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As an unabashed USA patriot warrior in the mold of our fearless leader, I stand on the one hand (no doubt like millions of you) transfixed by the sheer fortune of having a leader of historic proportions like president Trump come along just when the republic most needed it, while also being equally flummoxed by the simultaneous demonic madness of the opposition Left in the era of the Trump presidency.

The two side by side spectacles are almost too difficult to come to grips with were they not true.

I honestly lose track during a regular day just how many times for instance, we on our side must go to the mat in support of MAGA. I often wonder what some people were up to in the calamitous 8 years of self-indulgent mayhem caused by #44 and his mafia-style sidekick (‘this is a big f*****g deal’) Joe Gropey Bite’me. And Hillary Rob’em. And Eric Holder. John Kerry. Wasserman-Schultz. Loretta Lynch. Rahm Emanuel. And on and on.

Oh, silly me. And Pelosi. Schumer. Nadler. Schiff. Waters. Feinstein. Heck, reel ’em all in!

Truly, the Lefty loons have become not only anti-intellectual, but also utterly intolerant and self-indulgent. The contempt shown for those of us supporting Trump reminds me of what enemies must feel for each other.

Yet again last night, the president squeezed the sponge of ignominy ever tighter as it relates to ‘the enemy within’. Calling out those having the gall to pontificate on what it means to be (or not to be) American. An unabashed patriot American!

So then, to the ‘cut ‘n chase’, here’s yours truly, a legal immigrant citizen (which took years for me to acquire) of these great United States, showing how I feel when I see the Stars and Stripes flying: Pride and immense joy to have been given the blessing by God to be alive at this point in time in this great (and sometimes yes, imperfect) constitutional republic.

Let ‘er rip!


In the span of 24 hours our fearless president: 1) Made the loony left ‘Squad’ the face of the Dem party. 2) Made Pelosi defend them rather than be ‘racist’ by feuding with them. 3) Caused a Pelosi fustercluck on the House floor. 4) Permanently appropriated the notion of ‘Squad’ from the four self identified women of color, two of whom are NOT, and 5) totally disabled their racist whining with a simple slogan: ‘America – One Squad under God’.

And in other news, he also got: ‘no foreign wars’ Rand Paul to interface with Iran’s Foreign Minister; Al Green (sad to say ‘D’ from Houston TX) to introduce his third impeachment resolution over nothing; and the SDNY judge to end the campaign finance investigation triggered by Cohen – BINGO!

A president and the flag of freedom…

The identity politics had to be confronted. We the People must be on constant offense with it. Not defensive. Republicans in Congress (except a few) look like ridiculous wimps sometimes. They have been riding that monster for 30 years instead of confronting it. Sadly, they helped normalize it for greed.

And finally, as an unabashed patriot warrior, I couldn’t express it any better than this gem from ‘alliwantissometruth’ on the extensive comments thread:

Absolutely wonderful. But the thing is, President Trump can’t do it by himself. He has become the American peoples’ awakening.

We put him in power as our weapon against the usurpation of everything we hold dear.

It’s now up to us to use the weapon he’s supplying.

Grandkids and Stars and Stripes … nothing better!

It isn’t just about rallies, tweets and flag waving. It’s about having the conviction and the guts to start doing something about what’s taking place in our country today. It’s about educating our friends and families. It’s about getting out the vote and installing true MAGA leaders in the House and Senate.

It’s about taking control of our local politics and getting rid of the Marxist stench infiltrating every pore of our institutions. President Trump is our weapon, but we’re the ammunition that the weapon needs to work properly.

If we’re truly awakened, and if we’re truly serious about reclaiming our country, we need to give our President real backup.

Our schools are still turning our children into unthinking leftist lemmings. Our government is still allowing millions upon millions of third world illegal aliens to run roughshod into our nation; each and every year.

If we don’t get our President the help he needs, it simply becomes ‘run out the clock’ on America. I hope people realize this, as it’s truly our last chance. [end]

And on that positive note, time for today’s unabashed patriot-warrior’s MAGA Pill – President Donald J. Trump continuing to MAGA!


Source ‘sundance’ and Conservative Treehouse: ‘One United American Squad under God

And another ‘sundance’ masterpiece: ‘Put Up, or Shut Up? 137 House Democrats vote against impeachment

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