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Question of the day would be something along the lines of “are We the (80 million+) People” really of a sound and sober mind in accepting the faux reality of “the he is a she, and the she is a he; take a walk on the wild side, honey”? Anyone with any doubts at all can find solace in the attached clip of the late, great Lou Reed available with other links down below. 41 million+ views since November 2013 and still counting!

When a man is a man and decides to be a woman there has to be something seriously, seriously wrong with his (his-her?) psyche. In this particular case it entered into the mind of arguably the greatest male athlete ever to grace the track and field of the vaunted Olympic Games, one Bruce Jenner, when he decided just a few years ago in his 60’s, he would morph himself into a female.

A man is a man is a …

Well darned if he didn’t do exactly as he figured. Somewhat. He was an outstanding athlete and had a fabulous male physique to go with it, yet none of us can speak to his mind. To most of us when all is said and done, he will always be Bruce Jenner, but the fact that he now shows up in his attempted female modality as “Caitlyn Jenner” is somewhat of a shock. He/she/he looks more like a woman who transitioned to long haired man, than like a man who transitioned to a woman.

Sean Hannity, ever a one for convoluting and interruptive overkill when interviewing the rich, famous, and life-changers, popped up last night with an episode-long love fest with the faux female Jenner on topics to do with her / his decision to run for Governor of California. Male, female, or transgender one would presume. Full disclosure – yours truly stood about 8 to 10 minutes of this nonsense and just had to click off.

God after all, is not to be mocked. When lies lies and fairytales become points to ponder, and debate, and make decisions over, make plans towards when finally pronouncing their success, haven’t we done nothing more nor less than poked God in the eye – both of them? Especially when it involves matters of great import as the future of mankind going forward!

The unfixable dissolute elites of the USA will be marked in history from the day the media, govt and corporations decided to call Jenner a “she”. No, he’s a male with a psychiatric problem. Your kids are watching you lie when you call him a “her” … you think they don’t notice the lie? You think the lie doesn’t diminish you in their eyes?

A man is a man is a … Roger Henry, American Thinker: ‘Bruce Jenner is Still a Man’…

I have been observing political maneuvering in California as relates to the recall of Governor Newsom and the candidates lining up to replace him.  During appearances in conservative media, hosts have referred to the putative CA gubernatorial candidate as “Caitlyn Jenner” and used the pronoun “she.”

As Jenner continues campaigning, Conservative, Inc. is going to find itself in a position of pitiful intellectual inconsistency. For years, conservatives have rejected the concept of “trans” as simply impossible. Conservatives seek to understand and amplify objective reality over political narratives. Accepting the concept that Jenner is female is a direct assault on this philosophical and factual perspective.

While Jenner is advancing conservative principles, are conservatives going to simply ignore the fact that Jenner is a person suffering from delusion?  No!

There is absolutely no way that this issue is going to disappear. I believe that conservative stalwarts need to formulate and articulate a coherent perspective on this issue. This perspective must acknowledge the objective reality that Jenner was born male, continues to be male, and will never be anything except male.

Humans are born male and female — a condition established at the moment of conception, entirely unchangeable. To accept Jenner’s premise that he has transformed into a female is to fully reject objective reality. (This is not to say Jenner’s comments in support of other conservative principles are incorrect.) [-]

[+] … I believe in objective, observable reality.  I reject leftist philosophy and leftist efforts to dismantle the social fabric of USA and larger Western society by accepting political narratives as superior to objective reality.  I will not vote for any person who claims that “trans” is possible or real.  If a candidate does not share my core philosophical approach to objective reality as relates to this basic element of humanity, that candidate does not deserve my vote. [end]

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A man is a man is a …

One has to wonder if we’re even allowed to presume that Caitlyn Jenner is actually a man, a male? If not, we shouldn’t support this and acquiesce to the ubiquitous deceptions now infecting every level of politics. The “transitioning” lie is only believed by those conditioned to shut down their brains in the face of the myriad lies of Feminism, ie. no difference between genders; no genders at all; “sexism” exists and is “discrimination” etc., etc. ad infinitum.

Jenner’s politics are better than the current catastrophe, but we don’t need another generation forced to inhale the mind fog of “California’s First Female Governor” with XY chromosomes! So with all due respect, can we call you a man, Bruce?

A man is a man is a …

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-president Donald John Trump definitely a MAN – MAGA! KAG!


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