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This “Russia” thing is now unraveling completely out of control by the Alphabet media, and in truth has been absurd from Day One.

If the Alphabet media really intends to “investigate” something suspicious involving US politicians and the Russians, they should try investigating the seed germ from both a specious Obama (“Tell Vlad I’ll have more flexibility after I’m re-elected”) and about a half million dollars or more to Ol’ Bubba Clinton for a speech or two after his alleged ‘wife’ (Secretary of State Hillary Abedin Clinton) sold Russia a substantial percentage of our uranium. Investigating those matters would be a far better use of the alphabet media time than investigating a 30 minute meeting on adoption policies between Trump aides and a Russian lawyer.

Ignoring truly-concerning Marxocrat / Russian deals in favor of investigating a dark horse presidential candidate’s contact (and that of close aides around him) with Russians and attempting to foist it off on the American public as a “scandal” and “rigging an election” is absolutely ludicrous. Rather, it is the shadowy figure of Obama and the shady Clintons who have some explaining to do! If only the alphabet media focused on that for awhile it would be far more productive than what they’re attempting with Trump.

McCain, Graham, and former Senator Lieberman, shadow warriors all…

Yet the alphabet media persist in destroying what little credibility they have left by fully supporting the DemoMarxist agenda in direct opposition to the patriotic voters who put Donald J. Trump in office.

As I insinuated in yesterday’s post, the biggest issue here is that the Republican Party is not calling out the DemoMarxists and alphabet media in defense of president Trump against unfounded accusations that have gone on for months with absolute zero evidence of any wrongdoing. In addition to being laughable (the Russians!, the Russians!, the Russians!), it’s a developing behavior that begins to resemble sedition of a duly elected president, as well as betrayal of the voters who elected both the president and the Republican majorities into Congress.

The Republicans are a very untrustworthy bunch these days, and truth be told, is where president Trump’s most dangerous enemies are. Over at Conservative Review, they have a Scorecard rating for Congress. Looking at the ones for the GOP in the Senate, there are six (6) who have a score of 90% or higher. There are nine (9) rated between 70 – 79%. All the rest are 69% and below. Is it any wonder we’re in the condition that we are?

Coming up first, a short, sharp, gem from Jack Hellner in today’s American Thinker…

In 2012, Obama met with Russia and said he would be more flexible if he was re-elected.  The media and Democrats had no problem.  There were no investigations and no spying on Obama looking for collusion.

The Clintons, the Clinton Foundation, and their close associates got huge amounts of money from foreign governments including Russia.  In return, Russia got uranium, some of which it transferred to Iran.  There were no investigations by the FBI; Democrats and the media didn’t care.  Kickbacks for uranium to the enemy looks like actual treason.

Russia attacked Ukraine, Ukraine requested defensive weapons from Obama, and Russia welcomed the fact that Obama turned Ukraine down.  Of course, the media and Democrats didn’t lecture Obama about the need to be tough on Russia.  After all, the tough Obama had told Russia he would be flexible.

But Donald Jr. had a ten-minute meeting where he thought he might get dirt on Hillary in which he got nothing and gave nothing in return, and he and his father are essentially accused of treason.

Of course, it was OK for a fake dossier to come out on Trump that was also supposedly from Russia. The Clintons were known for digging up dirt, and no one investigated the source.

In summary, Democrats can do whatever they want with foreign countries, including enemies like Iran and Russia, including giving them uranium.  But any Republican, especially someone connected with Trump, had better not ever talk to these people, even when he gets nothing in return, or there will be continuous investigations and wall-to-wall reporting.

We should all remember that this really has nothing to do with Russia.  Democrats, with the help of the media, are seeking to block anything that restrains the power of government.  Where are the stories of Democrats obstructing Trump?  We saw constant reports on Republicans obstructing Obama.

Just too close for comfort .. Each hiding secrets from one another.

Obama (likely, much to his chagrin) and ultimately Clinton, gave us President Trump on a silver platter, because both he and she lost so much in the small local areas populated by ‘flyover’ citizens. Face it, we were barely rescued  from ‘the free lunch’ and the ‘Lois Lerner’/Kathleen Sebelius’ types embedded in our government. Currently we have the alphabet media propagating about “Russian officials”, with the DemoMarxists having dug up a supposed issue with one Trump member being told by a ”Russian official” how to bring down the Clinton campaign.

So off we go again on the DemoMarxist’s crazy witch hunts without any kind of verification whatsoever. Pure lunacy.

On the second front, R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr., Founder and Editor-in-Chief of The American Spectator shares his expertise and insight on “The American Left’s Downward Spiral” …

I have returned! From Europe that is, and I hope I met with no Russian undercover agents while there. The soi-disant Liberals are in a snit about the Russians. Apparently, Donald Trump Jr. and the mysterious Jared Kushner met with an undercover agent of the Kremlin in June of last year, and they did not report their meeting to The Powers That Be. Who are The Powers That Be? Actually, I have no idea, but Trump and Kushner should have reported their exchange, which had something to do with adoption or adaption or possibly Hillary’s unwashed socks. You figure it out.

The stalwarts of American left (we no longer call them Liberals — it is inappropriate) are in another of their tense moments with the Trumps, and, of course, it has something to do with the Trumps and the Russians. The left has developed an irrational fear of the Russians, about whom they are positively obsessive. I am not sure why this is. Perhaps it is because today the Russians are no longer communists, and the erstwhile Liberals had long admired certain aspects of the communist system. As I recall, they admired the Marxist-Leninist tax code, and its attendant slow-growth economy. Remember their great economists such as John Kenneth Galbraith and Lester Thurow, oohing and aahing over how prosperous Russia was in the 1980s, just before the crash of communism?

How did that crash come about, comrades? Was it caused by something Ronald Reagan did? Reagan was the Donald Trump of his era. Are our friends to the left still perplexed as to how a grade B movie actor contributed to the fall of communism? Now what can they be expecting from a billionaire businessman?

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