Yes Virginia, there is a … (pick one)

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An example of “subconscious suicide” would be losing the will to live by not defending onesself against enemies both foreign and domestic, especially when considering the West can’t even defend its own borders against migrant invasion during a so-called pandemic! Seemingly they’re more determined to cripple their industry with paranoia and hysteria over so called “Climate Change”, while in fact bankrupting themselves in a fit of hysteria over a flu-like virus with a 98% survival rate.

Having embraced all kinds of crazy ideas and ideology that no other sane person would believe, conspiracy theorists of sorts might well presume that the demoMarxocrats allowed the election to be lost to push the opposition back into complacency. Virginia is after all, yet another California – inverted between north and south.

Yes Virginia, there is a … (pick one). Love wins the essence of greatness. Grandkids and Stars and Stripes … nothing better!

A good portion of Americans remain mindlessly enticed with socialist ideals, even though in history they’ve been proven to be destructive and immoral. America’s values of individual rights and freedom, a proven success, somehow hasn’t become embraced by many. The Republic has been infiltrated and poisoned by recurring, well-known follies of the past, which continue to attract badly educated, irrational minds.

Talking about which – and of greater concern perhaps – is the glaring fact of Pornographic school books inhabiting the shelves of K-12 libraries, both in Virginia and elsewhere, with children in elementary school and elsewhere being inundated with homosexual and “Trans” propaganda – not to mention the hateful fraud known as “Critical Race Theory”.

Yet McAuliffe, on the last day of his campaign, shared the stage with the homosexual head of the teacher’s union who has shut down the schools, emphatically endorsed CRT, and attacked her fellow congregants as part of the “ownership class,” and therefore part of the problem. Yet still, McAuliffe received 48.4% of the vote – and regarding the school issue, which was highlighted – 86% of McAuliffe’s voters, in exit polls, said that parents “should not have much to say about their children’s education.” Well good luck with that!

Finally, of course, one could argue very strongly indeed that the very fact that Biden/Harris are, absurdly, the acting chief executives of this country is sufficient in itself to suggest that we have already entered a state of irreversible decline. And one that shouldn’t be taken too, too, lightly…

Daniel Greenfield, FrontPageMag: ‘The Lessons of Virginia’ …

Suspenseful but not shocking. The last 5, 10, and 20 years have brought on all sorts of surprising and unexpected events. The Virginia election wasn’t really one of them.

In an era when politics is supposed to present you with unexpected plot twists, Virginia was suspenseful, but not shocking. It didn’t have to come out this way, but neither did it break any established patterns. The lessons of the election and the campaign are timeworn.

But implementing those lessons can be a lot harder than grasping them.

Glenn Youngkin had a clear message that addressed people’s needs, that combined a political insurgency with optimism, and he stuck with it, avoided media distractions, and just kept hammering the same points home over and over again.

It’s harder than it sounds, but it’s also basic marketing, public relations, and campaigning.

Youngkin understood that people were angry and frustrated, but that they also wanted hope, he deftly wove between cultural and economic issues, did his best to be non-threatening to suburban women, and effectively used his wife in the campaign, while at the same time inspiring and energizing his base. It was a tough juggling act and yet he regularly made it seem easy.

That’s the difference between a candidate who can go the distance and one who can’t.

In 2022 and 2024, there will be Republicans lining up to try and exploit the public backlash and they would be smart to learn those lessons without slavishly copying them because they’re not Youngkin, DeSantis, or Trump, and they won’t be running for office in the same places.

What specifically worked in Virginia may not work in quite the same way elsewhere.

But where Republicans fail in so many competitive elections is at connecting with the voters. It’s not a fatal blow to a Democrat whose marketing campaign comes from the same media that tries to distance voters from the idea of even supporting Republicans. The media will aggressively market Dem candidates and, if the Republican candidate doesn’t seem to be much of a threat, ignore his existence, and if he is, spend the campaign attacking him in every possible way. Republicans who get caught up in reactively responding all the time, lose.

People are angry and frustrated. They’re looking for a voice to express their anger and pain. And the issue may not even be the issue. How many of the parents agitated legitimately about critical race theory were really upset about school lockdowns and financial trauma?

It doesn’t really matter.

Effective politicians understand that issues are often a vehicle for channeling internalized outrage. They offer them a chance to be heard. In their own ways, both Youngkin and Trump did that. Successful candidates in competitive races will have to find their own way to allow the people to be heard. [end]

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Yes Virginia, there is a … (pick one). President Trump supports Turning Point USA and Charlie Kirk young hope for future…

This is all part of a historical tide or trend of a decadence setting in due to peace, prosperity and the feminisation of society. The turning point perhaps, was 1989-91 with the collapse of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War when we declared victory, gave into hedonistic impulses, and lost both martial values and maturity of mind. “Post Modernism” isn’t merely the dearth of God, but of masculinity and the ”grown-up”.

This has all come about slowly over the past fifty-plus years, but like growing old it happens slowly then very quickly; then of course, there’s the major historical events which have their own momentum beyond the control of we mere mortals. Consider that just under half the electorate in a former red state approve of national decline and suicide; think about that for a while. No country can survive that; we must divorce these lunatics before they destroy us all .

America can no longer be saved but a smaller version of it can be .The cancer of Leftism seems to have set in too deep and the only solution is to pragmatically cut off those gangrenous limbs on the east and west coasts. The current future for America is something like the partition of India in 1947 into east / west Pakistan with mass migration between them.

In 2020, President Trump’s record in congressional special and primary elections was 120-2, and Tuesday night, he was 4-0 in general elections in Virginia, Ohio, New York, and Florida. RESULTS DO NOT LIE!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-still-our-President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!


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