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Following on from yesterday’s ‘Trey Gowdy turns Benedict Arnold‘ I bring you chapter two, the main reason being that one thing is becoming obvious. Gowdy himself has willingly exposed the truth that he can’t be trusted, and more and more conservatives are coming to that conclusion. Most of us blog-dwellers have been around the musky pits of deception long enough to know that Someone has Something on Someone (in this case, him) and they’re pulling the strings for him to perform at specific times.

Back in March of 2016, a very secretive bunch of people met at the quite exclusive enclave of Sea Island, Georgia, to plan the takeout of one, presidential nominee, Donald J. Trump. Would you like to know who attended that hatefest?

Thought so. Which is why I have several links at the bottom. Please – DO read them. It will help you a whole lot.

The current look on Gowdy’s face (shifty eyes and all) and his whole demeanor tells you that he is possibly covering for the admission that certain elected Republicans were part of this operation against Donald Trump’s campaign. Why else would Gowdy push to make these bizarre statements all over the TV news shows like he’s been doing the past few days.

‘Sundance’ over at Conservative Treehouse…

[Tuesday night] on Fox News Representative Trey Gowdy stunned many people with multiple comments. There are multiple aspects to the interview that were/are alarming.

In one segment Gowdy stated the Mueller investigation was both a criminal and counterintelligence investigation. Moments later Mr. Gowdy proclaimed his advanced knowledge of the innocence of FBI Director James Comey and Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe surrounding Spygate.

In another segment Gowdy, a former prosecutor himself, asserted that President Trump should sit down with Robert Mueller for a dangerous inquisition by a team of political prosecutors hired specifically because of their adverse ideology.  SEE INTERVIEW HERE.

In a well-timed (pre-planned) follow-up, Trey Gowdy appeared on CBS [yesterday morning] to finish execution of the plan. Notice Norah O’Donnell has her carefully crafted (pre-written) bullet-point questions at the ready.  Watch:

To which ‘sundance’ replies:

The more you know the raw source material behind the Spygate story; the more you can see the false assertions behind Gowdy’s statements, and the strategic purpose therein.

The Gowdy statements would be alarming by themselves if not compounded by the fact that Mr. Gowdy is one of only a few people with direct first-hand knowledge of the material and evidence in multiple investigations.

After Devin Nunes was forced to recuse himself from much of the congressional investigation, HPSCI Chairman Devin Nunes specifically selected Gowdy to represent multiple committees in his review of material evidence.

It was Trey Gowdy who looked at the FISA application material and specifically authored the Nunes memo on the FISA Court application against U.S. person Carter Page.

It was Trey Gowdy who initially (April 8th) stated he had “seen” some of the origination material in the two-page “Electronic Communication” document that CIA Director John Brennan used to initiate the FBI Counterintelligence operation against the Trump campaign. Later that Gowdy claim was asserted as false, and only a briefing took place; but the Gowdy claim was useful at the time.

It was Trey Gowdy, and only Trey Gowdy, who claimed Samantha Power denied making all of the unmasking requests; and Trey Gowdy who asserted someone else used her access to make unmasking requests.

IMPORTANT -> It was Trey Gowdy, eight months ago, who positioned himself for maximum influence within the upcoming political reviews of the Inspector General report by creating a joint House Oversight and House Judiciary Committee (Goodlatte); specifically for the intention of reviewing the IG report, controlling the narrative and getting testimony. (See Here)

It was all originally suspicious, as noted by CTH at the time:

To read to completion simply click on link right here…

William A. Casey .. some truths seem to last forever … A coup in the form of disinformation .. sounds familiar doesn’t it?

Democrats more than likely, are scared to death about the coming IG report and are using their knowledge for leverage with RINOs. In the opinion of many, Gowdy’s statement was crafted to be played over and over again on Fox and especially left-wing news channels. Nothing he says in public is a mistake. Every politician in DC has allegiances. You can bet the Democrats will attempt to flip this scandal onto certain Republicans in a hope of driving up their negatives with the Republican base.

And today, as if on cue, just as predicted; right before the IG report is to drop – here comes Gowdy.

Brilliant play by the UniParty (Deep State) to position Trey Gowdy as an embed, a control agent, awaiting strategic timing to deploy the defensive detonation.



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