America & tyranny:Trump on guard

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It took the Global Communists a hundred years or more to get where We the People are today – hostage to an anti-America leftist DemoMarxocrat ‘party’ and complicit deep state big fake news media conglomerate hellbent on turning America into the latest hellhole on earth. It will require no less time and effort to undo all their evil.

First off, we conservatives must get back the courts where the Leftists have been hiding and usurping power since the early 70s. Then we must re-do education, hose-down the media into something more like America, and restart what the Founding Fathers put in place for us.

To that end, what president Trump is doing most masterfully – especially on the campaign rally front – is luring Demo-Leftist ideology out into the open. It has of course (as described above) existed for eons before, but now it’s in the sunlight, trapped and desperate.

America & tyranny .. Trump on guard…

Which reveals the reason for the leftist insanity. Think for a while how terrifyingly-close We the People were to being turned into yet another Fascist China pogrom at the helm of #44 and Hillary Rob’em. Some of us ‘old-timers’ saw the very same evil morphing to the same point back in the mid-70s and have spent decades since, wondering if Americans had lost their marbles and had any thinking minds left at all.

Truth is, we needed a Trump elected back in the 2000s, yet what we got instead following the glorious promise of Ronald Wilson Reagan, were the criminal Clinton’s, the Globalist Bush’s and their fawning support of the foreign religion of ‘piece-by-piece’, hell-bent on destroying America’s backbone. Backed up, no less, by a vile, lying, mostly useless ‘media’ that these days needs to be ripped asunder right along with a few other ‘bits ‘n bobs’ of evil intent.

It took the Global Communists a hundred years to do this damage. God forbid that it will require no less time and effort to undo all their evil.

Fletch Daniels, American Thinker: ‘Trump stands between America and Tyranny’…

The movie Titanic had one really good scene. The ship had already swiped the iceberg. The behemoth continued sailing along and appeared to be doing just fine. But one person on the ship, Thomas Andrews, knew that it was doomed. Andrews was a naval architect who was in charge of the plans to build the ship.

After he tells the captain and some other key people on the ship that it is going to sink, they react in disbelief. One declares that the ship can’t possibly sink.

Andrews responds, “She’s made of iron, sir! I assure you she can. And she will. It is a mathematical certainty.”

It’s one of cinema’s great scenes as men wrestle with approaching doom, made all the stronger by Victor Garber’s superb performance. It’s also the perfect metaphor for our current moment in history.

People pay too little attention to math because numbers lie far less effectively than words. There comes a point when a nation has raced over the cliff, but it may take years before that reality becomes obvious to everyone.

This movie scene was on my mind heading into election night in 2016.  All indications were that Hillary Clinton was going to be elected.  Based upon the math, America as a nation appeared doomed.  Clinton was eyeing the White House like a ravenous wolf and relishing the opportunity to cast misery across America.

But Wisconsin and then Michigan and finally Pennsylvania vomited on her pantsuit.  On election night, I had no idea what we had just elected, but the fact that it wasn’t Clinton was more than enough for one night.

Three years later, President Trump has shattered conservative expectations and may go down in history as one of the greatest U.S. presidents.

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Robert Lightizer and the president. MAGA deal done … Trump on guard!

Fletch Daniels is to be commended for one of the best wake-up articles I have seen for a long, long, time; and as you might imagine, I read many in a day as part of my research.

How many times in my posts do I cast an eye towards the truth, highlighting the outrageous, like the giggling and laughing at AOC, the four horsewomen and the DemoMarxocrat clown car. This period we’re going through is no time to sit back, laugh and enjoy the popcorn.

As has become very evident during this latest political cycle, Pelosi, shifty-Schiff, Nadler, Schumer and even the dimwitted Biden, Warren, and the rest of the makeshift clowns who wish upon wish to be president against Donald J. Trump, have rather more self-identified themselves as mere anti-American plants, dopes, and insurgents, who really need to be sent packing. 

Impeachment? Yes – every single darned one of them!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald J. Trump – MAGA! KAG!


Fletch Daniels, American Thinker: Trump Stands between America and Tyranny

Yours truly from yesterday: President Trump: daring to be great

One thought on “America & tyranny:Trump on guard

  1. How blind and lazy our citizens have become, identifying wrong as right and right as wrong.
    Just getting the reports of the elections……will the Dems and their evil ways be in control? Frightening!
    Hearing from the news media we are told the suburbanites are voting Democratic. How can anyone possibly vote for the those who have done absolutely nothing for our country during the past three years, Omar who has stated we should have Sharia Law, Tlaib who used an certain expletive toward our President, Presley who definitely is a racist and lest we forget AOC who they are call intelligent and possesses the ability or be a great leader who could possibly take Pelosi’s position in the future ( while jumping turnstiles). It was evident to anyone with a brain the agenda for Omar and Tlaib’s visit to Israel. MIFTAH, a pro Palestine, suicide bombing Muslim association who would be funding their trip. They had the opportunity to go with the group the month before yet did not.
    Now, we also have every Presidential candidate who wants socialism, Medicare for all and open borders. God help us . I pray every day for our country. I believe it was Teddy Roosevelt who stated that immigrants must assimilate to our country’s laws, become a citizen, learn our language and if we allow them to enter our country and they don’t assimilate our country will end up as the country they fled. Dearborn, Michigan now has become one of these areas. Also, if we permit sanctuary cities they will never truly become an American. * No e-mail at this time.

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