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Continuing on from what I began in yesterday’s post (Consequential President stands tall) we have more clear evidence of Mueller and Comey, and Lynch, and even Holder’s dark past being revealed almost daily, not of course from the Big Media alphabet soup fake news outlets, but from the alternative media of citizen journalists, reporters and bloggers nestled comfortably throughout the internet who continually pursue the truth. Of which yours truly, is one.

Note that I didn’t include Obama the global multi-nationalist in that criminal group, who has recently (obviously under the tutelage of one, Gyorgy Schwartz-Soros) taken over the mantle of the political puppet-meister behind the curtain, ala the Wizard of Oz. Basically a younger, evil Gyorgy Schwartz-Soros look-alike with a half-white/half black burnished skin tone pulling puppeteer-strings from behind the proverbial political curtain. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

The mantle of puppet-meister  has passed to Obama…

Every American with any working, critical-thinking political skills knows full well that the devil’s appointees listed above (and those in yesterday’s post) are merely tainted, bought-and-paid-for stooges of the elite globalists (including Obama) all of whom need to be held accountable for their betrayal to the nation, with their delayed and long over-due prison sentences added on for good measure. After all, what do we think would happen to We the People had we been as bold as these traitors in bringing ignominy and treason right into the very heart of the Constitutional Republic?

If these elite criminals such as those listed (add on Huma Abedin and her pedophile ‘husband’, Hellary Rob-em Clinton and her fake ‘husband’, Podesta the pedophile, and the rest of their miscreants, with their life-support care-givers the Republicrats and Democans) are not held accountable soon, the American people may just decide to rise up in something not seen since the French started beheading their corrupt elite back in the 19th Century.

And if you think I’m kidding, let me take you to this enlightening opening from today’s WorldNetDaily… (which just happens to be one of the earliest alternative media websites) …

WASHINGTON – Special counsel Robert Mueller is investigating claims the Trump campaign colluded with Russia over the 2016 election, and possibly other topics the public may know nothing about.

He’s been on “the case” only a few months, since ex-FBI Director James Comey was fired, but the review, going back into last year, hasn’t produced any evidence yet, and Mueller’s now putting his agenda before a grand jury.

And his investigators have gone to the White House requesting documents concerning former national security adviser Gen. Michael Flynn.

Whether his probe, which reportedly now may be encompassing Trump’s vast business empire and the financial transactions of his associates, produces results or not remains to be seen.

But given his record of scandals when he was the FBI chief, things don’t look promising.

It was attorney Jeffrey Marty, who at American, compiled a long list of scandals casting shadows over Mueller. The following are a few of the better-known:

  • Some $12 billion in $100 bills was dispatched to the Iraq war theater, and vanished.
  • The IRS deliberately targeted Christian and conservative organizations to cause them trouble.
  • Fast and Furious saw the government traffic guns into the hands of Mexican cartel criminals.
  • The Department of Justice spied on AP reporters.
  • Bill Clinton and the Clinton Foundation got millions for speeches while Hillary Clinton was secretary of state.
  • Hillary Clinton dealt to Russia control of 20 percent of the uranium capacity inside the U.S.
  • Of course, there was Hillary Clinton’s private email server, and all the government records, including classified, that ended up there.
  • The HSBC money-laundering scandal.

Marty pointed out that, despite his history, Mueller was sold, when handed the job, as “ramrod straight” and “utterly incorruptible.”

“It’s always suspicious when anyone’s credibility is oversold like this, but that goes double when the same person was FBI director for 12 years – spanning across both the Bush and Obama administrations from 2001 to 2013 – yet most people can’t remember anything about him,” Marty writes. “We should remember actions he took to impartially uphold the law. Sadly, that is not the case.

“What stands out most during then-FBI Director Mueller’s term in office is the two-tiered system of justice, when obvious crimes and scandals involving government officials and private-sector elites were ignored or even covered up by the FBI. What Mueller failed to do to protect our country says more than anything he did,” he continued. “His level of aggressiveness in investigating our president is the exact inverse of how he acted when he was tasked with protecting America.”

Enemies of the state bought and paid for on the backs of the innocents…

Let’s cut to the chase. The Constitution is clear. Only CONGRESS has the power to impeach the president and bring charges against him, not the DOJ!

Furthermore, the Constitution gives President Trump full power over the DOJ, therefore the notion that the DOJ can ‘investigate’ a sitting president is a usurpation of power and is totally unconstitutional! It’s insubordination! It’s a rebellion within an agency that the President has authority over!

Congress can investigate a sitting President, but the DOJ cannot legally do so because the President directs it.

A grand jury CANNOT bring charges against the President! Only CONGRESS can!

How this is happening is beyond belief. It’s all to soak the taxpayers of millions of dollars to keep these corrupt lawyers flush with cash. President Trump should fire the entire rack of Obama-hack, DemoMarxist leftovers in the DOJ and clean house, including Rosenstein and Mueller and do it ASAP.

To delve more into this enthralling investigation to the end, simply click on the Logo …


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