Wiretap heaven, here comes Obama

Go ahead, make my…

I think it not unreasonable to assume that Obama and his minions (how about Nancy Pelosi for one) have had a wiretap (or ‘taps’) spying on and collecting information on American Citizens for the entire time he was the golfer-in-chief in the White House (and likely probably sooner). If you recall, releasing wiretap personal information about his political opponents is how Obama (aided by his Capo di tutti Capi, one Rahm Emanuel) got into the State and US Senate in the first place, so that is how he rolls. And we may also reasonably assume that all that prime wiretap blackmail information is now safely locked away in his inner sanctum waiting for the time he needs a few ‘favors’ from some wealthy businessman or government official, or judge, or congressman or senator. Or maybe even from YOU.

Obama the delusional Mad Hatter wiretap mushroom … Finis.

And We the People wonder why it is that so many Republicans just rolled over when he wanted anything. He likely has wiretap recordings of all their dirtiest secrets, which has been my suspicion from the time he emerged from the Chicago Leroy Brown South Side swamp, which was obviously too small for him. Obama likely has wiretap dirt on everyone who might resist him, so in that respect he learned a lot from his criminal pals, the Clintons. Possibly even to the depth of “I know who your kids are and where they go to school.” Obama after all, is a street wanna-be who has to use others to land his punches.

Another wiretap of course that made headlines for a day or so, was that of German Chancellor Merkel. Now if you take into consideration all the wiretap activity that was going on under Obama, Holder, Jarrett etal, it would stand to reason, and should be no surprise, that the Wiretap Administration would unethically wiretap a political opponent. And now we have a number of officials who do not deny that such a wiretap existed.

“President” Valerie Jarrett… the Jezebel of wiretap deliverance…

So enter ‘ValJar’ to run the cover-up from the Washington D.C. ‘nerve center mansion’ (barely two miles from the White House) for their plan to mastermind the insurgency against President Trump. Suffice to assume that Barack Hussein Barry Soetoro Obama and Ayatollah Valerie Jarrett (Obama’s brain, let’s face it) have crossed the line into Clinton criminal territory, and also likely into Sedition.

Good thing the Congress of Corrupt Cowards, the House under Republican control for the past six years, and the Senate for the last two, have so ethically and professionally fulfilled their oaths of office and their oversight function. Hearing after hearing, after hearing, and yet nothing ever done about anything and no one held accountable.

Which begs the soliloquy “Where have you gone, Joe DiMaggio, Our nation turns its lonely eyes to you, Wu wu wu.”

It doesn’t matter. No one has ever held the mixed-race (think of him as half Rachel Dolezal/half Frank Marshall Davis) pecker-strutter accountable for anything in his life, and it currently appears that no one ever will.

Wiretap heaven, here comes Obama.


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