Walk-Around Shoe-Gum Shuffle : Obot Still Whining..

Go Ahead, Make ...

Go Ahead, Make …

A collage of videos of Obama’s “walk-around” or “shoe-gum” shuffle, or “tiptoe ’round the tulips” from his “boots on the ground” in Minneapolis yesterday. First off his whiny cry about non-participation from across the aisle is well, whiny, which begs the question of when in God’s name has he ever reached across the aisle? Well, there was that one time in January of 2009 when he grabbed Boehner and yelled at John McCain “I won.” Other than that, it’s all gone a lot whiny ever since.

When he sounds like this it is scary and you have to start wondering about his mental stability. He does seem to be regressing rapidly in mental age and sounding like a whiny 6 year old. Wasn’t it Billary’s surgeon who blamed her brain-deterioration to too much travel on the Big Bird? The amount of time Obama spends flying around is likely doing him brain damage also. Its humiliating for our country, and actually a little frightening?

Let’s take a look and listen shall we?

PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: Sometimes the news that’s coming on, these are just Washington fights. They are fabricated issues, they are phony scandals that are generated. It’s all geared towards the next election, or ginning up a base. It’s not on the level. And that must feel frustrating, and it makes people cynical and it makes people turned off from the idea that anything can get done. Walk-around shoe-gum shuffle.  

BARACK OBAMA: You notice that he didn’t specifically say what exactly he was objecting to. I’m not going to apologize for trying to do something while they’re doing nothing.

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: Even if you get sued?

OBAMA: You know… the suit is a stunt. What I’ve told Speaker Boehner directly is: if you’re really concerned about me taking too many executive actions, why don’t you try getting something done through Congress? The majority of the American people want to see immigration reform done. We had a bipartisan bill through the Senate, and you’re going to squawk if I try to fix some parts of it administratively that are within my authority, while you are not doing anything.

Walk-around shoe-gum shuffle.

BARACK OBAMA: My message to Republicans is join us and get on board. If you’re mad at me for helping people, join me and we can do it together. We will do it together. I am happy to share the credit. You’re mad at me for doing some things to raise the minimum wage. Let’s pass a law. Let’s give America a raise. If you’re mad at me for taking executive action for women to find out that they’re not getting treated fairly in the work ways, let’s do it together. You can share the credit. You’re worried about me fixing a broken immigration system, let’s hold hands and make sure that the country continues to be a nation of immigrants. I want to work with you. But you have to try to deliver something. Anything. They don’t do anything. Except block me. And call me names. It can’t be that much fun. It would be so much more fun if they said, let’s do something together. If they were more interested in growing the economy for you and the issues that you are talking about instead of trying to mess with me, we would be doing a lot better. That what makes this country great, when we work together. That is the American way.

Walk-around shoe-gum shuffle. 

PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: I don’t watch TV news, generally , or cable shows, but I suspect if you’re out here going to work, picking up your kids, taking them to soccer, at night sitting there paying the bills, and you just turn on the TV, sometimes it must feel kind of discouraging, because it doesn’t feel like what’s being talked about in Washington has anything to do with what’s going on in your lives day to day. And it must feel as if sometimes you’re just forgotten and sometimes the news that’s being reported on is really important.

Walk-around shoe-gum shuffle.

And the bottom line to all this gobbledygook coming from the head honcho? The Obama administration is the most scandal ridden administration in US history, bar none. Add to that his complete disregard for the separation of powers (see Thursday’s SCOTUS unanimous rebuke of Obama); his dismal economy on the verge of a recession; destruction of our healthcare system; disastrous energy policy; failure to secure our southern borders; Middle East in chaos; lack of any coherent foreign policy; and on and on. This is the guy supported by the liberal-progressive Marxist-Democrats and the soapbox he preaches from.

What narcissistic arrogance to think he has the moral standing to criticize anyone. Talk about sad.

History will ask how this guy was ever elected to the presidency. PERIOD.