley, there would have been many broken heads, and lots of brown shirts in the paddy wagons. In today’s contrast to Daley however, the wimpification of the Chicago police under Rahm Emanuel is well documented, and is what Americans can look forward to in all decaying cities which are under the DemoMarxist banner. Lawless, mob-ruled jungles. The behavior is likely a preview of Cleveland 2016, which under present predictions will be a replay of the riots of Chicago and Detroit,1968-style (as already mentioned). With the dying gasps of Obama’s eight year reign, the fools who believed his lies to get in office will need to express their anger over his failures and their own foolishness. Their “hope and change” gobbledygook proved to be no hope and no change to the downside, and big-time at that. They got well and truly gamed and with no personal development underway to better themselves, they’re well and truly screwed.

This has little to do with partisan politics and everything to do with the evil of Bill Ayers, Gyorgy Schwartz-Soros,, and the rest of the unfettered madness of Obama and his hateful regime. Trampling others’ free speech goes against not only the First Amendment, but also “American values”. The rioting thugs should all be arrested for inciting violence and that includes their masters as well. Time is long overdue for Gyorgy Schwartz-Soros, the juvenile Bill Ayers,, and all the other America destroyers (et al) to take a well-deserved “dirt nap” courtesy of GITMO or Leavenworth.

Then there’s this from Clarice Feldman and American Thinker .. “Trump Storm Troopers Mob Sanders Rally: Force Cancellation”…

284px-American_Thinker_logoOf course, this didn’t happen. The opposite is true, but you can be sure that would be the headline had conservative opponents of Sanders prevented his rally in suburban Chicago from taking place because of mob threats of violence. This makes Ted Cruz ‘s spineless rejoinder to the violent demonstrations in Chicago so galling to me.

Some years ago I wrote here of my contempt for conservatives who flee the forum for fear of getting their spotlessly white togas spattered with mud and blood when their colleagues are being savaged by liars and thugs. This week my White Toga award goes to Ted Cruz. As thousands of rent a mobs from Soros funded Move On, the White House approved Black Lives Matters fabulist race baiters, and Bernie Sanders fans mobbed and threatened the thousands of people who’d waited in lines for hours to attend a rally in Chicago for Donald Trump. Even Obama pal and admitted terrorist Bill Ayers, doubtless reliving his “glory days” as a Weatherman was there cheering the mayhem on:

We shut Trump down! Beautiful gathering of anti racist youth. Bill Ayers (@WilliamAyers) March 12, 2016

The People’s Cube, which has perfected its satire of left speak described the event from the thugs’ point of view:

CHICAGO, IL – Tonight one thousand peaceful communists, socialists, anarchists, Black Lives Matter activists, devout Muslims, immigration advocates with Mexican flags, and local students of Marxism, disrupted a meeting of some twenty five thousand angry and violent Trump supporters.

The Trump crowd had it coming because they had conspired to shut down everyone else’s right to free speech by buying tickets to the event, which was closed to those who didn’t have tickets. That was a grotesque violation of the protesters’ right to get inside, jump on the podium, rip Trump signs, and scream “F** Trump” into a TV camera.

As the news of the event’s cancellation was announced, the protesters peacefully celebrated their victory by throwing punches at Trump supporters and police officers, shouting over their objections, flipping the middle finger and kicking their cars, and walking into the road to block traffic composed of gas-guzzling, global-warming-causing vehicles.

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