America’s Resident Evil : The DemoMarxists

Go Ahead, Make ...

Go Ahead, Make …

America’s resident evil : The DemoMarxists. In this upcoming piece from Black Conservative Lloyd Marcus in American Thinker, what he describes in his own inimitable way, is the very presence of evil. Over the years (particularly the past say, 10 years) we’ve witnessed the Democrat party abandon any semblance of truth, and what they ought to be doing in the best interests of the country. Their platform is an anti-God agenda that can only be explained as evil. There is nothing nuanced about it. Satan uses people to do his dirty work, many willingly, some not even realizing it, and in this regard, the Democrat party has sold its soul for power. In all my years I have never seen such a level of deception, hate, and outright spewing of lies as I have from the Democrats. Let’s not forget that they voted three times in their 2012 convention to remove God from their platform. A time of judgment will come one day, then these groups will realize that they have been seeking acceptance from the wrong venue. And as the leader of the Democrat party says, “Those who reject Islam will be on the wrong side of History”. The quote from the rogue fraud “president” himself, giving credence to America’s resident evil : The DemoMarxists.

As a lead-in to the piece by Marcus, here’s an 82-year-old black grandmother from the great Lone Star State, letting it rip on a call-in to C-Span the other day. Matter of fact, the squeamish host had to cut her off, especially when she got to the subject of the rogue fraud “president’!! Go, Go, Go, Texas Grandma!!

Now on to Lloyd Marcus and “America’s Resident Evil : The DemoMarxists…”

Lloyd Marcus..A New York Times article exposed that the Democrats are expecting to have their clocks cleaned in the election in a week or so.  Democrats believe that their only hope is to get out the black vote.  How do they plan to achieve this?  Of course, with their tried and true tactic of race-baiting. In other words, the Democrats and their MSM operatives have launched an all-hands-on-deck deplorable effort to convince black Americans that white Americans are out to suppress and even murder them. Democrats pray that hordes of enraged blacks will forget about how they have suffered under Obama and flock to the polls to vote for Democrats.

In my opinion as a Christian, the Democrats’ hate-whitey-get-out-the-black-vote scheme is a satanic plot conceived by deviant minds.  Folks, words cannot express my visceral disdain for such shameful politicking.  Any media personality or outlet that signs on to the Democrats’ unconscionable plan should be shunned, unworthy of your respect or time. Admittedly, it appears that I am constantly writing about the Democrats’ attempts to sic black America on white America, especially at election time. Folks, it is because I find the Democrats’ behavior so reprehensibly evil, all the while claiming the moral high ground of possessing superior levels of tolerance and compassion.  Borrowing an expression from the kids, “gag me!” Equally revolting is the mainstream media’s complicit behavior, assisting the Democrats in their spreading of filth.

So here is their game plan.  Ferguson is ground zero for the Democrats’ Operation Hate Whitey get-out-the-black-vote campaign. Unfortunately for the Democrats, new evidence reveals that Michael Brown did not have his hands up in an attempt to surrender, as relentlessly promoted by the left.  Brown’s blood was found inside Officer Wilson’s police car, confirming that Brown did attack the police officer. Now, folks, here is what is so insidiously evil about what the Democrats are doing.  The truth and facts do not matter to the Democrats.  They are still fully committed to selling the lie to black America that Michael Brown was an innocent “gentle giant” black youth murdered by a white racist police officer.  To get deceived black voters to the polls, a Democrat flier says, “If you want to prevent another Ferguson…”  Totally disgusting.

Ponder that for a moment, folks.  Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. along with other heroes, black and white, fought, suffered, and died to bring us together as a nation via mutual respect and equal opportunity.  And what are these deplorable scumbags in the Democratic Party doing?  They are ripping us apart to win elections. All that these Democrat politicians and their MSM sycophantic minions care about is infecting blacks with a victim mindset, which keeps blacks dependent on government, which keeps Democrats fat and happy with power.

I flew to Washington, D.C. the other day for a national press conference launching “Restore the Dream 2014.”  I was honored to be included in a coalition of black conservative leaders who will reach out, touring the black community.  We will be sharing the good news of conservatism to those who have been deceived by Democrats and suffering under liberalism for decades. Leading the charge is Niger Innis, the son of civil rights icon Roy Innis and Alveda King, the niece of Dr. Martin L. King, Jr.  Our coalition includes Star Parker and others.  A great team!

MLKAnd guess who also attended our press conference at the MLK Memorial to let the world know that they have our backs.  The answer is and Tea Party Express.  But how can that be?  Haven’t you been told that the Tea Party movement is all about white racist rednecks’ disdain for a black president, their ranks filled with hate-filled extremists who want to see blacks hung from trees?  Yet another politically calculated hideous lie perpetrated by Democrats and their collaborators in the mainstream media. I am not exaggerating, folks.  A member of the Congressional Black Caucus actually said that the Tea Party wants to see blacks hanging from a tree.  Folks, how much longer will we tolerate these vile, disgusting people ginning up, promoting, and propagating racial hate?  I am so sick of the we-must-give-them-a-pass-because-they-are-black crap.  Enough, my fellow Americans!  Enough!

So yes, I have signed on to the “Restore the Dream” tour, which will continue at least through the 2016 election. Somebody needs to push back against the evil lowlife filth spewing out of the Democratic Party. Folks, my dream is to see my fellow black Americans standing tall, filled with the dignity and pride that come only via personal achievement.  I want to see blacks proud to be Americans, acknowledging the truth that they are extremely blessed to be born in the greatest land of opportunity on the planet for all who choose to go for it.  I want to see blacks’ and whites’ natural instincts to get along grow freely, unimpeded by Democratic Party hate-mongering.

And for this, I, along with other black conservatives, am despised and hated.  We are called traitors to our race. But that is okay.  We are strong, armed with the shield of faith, motivated by love, and prepared by God for such a time as this.

Please help us Restore the Dream, folks.  View the national press conference here.

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