When ‘law’ is nothing but coverup…

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“God who gave us life gave us liberty. And can the liberties of a nation be thought secure if we have removed their only firm basis: a conviction in the minds of men that these liberties are the gifts of God?” ~ Thomas Jefferson

When you look up close and personal to anything to do with “gubmint”, the contract we had with our system was that we would let government deliver justice as impartially as possible in return for our confidence in the system and not taking the law into our own hands. The contract now appears to have been broken by those very same people within whom we had put our trust. Not only is the contract broken in regards to law enforcement, but the entire court system as well has been completely undermined, to where many are now of the opinion to not support or believe they will get a fair shake in either.

Thinking of those in confined lock-up in the jails of New York and elsewhere since January 6!

When ‘law’ is nothing but coverup. Snake of evil intent slowly eats self – both of them..

This isn’t good because it really limits the peaceful avenues for resolution that We the (80 million+) People would normally have available. Sundance (linked down below) is right. This is not going to end well for a huge number of people. A poster on another site said it about 6 months ago. This will not change until they are on their knees begging for their lives. One really must hope it doesn’t come to that because a lot of people will become collateral damage in the process and the endgame will not be what anyone thinks it should be.

Regrettably, as virtually every relevant metric shows, the moral wasteland we call our “culture” confirms with such indicators the unnecessary and casual profanity that so many Americans, even “patriots,” now regularly use; a growing majority of Americans “faithless” in terms of their belief in, and adherence to, established Judeo-Christian values of the Bible. Tyrants and despots unfortunately never learn, and this way is the way it’s always been since the beginning of time. When ‘law’ is nothing but coverup…

“The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.” ~ Ecclesiastes 1:9

Joseph Hippolito, FrontPageMag: ‘The Strange New Career of Hunter Biden’ …

Hunter Biden appears to have everything a materialistic narcissist would want. Wealth. Power. Fame (Infamy, actually, but why quibble?). Sex. Drugs. Connections to more of the same. A battalion of enablers ranging from his family to a dominant political party to a nation’s corporate news industry. Yet something appears to be missing. Apparently, the son of the virtual President has been choking his inner muse. Why else would this most fortunate son take up art at the ripe old age of 51?

Well, making a little extra money never hurts. Biden’s paintings, drawings and collages will sell for between $75,000 and $500,000, said his art dealer, Georges Berges. That can buy a lot of crack and hookers. Yet something seems amiss. Only anonymous and confidential buyers will be eligible to purchase pieces from Biden’s oeuvre.

What? You mean no respectable art connoisseur or benefactor wants to be associated with an up-and-coming Picasso, Rembrandt or even Warhol? Or does the precocious artiste refuse to have the work of his innermost soul exposed to some of art’s more influential patrons? Sarcasm aside, Biden’s foray into art is anything but humorous. Not only does it reflect the Biden penchant for selling influence; it could enable some of the family’s more noxious associates to avoid sanctions or launder money.

The Daily Mail’s Geoff Earle discussed those dangers while writing about the impending auction of young Biden’s work. [-]

[+] … Two other facts increase suspicion. First, the Justice Department has been investigating the younger Biden since 2019 for money laundering. Second, Peter Schweizer, who runs the Government Accountability Institute and has written extensively about government corruption, said on Sean Hannity’s syndicated radio show July 12 that Joe Biden “was a direct beneficiary” of his son’s business arrangements. [-]

[+] … Walter Shaub, former director of the United States Office of Government Ethics, expressed his disgust on Twitter.

“So instead of disclosing who is paying outrageous sums for Hunter Biden’s artwork so that we could monitor whether the purchasers are gaining access to government, the WH tried to make sure we will never know who they are,” Shaub tweeted. “That’s very disappointing.”

“The idea’s that even Hunter won’t know, but the WH has outsourced government ethics to a private art dealer. We’re supposed to trust a merchant in an industry that’s fertile ground for money laundering, as well as unknown buyers who could tell Hunter or WH officials? No thanks.” [-]

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When ‘law’ is nothing but coverup. Bagpipes Bondo Barr loses it totally a Barr of deceit…

Then there’s always the sanctimonious play-actors who forever believe they are relevant or something: “Well, as I said in my confirmation hearing, one of the reasons I came back is because I was concerned that people were feeling there were two standards of justice in this country. And that the political and that the justice, or the law enforcement process was being used to play political games. And I wanted to make sure that we restore confidence in the system. There’s only one standard of justice”.

And that would have to be the speciously arrogant deliverer of absolutely nothing but hearsay, lies, and fairytales – one Bagpipes Shuffler Bill Barr-the-Door.

So idealistic but naive in thinking the left would follow his “good” example. His pomposity startles the mind that everyone who is not a lefty needs to come to grips with. The demoMarxocrat left has absolutely no scruples and will go to the depths of hell for the win. It’s time the right understood this and fought back with new and better tactics to keep those lying doomsayers where they belong. In the pits of hell!

And with that, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!