What’s with ‘scholar’ Jill Biden?

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Jeffry Rogers, from comments thread: Jill is nothing more than a social climber, who latched on to FJBiden as a better bet than a bar owner. She may have latched on even before FJBiden’s wife died, needing to be recognized as a “storied” up-and-comer. Knowing folks with PHD’s who only use the honorific inside the academy,. Jill is one of those who needs to be called “Doctor” so why not a Degree freak for schools in the academic backwater? THAT!

A degree here is different than say a degree in physics or mechanical engineering, but since she’s guilty of elder abuse, it figures that FJBiden always wanted to be the top guy. He was never really electable, but unfortunately he will be remembered as the biggest Buffoon to occupy the office. Carter took heat but he was very smart, just naive.

What’s with ‘scholar’ Jill Biden? From two years ago. FJBiden ‘crowds’ never show when tyrants shrill in plain redoubt…

He also had a part in bringing the glorious 90’s to us, the one that began the cartels via regulation from the trust fund baby FDR’s (ahem, Franklin D. Roosevelt to the uninformed!) administration down. Deregulation was indicated in his administration and he had the guts to appoint Paul Volcker as Fed chair. This brought inflation under control by bringing the money supply under control.

Which is why we’re back to the same place since the same party that would elect a cognitively-impaired man also just keeps believing there’s a free lunch somewhere hanging around. Parasites that they all are. We are naïve to think FJBiden is involved in any decisions about anything. He’s a prop and was the only candidate among that group of lunatics and goofballs that were vying for the presidential nomination that could plausibly win a fraud election.

Without the complicity and collusion of the media, the DNC, Pelosi etc., FJBiden and Jill wouldn’t be in the White House at all. Dr. Jill and Creepy Joe are merely reveling in the perks of the DemoMarxocrat Party of liars, thieves, baby killers, and scoundrels. Nothing new. Indeed, the good ‘Doctor‘ cheated on her husband and jumped in bed with the “minor attracted person” for her own ego and power, the money being a huge fringe benefit.

Several months ago, a thread on some social media site appeared, comparing Dr. Jill’s dresses to the upholstery on sofas and to garish drapery fabric. There’s certainly no doubt where her dressmaker gets her fabric, seeing that she’ll more than likely go down in history as the “best dressed” FLOTUS right behind Jackie O! – hilarious!

Patricia McCarthy, American Thinker: ‘What is there to be said about Jill Biden?‘ …

What is the ultimate verdict on a woman like not-a-real-doctor Jill Biden? She has for at least four years now, with help from the malevolent left, been a willing party to the installation of her brain-addled husband into the Oval Office. As his infirmities become more and more obvious to the global public, Jill and her accomplices in crime continue to pretend that Joe is sentient, capable of being the president of the United States, when everyone knows he is not. He is done, gone. And yet his handlers continue to use and abuse him as if he were some ventriloquist huckster’s puppet. The man is an embarrassment on the world stage.

Jill is primarily responsible for this crime against the American people.  She alone could have put a stop to what has befallen America since he was inaugurated.

We all know by now that the American left embraces cultural Marxism, the ideology that is meant to destroy the nuclear family and erase any sense of morality and all traditional Judeo-Christian values from the minds of the American people.  The Democrats will sign on to any scheme, no matter how absurd, if it furthers their agenda.

They signed on to Biden when it seemed as though Bernie Sanders might become the Democrat nominee in 2020.  They couldn’t have that!  Bernie would be too blatant a socialist candidate.  So, with help from James Clyburn, Biden it was — the most hapless, moronic, and corrupt man to hold office for fifty years in Congress.  His reward for being exactly that, moronic and corrupt, was to fail upward, to be illegitimately installed as president. [-]

[+] … Will our nation survive the self-serving malevolence of the Bidens and their traitorous partners in crime?  It is too soon to say.  The swamp is doing everything it can to derail Trump, the man who exposed the Democrats’ and RINOs’ commitment to said swamp.  The swamp-dwellers are aligned against the one man who brought us energy independence, a secure border, and an economy bouncing back from the pandemic that was perhaps orchestrated to bring about the end of his presidency.  Not-a-real-doctor Jill has been a participant in all the evil that has brought the country to its lowest point in U.S. history.

There is nothing more destructive than a grasping, greedy, entitled woman who has control of a weak and stupid man in a powerful position.  That this family was chosen by the power elite of the left to be their figureheads is a sad, despicable joke. [end]

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What’s with ‘scholar’ Jill Biden? Hey Jackass! true, don’t blame me!

Dr. Jill is simply not intelligent enough to be some kind of Machiavellian mastermind behind FJBiden. Rather, she’s just yet another puppet operating under instructions from the Ruling Elite of the Deep State. In return for suffering the public embarrassment and humiliation she and FJBiden have subjected themselves to (not that she cares a whit about Joe, only herself), she has been assured that she and her family will be allowed to keep all of the illegal monies the FJBiden Crime Family has collected over the years with no fear of prosecution. She has literally sold her soul to the Devil.

The good Dr herself cheated on her husband and jumped in bed with the “minor attracted person” for her own ego and power. In anyone’s amoral opinion, the money is a fringe benefit. Just who in their right mind would purposely put a loved one – who is clearly suffering from acute and debilitating mental decline – on a public stage for all of the world to see? Jill Biden, that’s who. What’s with ‘scholar’ Jill Biden? THAT!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!