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En Garde in the bunker…

Part Three of the Gowdy unraveling, beginning with Jeff Sessions, who Sean Hannity really nailed Wednesday night, and rightfully so. As I implied in yesterday’s post, most of us blog-dwellers have been around the musky pits of deception long enough to know that Someone has Something on Someone Sometimes. There is always so much stuff hitting the fan that effectively putting it all into perspective isn’t easy. It takes a while.

Even for an investigative bloodhound.

Sessions, recusing himself one day after being confirmed,┬áturns out to have been absolutely shameful. But it seems like his DOJ advisers told him something that’s keeping him on the back foot. Same with Gowdy, which as far as they go, his statements these past few days have been absolutely ridiculous. Thank God we have Joe diGenova to put him in his place.

Remember Gowdy has been all over the media this week selling his fairy tale of ‘though they were spying, the FBI was doing what Trump told them to do – investigate.’


‘Someone’ (as above) needs to get in the face of Trey Gowdy and remind him that the only problem is that they were doing it a year and half before Trump told them to do anything at all.

Then there’s Sally Yates. She wrote a 68-page document explaining why Horowitz couldn’t see the National Security Division’s email and text communications. Well, Sally is gone. Trump’s in charge. Let’s see those texts (if they haven’t already been destroyed).

First up, Sean Hannity’s opener which is an absolute stunner…

One thing for sure about Jeff Sessions, he made no waves while he was a senator in Congress, he flowed with the stream of things and followed the leaders, and he was one of the first to see the genius in the emergence of the ‘running-for-president’ Donald J. Trump.

It’s turning out to be that Trey Gowdy has been a stealth GOPe this entire time. His handling of the Hillary Benghazi questioning was totally and unequivocally incompetent. She came out smelling like a rose after 18 hours of questioning with the expletive “What difference at this point, does it make?” We the People know she lied to the public, yet Gowdy couldn’t nail her with 18 hours of questions?

Even if she “got away with it”, there is no way she should have come out of there without being severely tarnished. Gowdy did show she lied to the American people but she weaseled out of any damage by obfuscating the truth. And Gowdy let her do it.

As to the overall intention of the so-called ‘Mueller Russian Collusion Probe’ let us simply understand that the whole charade was a moving hall of smoke and mirrors, the likes of which Rudy Giuliani expresses in easy comprehensible language…

At the end of the day, when all is said and done (followed by all the other cliche`s of comprehension), We the People of the United States deserve much, much, better than what stood as the hallmark of United States government under the abomination of the Obama regime put in place to seriously undermine the Constitutional Republic.

Thankfully, we now have a ‘watchman on the wall’, by the name of one, President Donald J. Trump. In the past three years since Mr. Everyman announced his intention to run for the highest office on the planet, We the People have been witness to the radical Left, with the help of those we thought above corruption, try to maneuver a takeover of our Constitutional government, and the take down of a dutifully-elected President. Something millions of us would never have believed possible.

And The Establishment wonder why Americans, en masse, are irate.

Semper Fi President Trump – MAGA!


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