Barney Carney President Dumb

Go Ahead, Make ...

Go Ahead, Make …

Yes, John McCain was pictured with Libyan rebels who are now part of ISIS/ISIL, so “facts are stubborn things” belongs on both sides of the issue. More to the point with Barney-Carney-Circus-Clown landing a multi-million-dollar gig at CNN has more to do with the ongoing clubby atmosphere between surrogates of the rogue fraud “president” and the rest of the lamestream media. Goodness gracious, if the incompetent race-baiter-in-chief Al not-too-Sharpton can gig his way through MessNBC as a so-called news anchor, then Barney-Carney-Circus-Clown can certainly throw some cow manure against the wall and see what sticks. Definitely looks way out of his league here with McCain. He’d better start doing his homework before they swap him off with Sharpton. Barney Carney President Dumb.

So Hugh Hewitt has Mike Pompeo from Kansas on his show right after the 15-minutes of lies, lies, lies and fairy-tales from the other night, especially after the rogue fraud “president” began with yet another apology to his Islamic Jihadist Muslim Brotherhood handlers. “ISIS/ISIL” is not Islam or vice-versa. Delusional to the extreme and yet again another indication of where the rogue fraud “president’s” true feelings are housed – with Islamic Jihadist Muslim Terrorists (followed up on his orders, no doubt, by the traitor John Kerry-mashed-potato-face just yesterday in the Middle East). Barney Carney President Dumb.

Beginning with the infamous Cairo speech (which was the beginning of his agenda to support his Muslim Brotherhood buddies, etal, and set the Middle East on fire) here’s a compilation of his foreign policy failures from day one of his rogue fraud “presidency.” His complete incompetency, ineptitude and downright intransigence in little more than 70 seconds. Barney Carney President Dumb.

Finally, one of Texas’ brightest and forthright Congressmen, Louie Gohmert, slays and shreds the rogue fraud “president” over his lack of oversight within the Napolitano-managed Dept of Homeland Security, where a known Islamic Jihadist Muslim Terrorist activist is placed on the DHS advisory council. Barney-Carney-Circus-Clown to the rogue fraud “president” dumb, and everything “dumb and dumber” in-between. Barney Carney President Dumb.

Sourced from Washington Free Beacon and personal archives…

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