Alphabets all over Jan 6 insurgents

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For starters, those of us with long memories going back to the dark days of LBJ, can vouch that the FBI has been involved with infiltration and incitement for a very long time, particularly during those 1960s days for instance when they infiltrated the mainstream anti-war and civil rights movements and attempted to incite individuals to violent action. There was a standing joke among anti-war activists that they would always have a break out session about blowing up the Statue of Liberty so as to identify the infiltrators.

Something like half the dues-paying members of the Klan were – and probably still are – FBI agents or informers. Numerous books under the general cover of Monkey Wrenching, – handbooks for radical environmentalists, had whole chapters on identifying and isolating agents. Over the intervening years they’ve attempted to incite violence by militias and Islamists and many other groups as well.

Alphabets all over Jan 6 insurgents…

This behavior appears to be deeply ingrained in FBI organizational culture so when they identified Trump supporters as “enemies” their reaction followed their culture. Little surprise then, that Mark Felt (aka the famous {infamous?!} Deep Throat) was the director of this effort for a time. Makes you wonder about Watergate.

Let’s set the record straight: “While Steele was being paid by the Clinton team and DNC in 2016, Comey’s FBI was paying the British citizen for his Trump-Russia collusion sleuthing.” Comey was doing no such thing. The Steele file was a clumsy, made-up hit-job intended as a knock-out blow to candidate Trump. It can’t be described as “sleuthing.”

Everybody in the pipeline including Comey, Steele, the Clintons, OBO#44 and the demoMarxocrat operatives at the New York Times knew full well the entire exercise was a hit-job. There’s some question whether the FISA judges were in on the gag as well or merely incompetent. History should not record this outrage as a botched attempt by the FBI at protecting the country from the Russians. History must not record the subsequent Mueller Report as anything other than an attempt to cover-up the original hit-job.

These days it certainly appears as though the FBI are simply gatekeepers for the demoMarxocrat Party and their clients – global monopolies and dictatorships – of which they’re emulating as quickly as they can. The FBI are determined that their evil masters will maintain a monopoly of power by trashing the rule of law. Those of us with long memories remember they were founded by Mafioso Hoover – so what can one expect? Nuremberg trials in order would be nice!

Julie Kelly, American Greatness: ‘Recent History Suggests FBI Involvement in January 6’…

Sadly, the FBI is one of the least trustworthy agencies in the federal government – and that’s saying a lot.

Remember Christopher Steele?

The author of the infamous 2016 “dossier” was an impeccably credentialed former British intelligence officer who, we were assured, had the goods on Donald Trump’s ties to Russia. Nearly every major news and opinion outlet vouched for his reputation and reliable sources inside the Kremlin.

Steele frequently was described as an “ex-spy” in charge of a well-respected global consulting firm in London; he was alternatively a victim of Trump’s public taunts and a hero willing to risk his life and reputation to spare America the election of a Putin puppet.

Steele’s work was validated not only by the news media and Democratic politicians who described the dossier as “raw intelligence” but it also served as the key evidence in a FISA application sought by James Comey’s FBI to spy on a Trump campaign associate and, by extension, the Trump presidential campaign.

But it turned out the public profile of Christopher Steele was as credible as the series of memos bearing his name. Steele was a political operative, paid six figures by the Hillary Clinton campaign and Democratic National Committee through a party-connected law firm.

It also turns out Steele was a longtime FBI source, a revelation confirmed by then-House Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nunes’ February 2018 memo. [-]

[+] … We are told anywhere from five to seven people, including Sicknick, died as a result of the chaos that day. In fact, only one person, Ashli Babbitt, died by homicide that day. We were told it was an “armed” insurrection. It wasn’t. We were told rioters caused $30 million in damages to the Capitol building. They didn’t.

We were told Capitol Police didn’t let protesters into the building. They did. [-]

[+] … Meanwhile, Joe Biden’s Justice Department, working in tandem with the FBI, is prosecuting roughly 500 Americans in connection with January 6, many for misdemeanors such as trespassing or disorderly conduct. Prosecutors continue to ask the court to keep defendants behind bars awaiting delayed trials; dozens languish in solitary confinement conditions in a D.C. jail.

For years, the FBI has made no secret of its contempt for Americans on the Right, particularly supporters of the president whom the agency attempted to destroy. Suspecting their integral role in what happened on January 6 isn’t conspiratorial; it’s essential. [end]

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Alphabets all over Jan 6 insurgents … Comey, Warner, Clapper and Brennan… Deep state operatives

A few errors on behalf of the FBI over the years: Parkland High School Shooting – several FBI tips were ignored. Local authorities were just as negligent. Both organizations let down the community – 17 people dead

Orlando Nightclub shooting, 2016 – 49 people dead – FBI had interviewed shooter several times. Claimed to be member of ISIS and had an issue with homosexual men.

San Bernardino – State Dept. gives visa to a jihadist – how does this happen? – 14 killed.

Boston Marathon Bombing – Russia warned the FBI of the Tsarnaev brothers.

Seems like the FBI is too busy doing the political work for the DNC to protect the American people. As a present danger to the nation, they need to be disbanded. Alphabets all over Jan 6 insurgents!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!


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