The Al Taqiyya President : AWOL In Motion…

Go Ahead, Make ...

Go Ahead, Make …

Putting all rhetoric aside, Americans who support Obama need to ask themselves one question and answer truthfully. Do you support Obama because in your heart and mind you think he is an honest and worthy leader or because of his skin color? If you still support him because of his race, then you are part of the problem and doing your nation a great disservice by supporting him because of race and not his job performance.  His race is of no consequence to any intelligent American who cares for this nation. You should only want the best regardless of race or sex.  Nothing else matters but their ability to lead this nation. This is a president forever in motion, except he might as well be stationary. The Al Taqiyya president, AWOL in motion.



I personally would love to make him sit down and explain himself as the Al Taqiyya president.  To a degree, Bill O’Reilly on his Superbowl Sundays’ sit-downs, has attempted to coax the truth out of this community organizer, and yet (some would say) has failed miserably. We as Americans deserve and should demand answers. It doesn’t matter if you are Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Independent or whatever, because we all know in our heart of hearts the difference between right and wrong. One other thing, why do you think We The People have allowed this to go on as long as we have? Are we going to let our country and everything we have fought and died for become a chapter in a history book about failed “Constitutionalism?” This is OUR nation not his. Wake up America or die in your sleep. The old adage still rules – “Elections have consequences”  and it didn’t help the cause of freedom to discover that 2 million Republicans stayed home last election day which would have turned the tide against this rogue occupier of the White House. Remember this the next time around – especially this coming November. God bless the United States of America and all who still love it.

Now we come to the second video, which is a clip from the Heritage Foundation and their Conference from a couple of weeks ago entitled “Benghazi Accountability Coalition.” Panelists were Chris Plante, Clare Lopez, Frank Gaffney, and Brigitte Gabriel. A question was posed from a Muslim Student regarding the worldwide Islamic Jihadist Ideology and the ongoing war with the West. Shades of the plaintive cry from Rodney King come to mind of “Can’t we all just get along?” following the Los Angeles riots of 1992. Frank Gaffney tackles it first, but Brigitte Gabriel reams it beginning at 4:13.

In many ways, this is a perfect exchange when it comes to the silence peaceful Muslims. The old saying that “their silence is deafening” comes to mind. I’m sure we all know many Muslims that are “peaceful” and others who are acquaintances, but it is odd that even when you have a conversation with them on a personal level, there is a sense of defending what has happened because of the “chess game” that Russia, the United States, Iran and others have played in the Middle East and the fact that they are the pawns in that game. I have made mention before on several occasions of the debate in which I was a participant in Manchester U.K. in the summer of 2001 about the threat of radical Islam. Other than being labeled an “alarmist” my point was that the entire West was being boiled like the proverbial frog who dozes off in the lukewarm water not realizing he is being boiled to death. One never gets the same apology for the radicals that perpetrated events like 9/11 and others, but you can guarantee that I wasn’t being labeled “alarmist” after the London bombings in 2005. It is odd but there is a sense of rationalizing the violence even by the peaceful in the religion of Islam.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, my opinion hasn’t changed in the 13 years since that July 2001 debate. I was shockingly proven right with 9/11 happening just two months following, and we and the entire planet have been under attack ever since. There are only two kinds of Muslims: terrorists and apologists. There is no Muslim peace movement because Muhammad developed Islam into a death-worshipping cult. There are no Muslim food pantries, no Muslim crisis centers for women-at-risk, no Muslim charities that aren’t fronts for terrorist organizations. Muslims will continue to be looked upon with suspicion and distrust until the so-called “peaceful” among them stand up and make the effort to bring their “religion” out of the 7th Century. The most disturbing aspect of the whole movement is what is happening right here in the very heart of America, the comings and goings of the Muslim Brotherhood in and out of the White House, and the influence of several Islamic Muslim lobbying organizations who are attempting daily to break the back of the Constitutional Republic of the United States and enslave it to the demonic evils of Shari’ah Law; and for that I leave you with this final video from two years ago in Dearborn, Michigan.


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