Chicago Activists Unchained

Go Ahead, Make ...

Go Ahead, Make …

Chicago activists unchained. I came across this video, featuring a group of Chicago black activists getting together and telling it like it is, on the page of a Facebook friend. Paraphrasing Gore Vidal from times ago long past: “Democracy, involuntary government, is a grand system of bribery and corruption. Involuntary government oppresses all, except the government class, regardless of race. It’s all about money. Involuntary government takes money regardless of your will. Involuntary government loves to control and own the money system. Voluntary government, perhaps anarcho-capitalism, is based on individuals freely giving their money to one or many competing governments and or associations, if they choose. Voluntary “government”, the term is kind of an oxymoron, does not control or regulate money at all. You choose which system will lead to a better life”. 


Milton Friedman on the other hand, argued that the minimum wage rate hurts the poorest communities the most because the people within those communities receive the poorest education through government schooling, and likewise are least able to qualify for employment. Remove the minimum wage and the people within the poorest communities who have been disadvantaged by poor education, will be able to find work for relatively low pay which will help them acquire the skills and experience necessary to move-up the ladder and earn higher-pay and a higher standard of living. Also, the minimum wage has been shown to kill jobs. A minimum wage increase won’t raise wages that are already over that minimum, and a small percentage of the workforce makes under the minimum wage, so it’s a small help. But a job created under the new minimum will disappear and one person will simply have to do two jobs to make up the work.

Chicago activists unchained.

Chicago activists unchained.

My thoughts on the political parties:  I am a Republican, based primarily on my experience during the Reagan years when I was resident in Canada with a determination to become an American citizen, arriving on a Green Card in 1982, and finally full-fledged citizenship in January of 2012. I do not however, trust the Republican establishment.  I choose to stay with it because of the legacy of the Republican Party, and the fact that the Democrats have strayed so, so, far away from reality and drifted into the tyrannical, socialist Marxist mish-mash.

Everything Democrats have accused Republicans of being, they’re pointing at the man or woman in the morning bathroom mirror.  Democrats are responsible for writing the Jim Crow Laws; founding the KKK; overwhelmingly refusing to support the Civil Rights Act of 1964; the party of killing babies; responsible for the breakdown of the family; for the perversion of the marriage bond; for the death care bill called Obamacare; overwhelmingly support selling out our country to foreigners and shipping jobs overseas.

The Republican Establishment on the other hand, cannot be trusted.  Since 2010, conservatives have watched them engage in an all-out assault on everything good about the Republican Party, and have morphed into wolves in sheep’s clothing. But I do however, believe the Republican Party is worth saving.  It represents a history of celebrating life from conception to the grave, of individual freedom, of strong families, of abolishing the oldest tradition in human history – slavery – and empowering those who have come out of it.  It represents the incredible heritage that our ancestors have passed down to us and what makes America great. The truth is, that once upon a time, blacks made up a significant part of the “Grand Old Party”. One of my favorite quotes is from the familiar abolitionist, Frederick Douglass: “I recognize the Republican party as the sheet anchor of the colored man’s political hopes and the ark of his safety.” 

There are many, many, influential black businessmen, entrepreneurs, self-made multi-millionaires, entertainers and political commentators/activists who are Republican in nature and conservative in ideology, and I hope and pray that what we might term “regular black people” get off the Democrat Political Plantation and out of the grasp of the Sharptons, Jacksons, Wrights, Rangels, Holders, etal and come take their place to help us restore the greatest Constitutional Republic that has ever been created in history.

Chicago activists unchained.