If You Have To Ask – The Answer Is “Yes.”

A compilation from the front page of Drudge illustrating the true nature of a bungled attempt at coverup, incompetence, cowardice, lawlessness and inept governance. And if you have to ask – the answer is “Yes.” But what else would one expect from a fraudulent, Manchurian Candidate rogue administration in compliance with the dictates of an Islamic Jihadist Muslim Brotherhood stranglehold?? The ugliest part was the father in Arabic consecrating We The People’s Mansion to the moon god of Mecca. Again, if you have to ask – the answer is “Yes.” PERIOD.


neo-neocon – Bergdahl: “at best a deserter, at worst a traitor”… the release of these particular prisoners wasn’t just a reluctant move in order to free Bergdahl, it may be more accurate to say that Bergdahl’s release was negotiated at this point in time in order to free the Taliban Five.

h/t Gerard Vanderleun and AMERICAN DIGEST