A Pence for the uncovering thereof

Go ahead, make my..

A Pence for the uncovering thereof; a penny for your thoughts; a penny for your thoughts; roll up, roll up, there’s a penny for your thoughts. ~ And thus would the London scrubbers go forth announcing their fairytales to the penny-offerors!

After four years, President Donald John Trump had a pretty good handle on who the criminals were. Had he been allowed another term with a proven, honest Attorney General, the DNC, GOPe, and the rest of the alphabet criminals would’ve known instinctively he was coming after them with guns blazing. They knew they were guilty as all get-out and that it wouldn’t take much pressure on the minions to have the chain of actionable corruption lead right to the top – Hillary Billary Do-Dad vase-tosser, OBO#44, the mobsters, and the demented village idiot – to say nothing about the drugster son with the prostitute-sex-filled laptops. Quite the group-array of anti-Americanism wouldn’t you say?

Consequently, and certifiably, fearless President Trump represented an existential threat to them all that justified ANYTHING in order to make sure he didn’t get a second term. Remember this (or versions of it)?  “If this bastard wins, all of our heads are going to be in f****** nooses!” / “You saved us!”

A Pence for the uncovering thereof. A pence for the earworm Spy Pence. Turncoat shows true colors as the enemy within…

The first was Hillary “Rob-em-blind” Clinton after one of the 2016 debates with Trump. The second was George W. Bush to the village idiot after the 2020 election steal. Then there are those of us who remember on Nov. 4 being absolutely shocked at how Fox News (aka Bret Baier of all people) with Martha MacCallum etal changing 180 degrees from apparently supporting our fearless president to frantically insisting that the election was honest and that the demented village idiot was the legitimate victor.

Since it didn’t take Sherlock Holmesian powers of deduction to figure out that the election was stolen, Fox Faux News, in the crunch, was showing where its real loyalties lay.

Here’s a hint if fearless president Trump and friends are serious about payback. Every single member of Pence’s White House staff should be persona non grata going forward. Block them from any possible employment in DC not controlled by the RINO establishment. Do not give them positions on the 2024 presidential campaign. Hurt them directly in their wallets. RINOs flee when the money dries up.

Now for the gem, everything that Robinson outlines rings true on the RNC donor class priorities and the Machiavellian intents of Mike Pence throughout the term of fearless President Donald John Trump’s presidency. A Pence for the uncovering thereof. Buckle UP!

Emerald Robinson, The Right Way: ‘The Treachery of VP Mike Pence Explained’ …

The Treachery of VP Mike Pence Explained

Who fired General Flynn and started the Russia Hoax in the first place?

Finally, President Donald Trump chose to lob a verbal grenade in the general direction of his old VP Mike Pence last Sunday night — regarding Pence’s ability to formally contest the results of the stolen 2020 election. This was, for many Trump supporters, long overdue. Here is Trump’s statement on the matter:

The reason that Mike Pence did not exercise the power to lawfully contest the election is because Mike Pence was never a Trump loyalist. He’s a GOP establishment loyalist. There were plenty of problems inside the Trump Administration, and Vice President Mike Pence was at the center of many of those problems. In fact, it’s always been obvious that Pence and his staff were deeply involved in trying to remove President Trump from office.

Whenever the subject of Mike Pence comes up in casual conversation, I always ask the same question: “Do you know Olivia Troye? Do you know Jennifer Williams? Do you know Katherine Seaman and Josh Pitcock?” [-]

[+]1) Who Fired General Michael Flynn?

Let’s begin with Mike Pence’s least favorite question: “Why did you insist that President Trump fire his National Security Advisor Michael Flynn in the opening days of the administration?” The official story is that Gen. Flynn had lied to Mike Pence about Flynn’s contacts with Russian diplomats. Nobody has bothered to ask Pence exactly how he was informed about Flynn’s private conversations. Think about it: somebody went to Pence with transcripts of Flynn’s calls, and told Pence that Flynn was a national security risk. Who would have access to such phone calls? Who would want to lie about the nature of those phone calls to get Flynn fired?

It almost certainly must have been disgraced FBI agent Peter Strozk. [-]

[+]2) The Ukraine Impeachment

During the failed Ukraine impeachment of President Trump, plenty of State Department and NSC swamp creatures crawled out of the shadows to hurl lame accusations about Trump’s phone call with Ukraine President Zelensky. Did you know that one of main accusers was a national security official on Vice President Mike Pence’s staff?

A State Department official named Jennifer Williams was placed on Pence’s staff in April of 2019 — which was just in time to get involved in the Ukraine call and the subsequent impeachment. [-]

[+]3) Olivia Troye And The COVID Vaccines

The worst mistake that President Trump made during his administration was probably turning over the COVID Task Force to VP Mike Pence — because Pence turned it over to his chief of staff Marc Short and Marc Short turned it over to a little known national security official with no medical expertise. If you want to know the name of the person most responsible for unleashing the Dr. Fauci vaccine nightmare on America then remember the name of Mike Pence’s “COVID advisor”: Olivia Troye. [-]

[+]4) Pence’s Chief of Staff Gets Locked Out of White House by Trump

If you still harbor doubts about Pence’s treachery, let’s turn to Pence’s chief of staff Marc Short for confirmation of these activities. On January 6th, Short found himself locked out of the White House with his car still in the parking lot. When a reporter asked Short why this had happened, Short’s reply was surprisingly honest: “He’s blaming me for advice to VP.” The he in this case, of course, is Trump. [-]

[+] … Pence is a creature of the GOP donors, not an America First patriot. That much is obvious now. Pence was added to the Trump ticket to restrain Trump’s populism — and that’s what he tried to do for four years. When pro-Trump aides were sidelined in the Trump White House, I heard the same thing from all of them: they were told to sit down and shut up and, if they were quiet, they might get to work for Pence and Haley in 2024.

It’s time for Republican voters to admit that they had no idea who Mike Pence was. Don’t be too upset with yourself. He fooled plenty of people. The man you thought he was — that guy doesn’t really exist. It’s time you paid much closer attention to your favorite politicians though— if you want your country to survive. [end]

Thanks to Sundance, full absorbing link below not to be missed … A Pence for the uncovering thereof.

A Pence for the uncovering thereof. Sayonara up yours uniparty eunuch. There’s a renewed sheriff in town!

Anyone working for Pence was an Establishment loyalist, gifted to him by people firmly opposed to Trump and MAGA. Keep careful track of the ex-Pence staffers who make appearances on NewsMax, Fox, and One AmericaNewsMax seems particularly enamored with them. There should be no refuge for them anywhere.

Pence’s entire staff have to be treated like traitors. Harsh but there needs to be consequences, or it will be business as usual once again in DC for Trump’s second term. This is how the demoMarxocrats would handle the situation. Drive them out of the comfortable jobs RINOs are so often handed to in DC.

Everyone knows Pence’s planned run for the presidency is already a lost cause, merely a money laundering exercise for his 30 pieces of silver. Yours truly believes his backers will attempt to use Pence’s candidacy to splinter Trump’s Evangelical base and introduce doubts in them. Which won’t matter for the primaries but might ding Trump in the general election. There will be many forces working in 2024 undermining various factions of Trump’s base.

Nevertheless! A Pence for the uncovering thereof.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-president Donald John Trump doing his level best to restore the Constitutional Republic of the United States to We the (80 million+) People of America – MAGA! KAG!